The 106th Labor Insurance Fair is about to kick off: a “two-way rush” across mountains and seas


The spring breeze is getting warmer and all things are reborn

It’s time again for the Spring Labor Insurance Association to get ready and set off

April 25-27, 2024

The 106th Labor Insurance Conference

will be at the Shanghai New International Expo Center

grandly held

  The 106th Labor Insurance Conference

Bringing together the best labor insurance products from all over the world, promoting the flow of supply and demand in commerce, and displaying the innovation boom of science and technology. From 1966 to 2024, from an exhibition that brings together the industry to an exhibition that benefits the whole country, the China Labor Insurance Association has kept pace and is always moving forward to continuously optimize the platform functions. On the road, we also witnessed touching two-way rushes one after another.


  Just two-way rush from both ends

As a regular venue for the Spring Labor Insurance Fair, Shanghai, a city that embraces all rivers and rivers, has always been a popular choice for various grand exhibitions, attracting countless manufacturing companies to look for business opportunities and development momentum. It is also a good purchasing destination in the minds of buyers from all walks of life.

At this labor insurance conference, more than 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers from all over the country, and nearly 35,000 professional visitors including buyers, wholesalers, corporate purchasing departments, safety production managers, etc., did not regard Shanhai as a From afar, we will gather in the nearly 80,000 square meters of space in Halls E1-E7 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center to observe, communicate, explore, perceive market changes, foresee industry trends, explore high-quality protection solutions, and accumulate momentum for future development. . According to the summary data of previous exhibitions, pragmatic business cooperation between supply and demand will be a highlight of the Labor Insurance Fair. It is believed that many exhibitors will receive large orders at the three-day exhibition.


  The two-way rush between high technology and “down-to-earthness”

The ever-changing science and technology and the innovative materials that are constantly being developed are driving China’s labor protection industry to new academic heights one after another. But the smart and down-to-earth labor insurance people have never forgotten the original intention of the industry, which is to protect the Chinese economy and the health and safety of every worker. Every product that is born, every amazing “black technology”, all starts from the underlying logic of protecting workers.

Whether it is the chemical protective clothing made of innovative fabrics by DuPont (China) R&D Management Co., Ltd., the heavy-duty mining boots that have won multiple awards from Andanda Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., or the series of products produced by Qingdao Weidi Latex Products Co., Ltd. Gloves, various safety helmets and cold-proof clothing from Tianjin Sairuizhida Technology Co., Ltd., or Dengsheng Security Technology’s high-insulation, high-flame-retardant “Guobili” series of gloves, mastering graphene “core” technology Henghui Security’s high-end anti-cut gloves, Wuhan Weihe Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.’s 180° panoramic digital mask, and Guangzhou Saigu Shoes Co., Ltd.’s protective shoes that can withstand high temperatures of 200°C and are anti-smash and stab-proof, etc. are all high-tech A practical and practical product that is compatible with “grounding energy”.

In order to allow high-tech products to be displayed more intuitively and fully, the exhibition also specially set up exclusive exhibition areas, such as anti-fall demonstration area, exoskeleton technology experience area, ergonomics experience area, etc., so that visitors can experience on-site and view efficiently according to their own needs. exhibition.

In addition, the exhibition will also hold summit forums with rich content and useful information. Many industry experts and leading figures will share their professional knowledge and practical experience in workplace safety and labor protection. This will not only give manufacturers the opportunity to closely understand and apply the latest safety production technology and equipment, but also enable them to grasp the future development of the industry. context and optimize production plans. At the same time, many companies will also release the latest scientific research results and new product standards on site to refresh the audience’s understanding of the effectiveness of safety protective equipment.


  A two-way journey between online and offline

As the most authoritative exhibition in the labor insurance industry, the China Labor Insurance Association has built a panoramic, full-chain in-depth display platform for manufacturing companies and distribution companies. With the advent of the digital age, in the past two years, the Labor Insurance Association has made great efforts to build a labor insurance cloud online display platform. On the one hand, the online platform warms up the offline exhibition and expands the window; on the other hand, the offline exhibition provides an immersive on-site experience for online intended customers. The integration of online and offline promotes and complements each other, making the platform of the Labor Insurance Association The functions are getting richer.

In order to further optimize the experience and fun of offline exhibitions, this spring labor insurance fair has added a number of creative activity areas, such as a check-in and award redemption area, a photo commemorative area, etc. Audiences can take photos and check in according to the rules to receive exquisite prizes, or they can pose for photos with the Labor Insurance Association’s cartoon character “Xiao An” to leave an exclusive memory. In terms of online platforms, Labor Insurance Cloud has recently been upgraded again. Both the page display effect and the product upload function have been improved, allowing viewers to browse product information more efficiently and manufacturers to more fully demonstrate product advantages.

Labor insurance meetings again and again

Recording the progress and changes of China’s labor insurance industry

Also formed one after another

The fruit that surprised us

Countless wonderful two-way trips

Playing the symphony of vigorous development of the industry and win-win cooperation between enterprises

April 25-27, 2024

Come to Shanghai and join us

A wonderful two-way journey


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