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Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launches “Five Entry” activities during Financial Education Promotion Month

Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launches “Five Entry” activities during Financial Education Promotion Month

In order to continue to implement the people-centered development idea and do a solid job in consumer financial education and publicity, on September 26, the Tianjin Branch organized the 2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Centralized Education and Publicity Day. This “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day is an important activity of the Financial Education Publicity Month. Through the centralized voice and collaborative innovation of various departments and institutions, the branch formed a joint force of education and publicity and created a unified momentum and publicity atmosphere. In the early stage of the event, the Financial Education Publicity Month has been fully launched, giving full play to the advantages of network resources to provide heart-warming services to financial consumers; at the same time, actively planning and promoting publicity day activities, with the mission and responsibility of finance for the people, high-spirited mental state, and rich The event format brings exciting educational content to consumers.

  Connected communities.Entering Wuma Road Community in Nankai District, we popularize financial knowledge and carry out anti-fraud propaganda in a concise and easy-to-understand way, help residents and friends keep up with the pace of the information age, and open up the “last mile” of community benefit services. In addition, we went to Kangning Jinyuan Senior Care Community to place promotional exhibition stands on site, distributed brochures to the elderly, popularized knowledge on preventing online telecommunications fraud and elderly care fraud, enhanced the ability to identify and prevent new fraud methods, and warned the elderly to keep their personal information safe. “Money bag”. At the same time, senior citizens are invited to take photos in front of the check-in photo frame.

  Enter the campus.Concerned about financial knowledge education for young people, we went to Tianjin University of Commerce to place promotional display boards and hang banners to help teachers and students identify illegal fund-raising traps and advocate the establishment of correct values.

  Join hands with businesses.In the actual consumption scene of Tianjin Global Land Plaza business district, we will promote rational consumption concepts and personal information protection knowledge to consumers and merchants, remind them not to be greedy for small profits, prevent information leakage, integrate consumer rights protection into daily life, and help build harmony consumption environment.

  Go deep into the countryside.Actively participating in the “Pairing and Progress” event jointly organized by Tianjin regulatory agencies, the Tianjin branch was invited to join Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank to go to the Xiacang Market in Jizhou District, Tianjin to help promote financial literacy education, basic financial knowledge and other trends. Go into the vast countryside, listen to the voices and demands of villagers, and improve the level of financial services and the coverage of HP Finance.

  The Tianjin Branch will base its efforts on consumer education and publicity to serve the overall economic and social development, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and conduct multi-channel and hierarchical financial education publicity month activities to enhance consumers’ sense of gain, happiness, and security.

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