Taiyi Guanjia Family Doctor 2.0 upgrade launched a digital health file

Taiyi Guanjia Family Doctor 2.0 upgrade launched a digital health file

  On May 20, China Pacific Insurance held a big health strategic action conference and officially released the “352” big health service blueprintfocusing on displaying the innovative achievements of China Pacific Insurance in terms of concepts, mechanisms, management, and product services in the past three years of implementing the big health strategy, and drawing a bright future for the “Healthy Living CPIC Action”.

As an important layout of China Pacific Insurance in the field of general health,Taiyi Steward released the “Digital Health File” on the spot, which is also a family doctor of Taiyi Steward 2.0The core highlights in the upgrade. At the same time, Taiyi Guanjia announced that the number of registered users has exceeded 500Ten thousand.

  Xu Jing, CEO of Taiyi Stewardintroduce,family doctorThe 2.0 upgrade isplatformOnce in the family medical systemnew breakthroughwith digital health records asgrab handlecomprehensively improve the quality of medical services, and endow users with customizedHealth Management Program,furtherforusersupplymorepreciseEfficient service.

Digital Health File is a health management tool based on artificial intelligence and big data. It can record thousands of physical data including height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Users can also upload their own medical examination reports or offline medical records. Digitization and archive management within the system.

For a long time, people’s demand for health data storage, application convenience, and personalization has been increasing rapidly. Research surveys show that,30-40 years oldThe crowd pays more attention to data such as personal historical data, risk trends, growth and development records of children aged 0-6, and parents’ chronic disease medical treatment/indicator/medication records.And yes50-60 years oldAs far as the population is concerned, it is a very realistic demand point that medical records can be archived by department, indicators are tracked for a long time, drug adjustment records are consistent, and they can be quickly presented to doctors when they seek medical treatment.

Digital health records bring opportunities to break the game, and are expected to improve the disadvantages of traditional health information records, such as poor circulation, easy loss, difficulty in archiving, and difficulty in mining data value, and improve users’ health management experience from multiple dimensions.

  technology driven Digital health records create new value for users

  professional filingIt is one of the highlights of digital health records, which can simplify and simplify227 kinds of experimental inspection indexes, 349 kinds of imaging indexes, and 87 kinds of physical indexes are processed by professional medical numerical structure, into a clear and easy-to-understand view, users can not only check at any time, but also understand their physical condition. The data is organized and orderly, and it can also provide strong support for other health needs of users.

  One-click exportThe convenience has greatly improved the efficiency and convenience of using digital files.With the help of independent research and development and data support capabilities, inOCR image recognition, AIcalculusdeal with,LLM logic outputand other technologiesWith the help of the user, the user’s health information can be“Zero deposit and withdrawal”, one-click export, enjoy convenient medical treatment. Based on the health information exported by the user with one click, the family doctor can efficiently and accurately assess the user’s health status and formulate corresponding diagnosis and treatment plans for them.

To promote the effectiveness of the medical concept of prevention first, digital health records are also promising.passGraphicalofhealth trends,Critical indicator highlighting,Multi-year data comparison risk warningand other application tools, digital health records can beWarning against the risk of diseaseand provide corresponding prevention and intervention measures, it is no longer a luxury to achieve risk reversal at key nodes.

Digital health records are also for health informationFamily ManagementConvenience is provided that ultimately benefits the entire family.passCross-sectional comparison of family member indicatorsDiscoverFamilial Abnormal Indicatorscan promoteImprovement of family living habits, by sharing health status, it can promote mutual care among family members. It is foreseeable that with the popularization of family digital health records, all this will become the norm.

  Professional Cornerstone Optimizing Service Paths Strengthening Medical Accessibility

Taiyi Guanjia has established a professional family doctor service system, with a service team of nearly 1,000 “self-built doctors + external experts”. Doctors have an average of 10 years of clinical experience, and have provided professional and convenient medical treatment for more than 5 million users. health service.

The improvement of data capabilities brought about by digital health records makes precise management possible. The upgrade of Family Doctor 2.0 will provide users with more professional and considerate medical services, and at the same time strengthen the communication and contact between users and doctors, so that users can enjoy medical services with more confidence and comfort.

It is reported that,In Taiyi Guanjia, digital health records will become a panoramic information view of personal health records, not only providing decision-making basis for precision medicine, but also providing data support for health management.family doctor2.0The upgrade will greatly improve the accessibility of high-quality medical resources.

With the support of digital health records, family doctor 2.0 can accurately distinguish healthy people, sub-healthy people, and chronically ill people, and the exclusive health housekeeper can provide them with targeted health management solutions in daily life, from daily diet, Sports and indicators are tracked from multiple dimensions such as consultation with famous doctors, medication advice, and medication management to help users prevent diseases and maintain health.

With the operation and improvement of digital health records, Family Doctor 2.0 will further promote the implementation of the concept of managed care, and will continue to optimize the user service path of Taiyi Guanjia to help expand new business space.

future,ButlerAdhering to the original intention, we will infiltrate health management services into more user scenarios, and truly make high-quality medical resources inclusive, so as to“Let everyone live a healthy life”As the goal, fully promote the concept of “health management” and service access, empower the dual-medicine work mode through AI, create an online + offline unbounded medical experience, and continue to lead the innovative practice of “family doctor + managed care” in China .

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