[Talking about Pain]Lumbar Pain without Reason, Beware of Snakes

[Talking about Pain]Lumbar Pain without Reason, Beware of Snakes

There are elderly people who have been troubled by pains of different sizes for a long time. After getting used to it, they don’t care even if their waist hurts for no reason.regard it as a trivial matter, especially if there is no redness, swelling and bruises on the sore spot, and only think that getting older is a common manifestation of more illnesses.

In fact, pain is a warning signal, telling us where the body has been attacked and damaged and needs to be dealt with. These injuries are not limited to the trauma of pulling and collision, but can also be caused by viruses and bacteria in the body.

As far as the elderly are concerned, one of the common causes of pain in the waist without external shocks is herpes zoster, commonly known as “raw snake”, which is caused by the varicella zoster virus hiding in the nerve cord. When the body When the immune system is weakened or the function of the immune system is weakened due to old age, the virus will take the opportunity to attack and cause pain, and the waist is one of the common locations.

Take medicine within 72 hours of rash

Generally speaking, raw snakes not only cause pain, but also blister-like rashes on the affected area, but these skin symptoms may not appear in the early stage of the disease. During this period, it seems that it is not much different from ordinary back problems, and it is easy to be taken lightly. Patients often wake up to deal with it after the rash appears!

Current antiviral drugs to treat shingles need to be taken within 72 hours of the rash to be most effective, including reducing the chance of developing postherpetic neuralgia.

According to medical literature, about 10% to 20% of patients with raw snakes will develop postherpetic neuralgia after recovery, and they will have neuralgia like lightning, acupuncture, and burning from time to time, which can last for several months to several years. etc., and there is no effective treatment method, it is a very troublesome sequelae. Therefore, if there is tingling pain in the waist for no reason, especially if the pain is close to the skin surface or a little itchy, and if you feel burning pain even if you touch it lightly, you need to pay close attention to the affected area; if you have a blister rash, you have to seek medical treatment immediately.

Although only people who have suffered from chickenpox can carry the varicella-zoster virus on their body and cause snakes; but in clinical practice, we have seen many people misunderstand that they have never been infected with chickenpox because of vague memories of their childhood or mild illness in those years. , Don’t worry about the raw snakes coming to you and ignore the related symptoms.

Vaccination is recommended for those over 50 years of age

Since herpes zoster can cause neuralgia and may cause serious sequelae such as pneumonia, encephalitis, blindness, and deafness, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also issued guidelines recommending that people aged 50 or over be vaccinated with two doses of shingles. Herpes zoster vaccine (snake needles) to reduce raw snakes and related complications.

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