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Technology helps the elderly and China Unicom has a wonderful future: understand these numbers and use technology to help the elderly

Technology helps the elderly and China Unicom has a wonderful future: understand these numbers and use technology to help the elderly

  On Double Ninth Festival, we have a deep respect for our elders. In the digital age, helping the elderly cross the “digital divide” and enjoy a smart life is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. In this regard,China Unicom used a series of “numbers” to give an answer sheet full of warmth.Let’s look at these “numbers” to speak:

  The 10010 hotline direct service has accumulated nearly30 millionelderly customers

  China Unicom has releasedThe “Silver Age Exclusive” service plan covers a total of 10 service measures in three aspects: convenient service, warm companionship, and smart life. Among them, in terms of convenient services, China Unicom provides exclusive comfortable services for seniors over 65 years old at four major service touchpoints: 10010 hotline for direct manual services, a smart guard center in the business hall, China Unicom APP convenient and worry-free services, and smart home engineers Door-to-door priority. As of September 2023,The 10010 hotline has served nearly 30 million elderly customers aged 65 and above.

  “Care Mode” Daily Service70,000Visitors

China Unicom APP and China Unicom 10010 Online Business Hall have worked hard to create a “care model” and an “accessible version”, and both passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Special Action for Aging-Adapted and Accessible Transformation of Internet Applications” in January 2022. and accessibility level evaluation, and was selected as one of the “First Batch of Excellent Cases of Age-Adapted and Accessible Transformation of Internet Applications” in 2023.

  China Unicom continues to optimize the aging-friendly and barrier-free services of its major applications, lowering the operating threshold for elderly users and improving user experience.Up to now, the total “care model” of China Unicom APP and China Unicom 10010 online business hallServing approximately 70,000 users dailyleading the praise rate in aging-friendly transformation, and its influence continues to expand.

  Full category terminal coverage3Scenarios of major core life needs

While providing basic communication services to benefit the elderly, China Unicom continues to innovate and make efforts in smart terminals, creating three types of worry-free and diverse elderly terminals to protect all aspects of the life of the elderly.

The first is care terminals, including home application terminals such as smart doorbells and smart speakers, which can adapt to multiple user demand scenarios such as face recognition, elderly care, fall reminders, time snapshots, and intelligent companionship.

The second is safety terminals, including water and electricity three-sense terminals to avoid the expansion of dangers, minimize losses, and provide early warnings for dangerous operations to protect the safety of the elderly.

The third is health terminals, including smart watches, smart bracelets for health monitoring, air purification and humidification and other products, caring for the health of the elderly and environmental health scenarios.

  Benefiting more than 100 elderly users6.5 millionhousehold

  The cumulative reduction of communication expenses exceeds560 millionYuan

  For a long time, China Unicom has focused on building elderly-friendly communication products, continued to promote preferential tariff policies for the elderly, successively released innovative business services such as “remote sharing” and “anti-fraud business cards”, and launched exclusive products such as “Evergreen Card”.As of September 2023, China Unicom has benefited more than 6.5 million elderly users, and has reduced communication costs by more than 560 million yuan.

  Smart Elderly Service Experience Center is nearby8000Home

  Love and wisdom station is nearby9000Home

  China Unicom business offices continue to promote aging-friendly upgrades and haveMore than 18,000 business halls provide priority services to the elderly and the disabled, with nearly 8,000 smart elderly care experience centers listed and nearly 9,000 loving smart stations listed.

In terms of layout, China Unicom’s business hall has added special seats for the elderly, and added reading glasses, umbrellas, medicine boxes, drinking fountains, chargers and other elderly assistance equipment and facilities; in terms of services, cash payment of communication fees is implemented in parallel with other payment methods. We provide the elderly with number-taking and detailed billing services, continuously optimize the function of remote payment services, and provide the elderly with high-quality and convenient services that are more worry-free, considerate, and heart-warming in an all-round way.

  Silver Age Charity Lecture and Cultural and Entertainment Activities80000field

  China Unicom gives full play to the advantages of offline interaction in its business halls,Extensively organize activities to help the elderly, public welfare classes, etc., and carry out popular science activities such as network security, fraud prevention, health knowledge, and the use of commonly used APPs in a form that is closer to the elderly, to help the elderly understand and integrate into digital smart life.As of September 2023, China Unicom has accumulatedcarry outThere were 80,000 silver-age charity lectures and cultural and entertainment activities, serving more than 1.4 million people.

  270Live broadcast on the topic of helping the elderly

  China Unicom leverages its advantages as a central communications enterprise and carries out extensive online activities to continuously inject fresh power into science popularization activities for helping the elderly. It continues to create popular products around topics such as mobile phone operation, mobile phone applications, cutting-edge technology, national fraud, broadband issues, and heartwarming help for the elderly. video.A total of 270 live broadcasts on the topic of helping the elderly have been carried out and 67 series of videos have been created, which have been played nearly 3 million times.

  According to the official release of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in recent years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has organized the release of information accessibility related standards such as general design specifications for age-appropriate Internet applications.30 items,Guidance closely related to the lives of disabled people and the elderly1735 homesInternet websites and mobile apps, multiple domestic brand smartphones, and smart TVs have been transformed and upgraded… These figures confirm that my country’s information accessibility construction work has achieved phased results. China Unicom’s series of “numbers” are also one of the most colorful ones.

Always respect the elderly, devote yourself to the elderly, and work hard to help the elderly. Digital life used to be far away, but now it can be very close – as long as we join hands and connect with love, we can bridge the digital divide and share smart life. (Zhang Jiale)

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