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The 2023 Bank of Shanghai themed meritorious service competition concluded successfully

The 2023 Bank of Shanghai themed meritorious service competition concluded successfully

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Bank of Shanghai, the Head Office Trade Union, together with the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Head Office, the Youth League Committee and various line departments, carefully planned and carefully organized the 2023 Bank of Shanghai Theme Merit Competition with the theme of “Improving Capabilities, Improving Efficiency, and Boosting Vitality”. The event concluded successfully a few days ago. The event lasted for more than 7 months. Not only did it receive great attention from the Party Committee of the Head Office, many leaders from the Head Office came to the scene to provide care and guidance for the event. It also attracted the active participation of more than 6,000 employees from the front, middle and back offices, head office and branches of the bank, reaching a level of We achieved the expected goals, built cultural consensus, and tempered our struggle skills.

  carryVibrant energy

  Aiming at the “bull’s-eye” of high-quality development

Since April, the labor union of the head office has insisted on putting learning, thinking and practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the first place, serving the overall situation around the center, playing the role of a bridge and link, and uniting with the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and the Youth League Committee to take the “three reinforcements” as the starting point. Build a platform, establish guidance, display vitality and promote development.

  Strengthen goal leadership,Guide each line to focus on specific goals such as “adhering to customer-centeredness”, “improving outlet operating capabilities”, “strengthening full-process credit management” and “enhancing team building”, and combine the launch of meritorious competition activities with the consolidation and deepening of theme education results, and promote Combining high-quality development with overcoming difficulties, we mobilize all employees of the bank to participate in strategy implementation, actively contribute to their positions, and strive to be practical in areas such as customer management, service improvement, process optimization, and system development.

  Strengthen content planning,Highlighting the word “living” and focusing on innovation, the seven competitions including company, retail, risk, technology, operations, emerging business sectors and special strategy essay competitions all present the characteristics of diversity, interconnection and interaction, and some are repeated in the form of sitcoms, on-site interviews, etc. In order to promote the key work of the company, some reproduced the marketing of key customers in the form of micro-movies, and some demonstrated new changes in digital management in the form of Ted speeches. The “spillover effect” of the competition continued to amplify.

  Strengthen the transformation of results,We will more consciously regard injecting new vitality into operation and management as the “touchstone” to test the results of the competition, and encourage employees from all departments and units to focus on “small cuts” and leverage “big energy”. This year, nearly 500 people participated in various finals. Preaching and displaying 85 projects or topics, and soliciting 136 strategic papers; at the same time, 27 cases were replicated and promoted in actual work, such as the Pudong Branch’s park finance case and the industry’s first FT-QFLP derivatives business, Shinan The branch has both green and manufacturing new energy vehicle case marketing experience, both of which have strong reference significance.

  carryhigh efficiency

  Enhance organizational synergy and customer service capabilities across the bank

This year is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the final year of the current round of strategic planning of Shanghai Bank. The whole bank is making every effort to catch up with the progress, overcome difficulties, and grasp development. It is even more necessary for the party, labor and league organizations to take the initiative As a way to lead the broad masses of party members to forge ahead on a new journey and build a new era of meritorious service with united cohesion and professional and efficient combat effectiveness, this is also the main line of this year’s theme meritorious competition.

  Highlight “integrated management” and gather greater synergy.In this year’s event schedule, there are fewer traditional and basic job skills competitions, and more cross-department and cross-line collaboration projects; there are fewer marketing cases based on a single product, and more comprehensive marketing plans based on the customer’s perspective. For example, the theme competition of “New Thinking for Customer Service, New Integrated Operation” was held, focusing on the four dimensions of “refined” customer management concept, “professional” product portfolio strategy, “integrated” business operation model, and “digital” marketing management. Organize teams to learn from each other and convey business guidance through competition and training.

  Highlight “digital transformation” and deepen innovation drive.Leading the whole bank to proactively embrace the wave of digital transformation, seize development opportunities, and promote quality and efficiency improvement. Taking the Geek Competition as an example, as a bank-wide event that has been held for 6 consecutive years, this year’s event presents the cross-border business development between the head office’s business departments. There is a vivid situation of multi-dimensional joint research and innovation between the management department and the data management and technology management departments, as well as between the head office departments and business units. They ask and answer their own questions, forming a number of new scientific and technological achievements in customer service, internal control management and other aspects.

  carryUpgrading ability

  Promote implementation of better service strategy and overcome difficulties

Determine the path to talent development through skills, and always have the heart of serving the people through finance. This year, the meritorious service competition pays closer attention to the overall development of the bank and the needs of team building, focusing on serving the national strategy, the real economy, social and people’s livelihood, etc., connecting the talent chain with the competition chain, “recharging the skills” of employees, and helping to consolidate the foundation of high-quality development. Talent base.

  Focusing on improving the ability to develop high-quality services,Organize the company’s business comprehensive financial services competition, insist on using “competition” as the medium, and organize participating teams to focus on new tracks and industries such as wind power, photovoltaic, and energy storage, aiming at tackling tough targets, exchanging practical cases, promoting comparison and catching up, and more It has five major articles that serve technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. The “Credit Strategy Theme Competition” was launched. For the first time, it focused on the key areas specified by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the investigation and research of key industries in the entire credit process. It launched an industry research report competition, igniting the “nuclear explosion point” of content innovation in the competition, and based on credit Manage the entire process and promote the application of research, contributing wisdom to improving the quality and efficiency of Bank of Shanghai’s services to the real economy.

  Focusing on improving the ability to serve citizens for a better life,The theme competition of “Focus on Customer Orientation and Improve Outlet Operation Capabilities” was held, and employees were organized around the hall to organize marketing improvement, creation of special elderly care outlets, and new wealth account management to innovate business concepts and improve skills and abilities. The 10 outstanding finalists were The cases are implemented as soon as possible, which will provide citizens with more and better inclusive financial services. The theme competition of “Working with Heart, Craftsmanship with Action” gave birth to a number of branch “operation expert studios”, such as Ningbo Branch’s anti-fraud special project, Shenzhen Branch’s special research on the quality of inspection and freeze deduction work, etc. They have the courage to break the thinking Taking the initiative and taking the initiative to protect customers’ sense of security and satisfaction all demonstrate the connotative transformation from traditional skill-based competitions to management-based competitions.

The new strategy is also a new starting point. Bank of Shanghai will persist in using competitions to promote learning, competitions to promote practice, and competitions to promote performance, further develop the new actions and new responsibilities of the “upgraded version” of the themed meritorious service competition, and stimulate innovation and creativity among employees across the bank. Vitality to better support the new journey of high-quality development!

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