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Technology Finance | The Bank of Shanghai Business Department has a “smart eye to identify pearls” and “oxygen and blood supply” to help companies develop new drugs

Technology Finance | The Bank of Shanghai Business Department has a “smart eye to identify pearls” and “oxygen and blood supply” to help companies develop new drugs

On the road to accelerating the construction of a technologically powerful country, innovation-driven development is an unavoidable topic. For technology-based companies, innovative breakthroughs are the foundation tree. On the new journey of serving technology-based enterprises and making great contributions to science and technology finance, the Bank of Shanghai Business Department insists on being supported by a dedicated team and driven by product innovation, and continues to provide “oxygen and blood” for enterprise innovation.

  Cultivate a field intensively

  The “cold bench” has been silently persisting for 30 years

The biopharmaceutical industry, as a strategic emerging industry in my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, is not only one of the three leading industries focused on development in Shanghai, but also an important support for building a healthy China and ensuring people’s livelihood and well-being.

Founded in 1993, Shanghai Hi-Tech Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hi-Tech Bio”) focuses on the field of biological disinfectants and is committed to solving the problem of pathogenic microbial infections, especially drug-resistant bacterial infections. It has been working for 30 years.

Unlike epidemics that have attracted much attention, antibiotic resistance (AMR) is often regarded as a “silent pandemic.” In the past 20 years, the global antibiotic drug market has gradually shrunk, mainly due to new mechanisms and new The research and development of target antibiotics is difficult, and the effort and return are hardly proportional. However, Hi-tech Biotechnology has risen to the challenge and devoted itself to research in the field of biological disinfectants. In order to solve the corrosiveness, flammability, and instability of traditional disinfectants, the world is actively seeking a safer and more environmentally friendly substitute. After research and development, Gaoke Biotech has locked “lysostaphin” among many biological enzymes. It is an endopeptidase that can destroy the integrity of the cell wall and dissolve the bacteria. It has a direct killing effect on bacteria. It also increases the bactericidal activity by nearly 100 times. In 1995, this product was rated as a national new product; in 1999, it obtained the first hygiene license approval for biological disinfection products; in 2005, the Baikerui series of compound lysostaphin dressings (Class III medical devices), which was born out of this product, was officially launched It comes out and is suitable for the prevention and treatment of various wounds.

  Financial assistance

  Let the enterprise move from supporting role to C position

Taking this as an opportunity, Hi-Tech Biotech came up with an idea: to develop an anti-infective drug that is truly self-developed by the Chinese people. In 2015, all phase 1-3 clinical trials were completed; in November 2022, the drug production license B for the new drug was obtained. After eight years of jogging research and development, you can imagine the financial pressure behind it.

At the beginning of the cooperation between Bank of Shanghai and Hi-Tech Biotech, the new drugs developed by it were in the process of applying for listing. The dual pressures of new drug research and development and preparation for listing were placed in front of the company, making financial support particularly urgent.

After in-depth visits to enterprises, Bank of Shanghai found that the difficulties in credit support lie in two points: First, innovation. Even today, the field of biological disinfection is still in its infancy around the world, let alone a few years ago. Two is the only one. The products developed by Hi-tech Biotechnology have no competing products in the world, and there is no previous experience for reference.

The Bank of Shanghai quickly established a dedicated team, visited biomedical industry research experts, consulted relevant research literature to understand the industry prospects, conducted on-site surveys of enterprise production lines, etc., and opened a green channel under the premise of ensuring that risks are controllable, starting with guaranteed fund loans. , providing financial support for Hi-tech Bioengineering and easing the financial pressure on enterprises. At the same time, financial services are also radiated to all aspects of the enterprise, including salary payment for affiliated companies, opening of employee stock holding accounts, etc. On the basis of the original credit plan, intellectual property pledge loans have been added. In order to solve the R&D funding needs of subsidiaries, a financial service plan including “R&D loans” was formulated.

With the continued financial services from Bank of Shanghai, Hi-tech Biotech has received stable financial support in drug research and development, allowing it to focus more on the launch of new drugs. Finally, the clinical trial approval document for a new national class I anti-infective drug was obtained, and the new drug is expected to successfully enter the market in 2024.

  Copy experience

  From a company to an industry

The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline proposes that by 2030, the total scale of my country’s health service industry will reach 16 trillion yuan, of which the biopharmaceutical industry is expected to have a potential of 8 trillion yuan, making it one of the most active and potential industries in my country.

For enterprises, the research and development progress of this type of drugs is in the leading position in the world; for society, once the drug is successfully launched, it is expected to become the first domestic biological disinfectant independently developed by my country; for the public, the advent of the drug will It is of far-reaching strategic significance to greatly improve the problem of patients’ resistance to disinfectant drugs.

At present, the Bank of Shanghai has become the core credit bank of Hi-Tech Biotech, providing enterprises with a full range of financial service support and serving the entire life cycle of enterprise R&D and production. At the same time, the Bank of Shanghai uses its own resource endowments to integrate external resources such as industry, government, research, and academia, actively build an industrial chain ecosystem, assist enterprises to integrate industrial alliances, and establish a “life and health” science and technology financial innovation laboratory. Through active Participate in the entire industrial chain of the disinfection industry, strive to provide broader financial services to the upstream and downstream entities of disinfectants, and grow with the company and develop with the industry.

Doing a good job in science and technology finance is a new mission given to financial institutions by the times. The Bank of Shanghai will always bear in mind the “big one in the country”, take responsibility for companies with technological innovation, empower industries with technological innovation, and jointly answer the new propositions of the era of science and technology finance. .

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