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Taobao travel consumption grew significantly during the National Day, and overseas travel users increased by more than 600%

Taobao travel consumption grew significantly during the National Day, and overseas travel users increased by more than 600%

During this National Day holiday, shopping for food, drinks and entertainment is very popular on Taobao.

During the long holiday that just passed, the number of domestic tourist trips reached 826 million, and Taobao became a new choice for users to book travel. Data released by Taobao Roadside Club shows that during the holidays, the number of users of domestic travel tickets on Taobao increased by more than 200%, the number of users of overseas travel tickets increased by more than 600%, and the number of cruise booking users also increased by 300% compared with last year. Travel coupon packages are highly searched on Taobao, driving more than 100% of transactions year-on-year. Buying coupons first and then booking tickets has become a new way for young people to travel.

From the perspective of travel trends, in addition to cities such as Beijing and Chongqing which are still hot spots for tourism, search volume for niche destinations such as Wuyuan and Pingtan has also increased linearly this year. In overseas travel, Asia-Pacific regions with regional characteristics, such as South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., are still the main destinations explored by young people.

According to statistics from Taobao Roadside News, another interesting phenomenon is that “lazy travel” is on the rise on Taobao, and services such as check-in at attractions, P-pictures, and queuing services have quietly become popular.

Many young people choose to “lie down” on the spot in B&Bs with barbecue, cinema, camping and other facilities, and then go to Taobao to place an order with pictures refined, and someone will do the photos and copywriting for their circle of friends. Some people simply place an order directly for the check-in service and travel to places of interest without leaving home. According to relevant Taobao merchants, during the National Day, the sales of services such as check-in and queuing services increased more than five times compared with normal times. They were very popular in Changsha, Chengdu, Beijing and other places. Some people also chose check-in services in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and other places, focusing on being unique. different.

In addition, related services such as P-picture refinement and copywriting for Moments have also grown significantly. The reporter searched on Taobao and found that most of the consumers who originally used P-picture editing to refine their wedding photos and ID photos, but now more and more people are turning their travel photos to Taobao sellers for refinement. , and then send it to Moments beautifully. In addition, the business scope of copywriting ghostwriting has also been expanded to copywriting for Moments. After traveling, you no longer need to spend time on photos and meditating on copywriting. You can get a lot of likes in your circle of friends by spending a little money on Taobao.

These new trends have also brought new business opportunities to merchants on Taobao. During the National Day holiday, the search volume for AI retouching-related services surged dozens of times week-on-week, and some merchants’ sales increased by 1,000%. Many young entrepreneurs seized the opportunity, and some novice merchants born in the 1990s made tens of thousands of yuan through AI photo editing during the National Day holiday.

Watching “cats” in the movie theater is also a popular option for young people to celebrate the holidays. During the National Day holiday, Taobao movie ticket sales increased more than 10 times year-on-year. Users could not only browse the previews of popular movies on Taobao, but also see the sharing of the film’s creative team in the live broadcast room, and snap up 19.9 yuan movie qualification coupons. The single-day sales of many movie-related Taobao stores exceeded 100,000, and the single-day sales exceeded 4 million.

Take Taopiaopiao’s Tmall flagship store as an example. During the National Day, it launched many popular products such as 40% off platform movie coupons, 19.9 yuan movie qualification coupons, 6.9 yuan theater coupon packs, etc. More and more consumers found themselves buying on Taobao. Movie tickets are more discounted. You can place an order directly by searching for movie tickets on Taobao.

Many people may not know that you can buy all kinds of affordable food, drinks and entertainment on Taobao. For example, during this year’s National Day holiday, Taobao’s digital life industry launched a 0.1 yuan travel coupon package, a 0.1 yuan food and drink gift package, as well as various bicycle and taxi discounts, allowing everyone to save money and enjoy the holiday at a great value. This year’s Tmall Double 11 will also bring consumers more benefits of eating, drinking and having fun.

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