The 2023 “Shanghai Huibao” will start to enroll on May 9!


The 2023 “Shanghai Huibao” insurance application window officially opened on May 9, the premium remains unchanged at 129 yuan per person, and the maximum insured amount is 3.1 million yuan.

In 2023, “Huhuibao” will be guided by the Shanghai Medical Security Bureau, supervised by the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and the Shanghai Big Data Center will provide technical support. Nine insurance companies, including Pension, Ping An Health, Taiping Pension, CCB Life, Bank of Communications Life, and ICBC-AXA, jointly underwrote the insurance.

In 2023, “Huhuibao” is the exclusive benefit insurance for Shanghai citizens. The notable features of “lower deductibles, more types of medicines, and better treatment for continuous insurance participation” focus on reducing the burden of patients’ high out-of-pocket medical expenses and help improve the level of multi-level medical security.

“Huhuibao”, as a customized commercial medical insurance for Shanghai, will set off an upsurge of universal participation in insurance in 2021 and 2022. “Huhuibao” adheres to the service concept of “compensation should be compensated to the benefit of the people”. Up to now, it has accepted more than 380,000 claims and payment cases, and the amount of compensation has exceeded 1.1 billion. The highest amount has reached 1 million, providing protection for hundreds of thousands of families. The maximum payment age is 101 years old, and the minimum age is only 1 year old.

It is understood that “Shanghai Huibao” provides timely and effective help for various patients. Mr. Zhao’s 9-year-old son, in May 2022, participated in the “Huhuibao” insurance with a non-existing disease status. He received immunotherapy for neuroblastoma, and the second phase of treatment cost more than 1.5 million yuan. He applied for the claim settlement of liability 2 “domestic specific high drug expense insurance”. After accounting, “Shanghai Huibao 2022 Edition” paid him a total of up to the maximum limit of 1 million yuan, which effectively reduced the burden of medical expenses for patients.

Mr. Liu, 25 years old, joined the insurance in May 2022 as a non-existing disease. Due to neurological deafness, he underwent cochlear implantation in November 2022. The total medical expenses were 304,000 yuan, of which the personal self-funded amount exceeded 280,000 yuan. He applied for the claim of “Specific Hospitalized Self-Paid Medical Expenses Insurance Fund” for liability one. After accounting, “Huhuibao” paid 186,000 yuan for him, which greatly reduced the burden of medical expenses.

Mr. Cui, 47 years old, was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal malignant tumor in June 2022. He went to the outpatient clinic of Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Hospital. In August 2022, he applied for proton and heavy ion medical liability, which fell within the scope of insurance liability. The cost of positioning, formulating radiotherapy plans, and implementing proton and heavy ion radiation therapy totaled more than 285,400 yuan, and he was awarded more than 199,800 yuan in compensation.

62-year-old Ms. Zhu, suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, applied for CAR-T treatment drugs in September 2022-direct payment liability. The amount of CAR-T treatment drugs was 1.2 million yuan. Huibao” settled a claim of 500,000 yuan.

“Shanghai Huibao” is not limited to household registration, as long as it is the basic medical insurance in Shanghai, everyone can participate in the insurance; there is no age limit, up to centenarians, down to newborn babies can participate in the insurance; no occupation is required to participate in the insurance ; There is no restriction on health conditions, and non-healthy people can participate in the insurance and settle claims.

In 2023, “Shanghai Insurance” adheres to the characteristics of “low insurance premiums, high protection, and wide coverage”, covering specific hospitalization self-paid medical expense insurance, specific high drug expense insurance, proton and heavy ion medical insurance, CAR-T medical insurance Five guarantees including drug insurance and overseas special drug insurance, with a maximum protection amount of 3.1 million yuan. Compared with the “Shanghai Huibao” in 2022, the guarantee is upgraded, and the premium remains unchanged, realizing “one premium, one increase, one enjoyment”:

(1) Excellent: The deductible is reduced, and the basic deductible is reduced from 20,000 yuan/year last year to 16,000 yuan/year; continuous insurance participation enjoys preferential treatment, and customers who have participated in insurance for one consecutive year and have no claims can enjoy 15,000 yuan/year deductible Customers who have been insured for two consecutive years and have no claims can enjoy a deductible of 14,000 yuan per year, and the threshold for claims is lower.

(2) Increase: The types of special drugs have increased, and the number of domestic specific high-value drugs has increased to 36, covering 28 diseases, with a wider range and improved accessibility of cutting-edge new drugs.

(3) Enjoy: The exclusive rights and interests of “Shanghai Huibao” have been newly added. In addition to providing high-quality protection, you can also enjoy the right to purchase 2 kinds of new crown medicines other than designated medical insurance at a 3% discount, and 6 general drug discount coupons of 10 yuan off for purchases of 68 yuan , available in designated offline pharmacies.

Professor Xu Xian from the Insurance Department of Fudan University said that the protection responsibility of “Huhuibao” in 2023 will be further upgraded on the basis of the previous year, reducing the deductible, expanding the types of special medicines and the scope of indications, and improving the reliability of treatment methods for ordinary people. It reflects the political, people-oriented and professional nature of financial work.

Professor Chen Wen from the School of Public Health of Fudan University said that the launch of “Huhuibao” is a beneficial exploration of the supplementary commercial medical insurance model under the guidance of the government. The operation in the past two years has enhanced the confidence of relevant departments, insurers and the public. The implementation of the 2023 version of “Shanghai Huibao” will enhance the overall protection level of the city’s multi-level medical security system.

In accordance with the financial regulatory department’s initiative to actively serve new citizens, in 2023 the insurance coverage of new citizens will be further promoted and expanded. Under the guidance of the government, based on the form of group orders in 2022, the insured companies will be steadily expanded and the new citizens will continue to be promoted. Group health protection level.

In 2023, “Shanghai Insurance” still supports the purchase of medical insurance personal account balances. Insured persons can use their personal account balances over the years to enroll up to 6 immediate family members (parents, spouses, and children). The insured must be Shanghai Basic Medical Insurance Insured personnel.

Starting from May 9, 2023, Shanghai basic medical insurance (including employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance) insureds can apply for “Shanghai Insurance” official WeChat public account, Sui Bid, Alipay, Tencent Micro Insurance, and Shanghai Insurance Code To apply for insurance, you can also apply for insurance by scanning the QR code. Some elderly and other groups who are inconvenient to apply for insurance online can report their insurance needs by calling 4008955550, and service specialists will follow up with follow-up insurance work. The insurance period is until July 31, 2023, the premium is 129 yuan/person/year, and the insurance period is from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. Shanghai citizens can quickly enroll in insurance online to add an extra layer of protection for themselves and their families.


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