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Ten major events for Bank of Shanghai in 2023

Ten major events for Bank of Shanghai in 2023


  Bank of Shanghai carries out study and implementationXi Jinping

  Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New EraThought

  Theme education

Since April 2023, as the first batch of thematic education units, the Bank of Shanghai, under the careful guidance of the 23rd Circuit Steering Group of the Municipal Party Committee, has conscientiously implemented the general requirements of “learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements”, and continues to highlight With the word “real” in mind, we have focused on the development direction of the “big country” and held 18 nine-day reading classes in total; focusing on “key little things”, we have focused on the bottlenecks that restrict the high-quality development of the bank and the “urgent, difficult and anxious” customers have strongly reported. “, using “real research” to solve “real problems”; focusing on the aging-friendly transformation of finance and improvement of customer experience, a number of pragmatic measures to benefit the people were launched, and further led to high-quality development with high-quality party building.

  Shanghai Bank Planning

  A new round of three-year development plan

In the first half of 2023, the preparation of Bank of Shanghai’s new three-year plan (2024-2026) kicked off. The new round of planning is an important stage for Bank of Shanghai to deepen high-quality development, respond to complex external situations, and tackle its own key and difficult issues. The planning and preparation are guided by the “Five Persistences” of open learning, problem-oriented, digital transformation, reform breakthroughs, and truth-seeking and pragmatism. It focuses on the two key points of organizational capacity building and deepening digital transformation, and builds a strict and professional management system around customer operations. .

  Shanghai Bank total assets

  Breaking through 3 trillion yuan

In September 2023, Bank of Shanghai’s total assets exceeded 3 trillion yuan, and its main indicators continued to improve. It was selected as a national systemically important bank for three consecutive years and ranked among the top 70 of the top 1,000 global banks.

  Bank of Shanghai and Santander

  Sign strategic cooperation agreement

2023 coincides with the tenth anniversary of strategic cooperation with Banco Santander. Bank of Shanghai and Banco Santander signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will promote cooperation around the four major aspects of strategic synergy, strategy synergy, innovation synergy, and management synergy, and work together to write a high-level A new chapter in quality development.

  Bank of Shanghai “accompanied by benefits on the upside”

  wonSecond Prize of Shanghai Financial Innovation Award

Bank of Shanghai’s “Upside Benefit Online Inclusive Financial Service Platform” won the second prize of the 2021-2022 Shanghai Financial Innovation Award. This award is awarded by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. It is the first provincial and ministerial government award focusing on the field of financial innovation in China, and is also one of the most valuable awards in the field of financial innovation.

  Shanghai Bank

  Start construction of smart core project

On June 18, 2023, the Bank of Shanghai held a kick-off meeting for the implementation of the smart chip project. The overall goal of the project is to enable the reconstructed core system to become a boosting engine for the bank’s digital transformation through project construction, provide a more stable and flexible base for the future development of the bank’s business, and provide a basis for the next round of planning and long-term Lay a solid foundation for development.

  Bank of Shanghai releases Yuanshi Bank

On December 16, 2023, the Bank of Shanghai officially launched the market’s first “roamable, interactive, and tradable” Yuanverse Bank. Roamable – virtual and real integration between Yuanverse bank space and offline flagship outlets; interactive – digital employees are online 24 hours a day and can interact and communicate in real time; tradable – financial transactions, Yuanverse car purchases and other rich scenarios provide a smoother transaction experience .

  Bank of Shanghai makes solid progress

  “Ten Thousand Enterprises and One Hundred Billion” Action

  and the “Thousands of Enterprises and Tens of Households” project for first-time mortgage households

The Bank of Shanghai held a signing ceremony for the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billions” partner bank, and steadily promoted the “Ten Thousand Enterprises and Hundreds of Billions” campaign and the in-depth development of the “Thousands of Enterprises and Tens of Ten Thousands of Households” project for first-time loan borrowers. At present, a total of 150,000 companies have been linked to two batches of lists from the regulatory authorities, and new loans have exceeded 16.4 billion yuan.

  Shanghai Bank CCB Finance Project Consulting

  Stage ends successfully

The consultation phase of the Bank of Shanghai CCB Finance project covers seven major areas: comprehensive risk management, the entire credit process, credit risk management, market risk management, liquidity risk management, asset management risk management, and enterprise-level data systems. By benchmarking against advanced peers, we comprehensively sort out the gaps in risk management and data management, and formulate optimization suggestions and follow-up construction plans. So far, the consultation has achieved the expected results.

  Bank of Shanghai won the 2023

  listed companyESG best practice cases

At the first China Listed Companies Sustainable Development Conference, the Bank of Shanghai’s case of “actively exploring the construction of a carbon inclusive system and striving to achieve dual carbon goals” won the 2023 Listed Company ESG Best Practice Case.

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