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The 2023 Honor Mobile Imaging Program has concluded globally, and the Annual Imaging Artist Award was announced today

The 2023 Honor Mobile Imaging Program has concluded globally, and the Annual Imaging Artist Award was announced today

On October 10, the 2023 Honor Mobile Imaging Plan officially came to an end, and 59 awards were announced, including “Photographer of the Year”, “First, Second and Third Place” in six categories, “Best Recommendation Award” and “Excellent Work”. This competition received a total of more than 500,000 submissions from 51 countries and regions, of which overseas works accounted for more than 20%. Latin American photographer Nelomh won the “Photographer of the Year” award and will receive a reward of US$15,000.

  Over 500,000 submissions from around the world!Latin American photographer wins “Photographer of the Year” award

Since the launch of the 2023 Honor Mobile Imaging Program on April 6, it has lasted more than 120 days and received more than 500,000 entries, an increase of 67% compared to last year. This competition covers five overseas regions including Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Africa, and Eurasia. The number of overseas submissions exceeds 140,000, accounting for over 20%. Compared with previous editions, this year’s overseas works have more local ethnic characteristics and regional customs, and many excellent works have emerged.

The jury of the competition consists of Mexican photographer Iván Macías, winner of the Dutch Photography Award (WPP), Yan Zhigang, winner of the Academy Award for Photography, Zhao Yingxin, President of China Photography Newspaper, Professor Franz Kraus, former Managing Director of ARRI, and LAURENT, Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program. Eight judges including BAHEUX and LUX European Audience Film Award winner Ale Megale, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. R&D Management President Deng Bin, and Honor imaging technology expert Hou Weilong selected a total of 59 awards. Among them, Nelomh, a photographer from Latin America, won the “Photographer of the Year” award for his work “The Magic of Been” shot using Honor Magic5 Pro.

“The Magic of Been” | Nelomh

Device: Honor Magic5 Pro

Author’s statement: My girlfriend loves the ocean, and I wanted to show her love and enjoyment of it through photos. Through the long exposure of Honor Magic5 Pro, I captured her charm when she felt the ocean.

Judges’ comments: An unforgettable but simple and direct photo. The pleasure brought by the leisurely pace of the world and the dizziness brought by the speed of the receding tide make this photo full of visual contradictions. Amid the movement and stillness, the frozen figure stands quietly under the horizon, and the splashing water seems to make the viewer immersed in the scene. ——Yan Zhigang

Selection of overseas works

  Six major work tracks, focusing on scientific and technological images with humanistic backgrounds

The 2023 Honor Mobile Image Plan focuses on technological images with a humanistic background, paying attention to the stories and emotions behind the photos. It has set up a track of “Along the Way, Care, Us, Instant Seeing, Group Photos, and Time Images” to encourage mobile phone users to “explore the power behind the image” Humanistic feelings, using scientific and technological images to record the emotions of all things in the world.”

Competition judge Zhao Yingxin commented that the entirety of this year’s entries, from theme creativity to space creation, from instant capture to the use of light and shadow, showed that more and more authors are proficient in using mobile photography, highlighting the participants’ pursuit and love for life. Another judge, Yan Zhigang, said that a large number of Honor’s works in this year’s competition all reflect the advantages of mobile phones that are light, concealed, relaxed, and close-range and barrier-free. In addition, the core of algorithm technology highlights the capture function, bringing us closer to real life. distance, while discovering more unfamiliar scenes and details from familiar life.

Guo Rui, CMO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., emphasized: “Honor adheres to the people-centered brand concept and is committed to using innovative technology to break through expression limitations and help users record a better life. The Honor Mobile Imaging Plan aims to create a communication and interaction platform for global imaging enthusiasts. This year’s competition has gone through three years and has received more than 1 million entries. We are honored to explore more possibilities of mobile imaging with users around the world. We are also happy to see a large number of users using Honor phones to create amazing creations. A work of time and heart-warming.”

Six major track championship works

It is worth mentioning that a user from Wuxi, Jiangsu used Honor’s third-generation flagship Magic3 Pro, Magic4 Pro, and Magic5 to take a wealth of life images for her daughter, recording the child’s three-year growth story, and composing a song of “love.” sonata”.

“Sonata of Love” | Just like that

Device: Honor Magic3 Pro/Honor Magic4 Pro/Honor Magic5

  Deeply engaged in mobile imaging, Honor breaks through the limitations of expression with technology

Honor is deeply involved in mobile imaging technology, empowering a better life with innovative technology, and continues to bring more innovative experiences to users. The Honor Magic3 series pioneered multi-main camera fusion computational photography; the Honor Magic4 series comprehensively upgraded this technology to bring a further imaging experience; the Honor Magic5 series created an industry-leading multi-main camera computational photography platform, achieving everything from macro to long-range Full scene coverage, and innovation brings Honor Eagle Eye Camera, which fully optimizes startup speed, focus speed, shutter response and imaging speed to achieve an extremely excellent capture experience, helping consumers capture the wonderful moments of sports scenes and assisting contestants. image expression.

Collection of Honor Magic5 series works

There are many excellent works captured by eagle eyes in the submissions of this competition, from the meticulous diving scene of the Chongqing uncle to the concentrated dragon dance scene of the Shanghai uncle; from the heroic figure of the eagle spreading its wings on the sea to the sparrows bouncing and playing on the branches. The eagle-eye capture of the Honor Magic5 series helped many contestants capture exciting sports scenes.

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