Technology Finance | Innovative financial means to help “knowledge” turn into a “key” to financing? Shanghai Bank was awarded the “2023 Shanghai Intellectual Property Finance Outstanding Contribution Unit”


How can the intellectual property rights of technology companies turn into the “key” to unlock financing? Bank of Shanghai has continued to innovate and bear fruit for this purpose. At the fifth member conference and summary commendation meeting held recently by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Financial Services Alliance, Bank of Shanghai won the “2023 Shanghai Intellectual Property Finance Outstanding Contribution Unit”.

  break the usual”

  Serving environmental protection technology companies

Behind the honor is the rich application practice provided by Bank of Shanghai in recent years in the intersection of intellectual property and finance, demonstrating its financial innovation capabilities.

Even if they possess multiple core technologies and rich intellectual property rights, it is still difficult for technology companies to obtain financing through traditional methods due to the lack of mortgage assets. On the one hand, it is difficult to value the direct financing model of intellectual property pledge. Rapid technological updates and iterations bring greater risks of impairment and patent realization. At the same time, the liquidity of the trading market is not high. On the other hand, due to the professionalism and precision of technology companies, , banks often face the situation of “not being able to see everything, not seeing clearly, and not being able to see clearly” when reviewing and approving according to the “old tradition”, and are unable to form a standardized review and approval process.

How does Shanghai Bank break the rules and solve problems? CG Environmental Technology is a “Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise” and won the “Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Innovation Award”. It has 83 valid patents and 19 invention patents… Numerous patent achievements and honors have established its leadership in many subdivisions. status. After research and visits, the Bank of Shanghai innovatively adopted the “patent license fee financing” model on the basis of intellectual property pledge financing to obtain working capital supplements.

  Financing Amount

  Ranking among the top peers in Shanghai 

With the help of the Bank of Shanghai, technology companies have turned their intellectual property rights into “golden keys” for financing. Bank of Shanghai is well aware of the “urgent, difficult, anxious and hopeful” financing needs of intellectual property-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises. It focuses on intellectual property finance, constantly innovates and optimizes intellectual property pledge financing products, and helps enterprises with core intellectual property rights obtain higher quotas. , credit funds with lower financing costs. Since 2020, the amount of intellectual property pledge financing of Bank of Shanghai has always been at the forefront of its peers in Shanghai. As of the end of 2023, the Bank of Shanghai has issued a total of more than 6 billion yuan in intellectual property pledge loans, and the balance of intellectual property pledge loans has increased by more than 75% year-on-year.

The Bank of Shanghai will continue to serve as a “booster” for the construction of Shanghai’s intellectual property operation system and continue to develop product innovation practices; it will work with all parties in the Shanghai Intellectual Property Financial Services Alliance to create a scientific and technological platform that integrates “intelligence + financing + business”. Create a financial ecosystem and build a faster, better and stronger comprehensive financial service pattern for technological innovation enterprises.


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