Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carries out the “Five Entry” activities for education and publicity on consumer rights protection


During the promotion period of the “3.15” financial consumer rights protection education campaign, Taiping Life Insurance Tianjin Branch planned in advance and made careful arrangements. With the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks”, the office, operational consumer protection department, risk management and The Compliance Department and various agencies worked together to carry out a series of promotional activities of “entering campuses, entering communities, entering business districts, entering enterprises, and entering villages”. The event attracted more than 500 people to participate, achieving all-round publicity and truly reaching consumers.

The “Five Entry” series of publicity activities adopt the form of distributing educational leaflets, setting up consultation booths, and playing event videos to answer questions on site, popularize financial and insurance knowledge, and remind financial consumers of the eight basic rights, and carry out prevention of illegal fund-raising, Anti-money laundering, personal information protection and other financial propaganda.

As the aging of society intensifies, the elderly are vulnerable to fraud and infringement during the consumption process due to information asymmetry, cognitive decline and other reasons. During the promotion of Kangning Jinyuan Senior Care Community, the missionaries focused on financial consumption knowledge that is closely related to the elderly, such as how to prevent telecommunications fraud and how to identify false advertising. Through interactive Q&A and case analysis, they improved the elderly’s awareness of consumer rights protection. and understanding. During the “Go to Campus” activity, staff visited Tianjin Yinghua Experimental Middle School and popularized financial knowledge on campus loans and rational consumption to students, reminding everyone to stay away from illegal financial activities and protect their property safety. In the activities of “entering enterprises” and “entering rural areas”, we use easy-to-understand language to promote anti-money laundering, anti-crime and anti-evil content to enterprise leaders and new citizen groups, and popularize countermeasures to prevent new types of financial fraud. . In addition, the person in charge of the Binhai New Area branch was invited to participate in the “Business District + General Manager Reception Day” event at Fudi Plaza, Fuzhou Road, Binhai New Area. They received the masses on-site and answered questions, and received enthusiastic feedback from consumers.

This “Five Entry” series of activities further enhanced the financial knowledge and self-protection awareness of the general public, and the publicity activities achieved good results. Tianjin Branch will continue to do a good job in financial education, expand the publicity atmosphere, actively promote the construction of a culture of integrity, and continuously enhance the convenience, availability and sense of gain of financial services for the public. (Gao Yinan, Tianjin Branch)


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