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Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan: Double 11 should help merchants gain the largest number of users

Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan: Double 11 should help merchants gain the largest number of users

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Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan: Tmall Double 11 will help brand merchants acquire the largest number of users

Dai Shan, CEO of Taotian Group: Firmly strengthen the long-term brand value and technological innovation, and overcome the challenge cycle

Dai Shan, CEO of Taotian Group: Deepen the Chinese market and create new consumer demands

On October 20, at the annual Tmall Double 11 press conference, Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan talked about the times, users, and the mission and opportunities of technology, and for the first time systematically explained to the outside world Taotian Group’s ” The thinking logic of the three major strategies of “user first, ecological prosperity, and technology-driven”.

Dai Shan said that the future is a cycle of “creating opportunities amidst challenges”. Whoever pays more attention to long-term brand building and who can break the inertia and seek innovation will be able to survive today, rush through tomorrow, and see the sun of the day after tomorrow. She believes that the Chinese market is strong and the people’s demand for a better life will continue to bring huge consumer demand; at the same time, the outbreak of new technologies such as AI will also bring a large number of business opportunities. Taobao and Tmall are the largest consumers. The platform will be the largest testing and breeding ground for AI applications, and will inevitably bring efficiency improvements and huge innovations. What Taotian Group needs to do is to work with brand merchants to resolutely deepen and penetrate the Chinese market, continuously create new products, stimulate new demands, and continue to expand the consumption pie.

Based on this macro background, Dai Shan explained for the first time the considerations behind the three major strategies of “user first, technology driven, and ecological prosperity”:

On the user side, online penetration continues to increase, and there are huge opportunities in the consumer market. However, at the same time, consumer groups are multi-layered. Consumers no longer easily believe in brands, but pay more attention to the true value of brands. “User first” aims to meet diversified needs. Capture the broadest possible audience.

On the merchant side, the diversification of user needs determines that the platform ecology must be diversified. Both the platform and merchants must transform from traffic operations in the past to diversified user asset operations.

On the technology side, AIThe new technological revolution represented by GC has arrived, and e-commerce will definitely be changed by AI. Taotian will make long-term investments in AI upgrades for merchant tools, user encyclopedias, and content creation to enhance user consumption experience and help merchants obtain more business opportunities.

In May of this year, Dai Shan announced three major strategies: users, ecology, and technology. After that, Taotian Group continued to make moves in price power, content, and AI. The scale and quality of users increased significantly. Taobao DAU (daily active users) has been growing for six consecutive months this fiscal year, and 88vip members’ contribution to transactions has increased by double digits year-on-year.The scale and business willingness of merchants have also improved significantly. As of the end of August, Taobao and Tmall newly openedThe total number of stores has exceeded 2.41 million; according to Alibaba’s latest financial report, the average daily number of active advertising paying merchants has increased by more than 20% year-on-year.

Based on this, Dai Shan announced three major goals for this year’s Tmall Double 11: to obtain the largest number of users for brand merchants; to accumulate brand assets and enhance brand power; to return to the original intention and give consumers a happy Double 11. She said that Taotian will conduct full-link guidance and invest as much as possible; while brand merchants pay more attention to user operations, such co-frequency resonance will inevitably bring about the largest user growth.

According to the information released at the press conference, this year’s Tmall Double 11 is based on three major strategies, with significant changes in terms of users, merchants and technology:

The user experience is outstanding and simple, allowing all consumers to have a clear perception of discounts.Full in cross-storeOn the basis of discounts, new “official instant discount” rules and a new “everyday low price” activity have been added to reduce the price of single products by more than 15%. Taobao Live will also launch a “flash sale” activity, and flash sale products do not need to be fully reduced. , directly the lowest price. At the same time, we return to the original intention of Double 11 and restart the Tmall Double 11 Party to make consumers happy.

Strengthen the certainty of business operations, launch more new brands and new products with unprecedented efforts, and continue to consolidate the consumer mentality of “buying new products on Tmall”. At the same time, it emphasizes two-wheel drive, and through new channels such as “everyday low prices” throughout the Double 11 cycle, brand merchants suitable for daily sales will have more business opportunities, from business at the peak to business every day.

In terms of technological capabilities, it focuses on cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and provides 10 free AI tools for small and medium-sized merchants. It will also gradually realize AI intelligence in the entire link including store opening, product testing, and advertising. The AI ​​assistant Taobao Wenqi currently under testing will bring consumers a new experience in life consumption, thereby improving the purchase conversion of brand merchants.

Analysts pointed out that Taobao and Tmall have a long-standing tradition of launching major innovative changes at the most important promotion node of the year. Double 11 has always been the most important innovation testing ground for Taobao and Tmall. It is not only a window for performance explosion, but also a window for displaying innovative changes to the industry and society.

Since the first “50% off sitewide” offer in 2009, Taobao and Tmall have made innovative moves that have impacted the industry almost every Double 11. In 2012, Tmall pioneered the cross-store full discount mechanism, which promoted the comprehensive expansion of online sales in categories and prices. Brands’ participation in Double 11 changed from “tail goods” to “new and hot products”; in 2013 It pioneered the pre-sale mechanism, explored and discovered the C2B model of e-commerce, realized sales-based procurement, and greatly improved merchant stocking efficiency; it pioneered “Maowen” in 2015 and created the largest brand in the history of Chinese e-commerce.Marketing IP to achieve in-depth integration of content and e-commerce; first opened in 2017O2O Link, more than 1 million offline stores participated in Double 11, realizing the offline expansion of the e-commerce value chain.

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