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The 2023 China and Europe White Paper Conference on Refractive Cataract Surgery was successfully held

The 2023 China and Europe White Paper Conference on Refractive Cataract Surgery was successfully held

  With the increasing visual needs of cataract patients, refractive cataract surgery has become the choice of more and more middle-aged and elderly people to solve the problems of cataract, astigmatism and presbyopia.11moon17On the morning of the day,Under the guidance of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, Nankai Association for Science and Technology, Life Broadcasting and Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital jointly launchedThe choice of cutting-edge technology and quality 2023Mid-Year and European Refractive Cataract Surgery White Paper“press conferenceAt the event, the Nankai District science popularization expert lecturer team brought a variety of eye health science popularization lectures, which also marked the2023The cataract expert lecturer group of Tianjin Qianchang Eye Health Science Popularization Activity officially started giving lectures, and the scene was close to500Famous middle-aged and elderly friends participated in the event, and the number of views on NetEase’s live broadcast exceeded85Thousands of people.

  Qi Wei, a fourth-level researcher at the Science Popularization Department of the Tianjin Science and Technology Association; Li Zi, secretary and chairman of the Party Leadership Group of Nankai District Science and Technology Association, and party secretary and director of the Collaborative Innovation Office; Ma Huan, section chief of the Science Popularization Section of the Nankai District Science and Technology Association and a fourth-level researcher ;Tianjin University Aier Eye HospitalCEOYuan Juan; Cao Xiangrong, president of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital; Zhang Shuang, president of Wuqing Aier Eye Hospital; Dou Yu, director of Baodi Aier Eye Hospital; Wang Jinduo, deputy director of the Cataract Center of Tianjin University Aier Eye HospitalWait for leaders to attend the event.

  According to statistics from the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, my country’s60The incidence of cataracts in people over the age of 10 is approximately80%,Caring for the eye health of middle-aged and elderly people has become a focus issue in society.asThe prevention and treatment of cataracts, a common blinding disease that plagues middle-aged and elderly people, has a long way to go.

  Tianjin University Aier Eye HospitalCEOYuan Juan said in her speech that Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital has always been committed to promoting the development of eye health.Pay attention to people’s livelihood and well-being, satisfyCataract patients have a growing urgent need for high-definition vision. We hope to benefit more patients through cutting-edge technology and bring themHigh quality vision,enjoyHigh quality of life.

  2023White Paper on Refractive Cataract Surgery in Europe and Mid-Year Released

  An in-depth analysis of the current status of global cataract surgery

  The event was released at the event by AIER Ophthalmology Cataract Group, AIER Eye Cataract and Intraocular Lens Research Institute, AIER Eye School of Central South University, AIER Europe Bavarian Ophthalmology, based on AIER Ophthalmology global digital case system data.2023Mid-year, European white paper on refractive cataract surgery.

  Dean Cao Xiangrong of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital talks about “2023The “White Paper on Refractive Cataract Surgery in China and Europe” conducted data interpretation. Dean Cao said that the “White Paper” analyzed the gender, age, pre- and post-operative vision, and systemic diseases of refractive cataract surgery patients in China and Europe. Analyzed from various dimensions, it deeply analyzed the current status of global cataract surgery, and objectively evaluated the differences between my country and Europe in terms of cataract health education, diagnosis and treatment from multiple perspectives. To provide reference and ideas for further improving the quality of cataract surgery, the release of the “White Paper” is a milestone in the history of cataract surgery development.

  Nankai District Science Popularization Expert Lecture Group Appears

  Tianjin Qianchang Eye Health Science Popularization Activity Cataract Expert Lecture Group Gives Lectures

  Wang Jinduo, deputy director of the Cataract Center of Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University, introduced the general situation of the cataract research group of Aier Eye Hospital in Tianjin. While constantly improving the level of medical technology, the academic group actively carried out science popularization work on cataract prevention and treatment, and established a team composed of chief physician, deputy director Li Zi, the cataract expert lecturer group with the chief physician as the core, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Nankai District Science and Technology Association, Party Secretary and Director of the Collaborative Innovation Office, presented the awards to President Cao Xiangrong, President Zhang Shuang, President Dou Yu, and Director Wang JinduoHonorary Certificate of Nankai District Science Popularization Expert Lecture Group“.Qi Wei, a fourth-level researcher from the Science Popularization Department of Tianjin Science and Technology Association, was on siteAnnounce2023Tianjin Qianchang Eye Health Science Popularization Activity Cataract Expert Lecture Group Gives Lectureswhich means that the lecturer team led by subject experts has come to the people, and through vivid explanations, they will popularize eye health knowledge to the people, further promoting the deepening and practical work of eye health science popularization.

  Scientific understanding of cataracts  

  Have youthful and good eyesight

  Zhang Shuang, Director of Wuqing Aier Eye Hospitalin a simple wayShare with everyoneGot itcataractandPresbyopiaThe differences and the development history of cataract surgery call on middle-aged and elderly friends to correctly understand cataracts. Zhang Shuang said that the occurrence of cataracts is related to various factors such as environment, nutrition, metabolism and genetics. It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly friends should have regular eye examinations for early detection and early treatment.

  Baodi Aier Eye HospitalDou YuThe dean explained in detailAIER Ophthalmology Refractive Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.sinusYu said that Aier Ophthalmology always adheres to the patient-centered approach, formulates personalized solutions based on patient needs and eye conditions, and opens specialized clinics for presbyopia and cataract to achieve specialized treatment.

  Innovative science popularization forms are popular

  The complete secret of refractive cataract surgery

  As we all know, surgery is currently the only effective way to treat cataracts, but many cataract patients“Surgery” is daunting.In order to eliminate the anxiety of cataract patients about surgery, Director Cao Xiangrong of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital “revealed” the whole process of refractive cataract surgery on the spot. The wonderful explanation of the whole process from the patient entering the operating room to the end of the surgery made everyone on the scene All citizens were “eye-opening” and exclaimed in surprise15It takes only a few minutes of operation time to help the patient clear the “obstacle”. It’s amazing. Post-operative patients were also invited to share their treatment experiences and post-operative feelings at the event, allowing everyone to have a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge technology in cataract surgical treatment.

  Wonderful theatrical performances ignited the atmosphere of the event

  Respect and care for the elderly and enjoy eye health public welfare examinations

  The event also invited famous Tianjin musician Li Jiangdong, the silver-haired anchor team of Life Broadcasting’s “Maple Leaves Are Red”,“Maple Leaves Are Red” Choir of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Veteran Cadres Bureau,The Damei United Art Troupe and others brought wonderful ophthalmology-themed poetry recitations and song and dance performances to the audience, and the audience received thunderous applause.

  At the same time, the professional medical team of Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital conducted public eye examinations for the audience. All the citizens who participated in the event expressed their approval of the event. Aunt Zhang, who lives in Nankai District, said,“In the past year, I have always felt that my vision has become blurry. When the doctor checked me just now, I found that my vision was only0.4, suffers from cataracts. After listening to the science popularization by the expert lecturer group, I learned that cataracts are not terrible. It turns out that there are many advanced technologies that can treat them. This kind of science popularization is so timely. I really hope to hold more science popularization activities like this in the future to let the people Benefit. “

  This event helped middle-aged and elderly friends improve their scientific understanding of cataracts in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and attracted everyone’s attention to the prevention and treatment of cataracts and other blinding eye diseases. from now on,Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital will continue to shoulder more social responsibilities with practical actions, strive to promote the coordinated development of medical technology and scientific popularization in the field of cutting-edge technologies, and contribute more to the development of eye health.

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