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The 2023 Spring Wedding Show of Tianjin R&F Wanda Vista “Looking for the Realm” ended successfully

The 2023 Spring Wedding Show of Tianjin R&F Wanda Vista “Looking for the Realm” ended successfully

Recently, Tianjin R&F Wanda Vista teamed up with Exquisite Weddings to successfully hold the “Looking for the Land” spring outdoor wedding show at the lobby bar and outdoor hydrophilic platform on the first floor of the hotel, presenting an extraordinary outdoor wedding immersive experience for the prospective couples present .

All the beautiful things in the world seem to be inseparable from the embellishment of purple. In the world of nature, it is fragrant violets and bluebells; under Monet’s brushstrokes, it is a beautiful picture scroll; under the designer’s creation, it is a girl’s soft and elegant gauze skirt… The outdoor layout of the wedding show uses romantic purple. The main background is a combination of European-style garden wrought iron flower gate and purple flower wall. This kind of material with strong perspective, combined with floral decoration, enhances the outdoor wedding space. Extensibility and breathability. Standing on the hydrophilic platform surrounded by a sea of ​​dreamy purple flowers, a sense of happiness arises spontaneously, arousing endless reveries about dream weddings.

Another highlight of the wedding show is to create a light and shadow channel at the entrance of the new couple’s sign-in. The bright light in the space is like a soft light filter, making the wedding in the light and shadow softer and more textured. When the Tyndall effect appears, light takes shape, you are so dazzling in the backlight; when you appear, love takes shape. Such a wonderful and novel arrangement attracted the guests to stop and take pictures, and freeze a sweet moment.

The chef team of the hotel carefully presents high-quality wedding banquet dishes and various exquisite desserts in the rest area, with spring special tunes and ingenuity into the details, filling the romantic atmosphere. The complete success of the “Looking for the World” outdoor spring wedding show provides a one-stop wedding service for couples who are about to enter the marriage hall. The hotel is eagerly looking forward to the next event to meet with the general public and bring you more Surprise and joy.

Whether it is a grand wedding ceremony or a small party, the outdoor wedding space of Wanda Vista Tianjin, a number of gorgeous and elegant banquet halls and a 1,400-square-meter pillar-less grand ballroom, equipped with a 100-square-meter LED curtain wall, can realize the perfect wedding dream of every couple. The professional wedding planning team provides one-stop service for the couple, and there are luxurious bridal rooms and romantic wedding rooms, as well as rich wedding banquet delicacies brought by the excellent chef team, making each couple’s wedding perfect and unforgettable.

Special thanks to the partners of this event: Exquisite Wedding, Flower Marriage Story, Ruide Film and Television Studio, Jane Photography, Classy Man Men’s Customization, Yanghe Shares, Kimberlite Diamond, Caribbean Floral Team, Tianjin Tangwang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., host Pan Teacher Pan, Shanghai Tobacco Group Tianjin Cigarette Factory, Jinyan Cigarette Self-operated Main Store (Hedong Branch). (names not listed in order)

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