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Teaching assistant revolution, gathering together for win-win situation | Public hope that Topfei Education’s new digital smart education products will surprise Changsha

Teaching assistant revolution, gathering together for win-win situation | Public hope that Topfei Education’s new digital smart education products will surprise Changsha

New products are unveiled to expand the market territory. Zhongwang Education went to Changsha, adhering to the original intention and mission of “making every student’s ideal come true”, innovating and pioneering, persevering and improving, bringing new products and innovative concepts.

  New products unveiled, cooperation and exchanges

On March 21st, Zhongwang Topfei’s first channel partner exchange meeting was grandly held in the International Hall on the third floor of Huancheng Hotel, Saint Jufei Hotel. Agent partners from all over the world gathered together to attend the grand meeting.

In the first half of the meeting, the Zhongwang Topfei team launched new teaching aids, further enriching the company’s product matrix and igniting the enthusiasm of agents for cooperation; in the second half of the meeting, Zhongwang Education shared its business model and sales skills with cooperation cases as the starting point. In-depth communication with partners.

At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Wenbin, general manager of Zhongwang Education, introduced the new digital smart education product of the Zhongwang Tuofei team – school-based digital teaching aids and data large model assessment papers, with the theme of “Teaching Assistant Revolution, Gathering Together for Win-win.” Teaching and research, promoting the development of smart education in the direction of digitalization, personalization, and customization, and sharing Zhongwang’s educational products and market strategy thinking. To anchor users’ pain points and accelerate product innovation, Teachers Wang Hongxia and Chen Jianming of Topfei Team introduced the new products school-based digital teaching aids and large-scale model assessment papers respectively.

The Topfei team explained and shared the business market operation perspective. Teacher Han Xidong analyzed the cooperation model, business model, goals and tasks, product and platform training, business learning, etc. Teachers Yang Tao, Shen Fei, and Wang De’an respectively analyzed market support, Key links such as order delivery, sales nodes, and business skills are explained in detail, encouraging partners to bravely explore new sales markets, create a closed-loop overall business model, and continue to inject vitality and momentum into the market.

During the question-and-answer session, the enthusiasm of the agent partners was ignited. Everyone discussed intensely, shared and communicated, and were full of praise for Zhongwang Toofei’s new products and showed high interest.

Xu Jinguang, deputy general manager of Zhongwang Education, delivered a concluding speech. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for their long-term hard work in Zhongwang Education. He believes that in the future we will continue to innovate new teaching aids that adapt to the times, embrace new opportunities and new eras more bravely, and strive to realize everyone’s ideals.

  Teaching assistant revolution gathers strength for win-win results

In the ocean of education, every technological leap is accompanied by innovations in the way of knowledge transmission. At 14:00 on March 22, Zhongwang Topfei’s first intelligent teaching aid conference kicked off at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center News Center. This press conference not only brought together industry experts, educators, and industry media, but also attracted the participation of many consumers and agents who participated in the Changsha Book Fair. The guests witnessed this important moment together.

Zhongwang Topfei Education stands at the forefront of the times with its brand-new look and ushered in its first product launch conference. This is not only a product display, but also a witness to the integrated development of education and technology.

At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Wang Wuzheng, a partner of Qitian Network, introduced the status and trends of intelligent data demand for primary and secondary school examination homework. He mentioned that the number of students in preschool education has decreased, while the number of students in K12 has increased. As a result, the user base has increased. From now on, the next 10 years will be the peak period for the number of K12 students. The education industry as a whole has a high user base and a strong business foundation. Increased industry demand will benefit leading enterprises in education informatization and educational publishing on the supply side.

At the same time, the government’s investment in education continues to increase, and the quality of compulsory education has been improved. With the implementation of double reduction, the quality of school work needs to be improved, which requires more technological means and industrial upgrading is unstoppable. Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education, pointed out: “Integrate artificial intelligence technology into the entire process of education, teaching and management.” It can be seen that improving the digital literacy of K12 teachers is the only way to achieve “efficient classrooms”. “Intelligent data for examination assignments is the best way to deal with practical challenges in schools. Leading companies have joined forces to use leading products to empower B&C customers and increase efficiency, and jointly promote industry upgrading.

Qitian Network has made many achievements in big data application analysis, artificial intelligence and other fields. This time it cooperates with Zhongwang Toofei Education. Relying on its rich education, teaching and research experience and strong content creation capabilities, the powerful alliance focuses on the development of educational big data resources. Develop, apply and serve schools, students and parents in the K12 field, continue to explore and carry the educational mission, and lead the development of the industry.

Later, General Manager Yang Wenbin introduced the two new products that will be launched soon to the guests and media present:Data big model assessment paperandSchool-based digital teaching aids.

  The big data model assessment paper is a major new product of Zhongwang Tuofei Education.It is an information-based intelligent teaching aid product jointly launched by Zhongwang Topfei Education and Qitian Network. It is based on the must-answer teaching and research team and the technological upgrade of the Internet + teaching aid publishing. It builds a large model through data analysis and knowledge map, and based on the teaching progress and other micro-actualities , customized personalized teaching test volume.

  Data big model assessment paperConduct multi-dimensional analysis on the collected assessment data, integrating large-scale test papers, assessment systems, and personalized value-added services to meet the needs of schools to assess and diagnose students, and teachers to provide differentiated teaching to students. Each question is digitally structured and marked with multi-dimensional labels, and the question sheets are combined into one for marking, without the need to fill in additional answer sheets. Through the construction of large models through data analysis and knowledge maps, teaching links such as test paper correction, knowledge point analysis, review diagnosis, and correction of wrong questions are presented in the form of data, empowering teachers to reduce teaching burden and increase efficiency, create personalized learning spaces for students, and help schools Complete data construction, establish a feedback mechanism for academic status detection, and improve the level of teaching, teaching and research.

And another big new productSchool-based digital teaching aids, which aroused applause from many live audiences for its high degree of customization and interactivity. School-based digital teaching aids combine the current popular digital teaching concepts to provide schools with personalized learning plan design services and create school-based materials that are most suitable for the school’s academic situation.

School-based digital teaching aids not only include rich teaching resources, such as variant training, teaching courseware, etc., but also support teachers to adjust teaching content and difficulty according to students’ learning progress and ability levels, so as to achieve true teaching in accordance with aptitude. At the same time, the product is based on real teaching scenarios and has the characteristics of light service, intelligence, simplicity, convenience and high timeliness, which greatly improves teaching efficiency and management convenience.

In terms of market positioning, the two product lines of Zhongwang Topfei Education clearly point to the pain points and needs of the current education industry. The model assessment paper series is mainly aimed at students who want to improve their test scores, especially students facing key assessment stages such as college entrance examinations and high school entrance examinations; while school-based digital teaching aids serve more various schools and help them create their own stratification High-quality teaching content helps improve teaching effectiveness and management efficiency.

After introducing the product features, a practical demonstration was conducted on site. The audience witnessed how vivid teaching scenes unfolded smoothly on the platform. Through the product backend, users generated a set of teaching aids that fit the current teaching progress in a very short time. At the same time, they changed the test questions according to the prompts to adjust the difficulty of the test papers. .

Of course, the launch of any new product is inseparable from real feedback from the market and users. Teacher Wang Hongxia from Zhongwang Topfei Education shared user use cases. School-based digital teaching aids have reached cooperation with dozens of middle and high schools across the country. The first to experience cooperation are Henan Province Zhumadian Senior High School, Shuozhou City No. 5 Middle School, Hebei Baoding Normal Affiliated School, Henan Province Qixian High School, and Chongqing City No. 1 Middle School. Teachers and students’ experience of using it.

They talked about how they felt that learning has become more interesting and efficient in the process of using the Zhongwang Education Platform, and how educators can more easily grasp students’ learning situations. In the case of the interview, Teacher Fan who participated in the use said: “The (product) test questions selection is novel, and the test questions such as “New Definition” and “Discipline Literacy” are selected in the paper. Students can simultaneously consolidate and understand the cutting-edge test directions of the subject.” These real user experiences became the most powerful proof at the press conference, demonstrating the innovative results and practical application value of Zhongwang Education in the field of education.

They believe that the future of education is intelligent and personalized, and it is under this concept that Zhongwang Education is committed to creating a new model of teaching and learning that is more efficient, intuitive and productive. Subsequently, the official launch ceremony for the release of Zhongwang Tuofei’s school-based digital teaching aids products was held on site, and representatives from all parties took a group photo.

Adhering to the purpose of “making teaching and learning easier and more efficient”, Zhongwang Topfei Education’s first product launch not only showcased many forward-looking educational products, but also reflected the team’s continuous focus on digital education. This conference is not only the debut of a product, but also a clarion call for educational reform.

On the road of education, Zhongwang Education uses technology to build a bridge to knowledge for students and paints a grand blueprint for their future!

In addition, at this Changsha Book Fair, Zhongwang Topfei Education has set up booths at A26 and A38 of the Mango Pavilion and Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Friends are welcome to come to negotiate and explore more possibilities for the future of teaching assistants.

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