Taiping Life comprehensively launched 3.15 consumer rights protection publicity and education activities


In the afternoon of early spring in March, wisps of sunlight shone on the tea gardens in the terraced fields in the south of the Yangtze River. The staff of Taiping Life Insurance were chatting cordially with the villagers who were farming. An interesting financial anti-fraud lecture kicked off among the hilly tea trees… At the same time, the “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity week activities are also being fully carried out in all levels of Taiping Life Insurance.

Picture: Taiping Life entered the tea garden of Wengjiashan Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

From March 13th to March 19th, Taiping Life Insurance launched the “3.15” Education and Publicity Week with the theme of “Building an Honest Consumption Environment and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption”. Institutions at all levels of Taiping Life Insurance have effectively implemented various educational and publicity measures in combination with regional realities and business characteristics.

  In-depth offline scene face-to-face

From consumers to consumers. In order to boost financial consumer confidence, Taiping Life Insurance deeply considered ways to get closer to consumers, and innovatively carried out consumer education and publicity activities.

Picture: Taiping Life entered the community of Changji City, Xinjiang

Focusing on key areas, the staff of Taiping Life Insurance actively went to rural areas, remote areas, and ethnic minority areas to come to consumers side by side and face to face with them. For example, Zhejiang Branch of Taiping Life Insurance entered Wengjiashan Village, Hangzhou, and carried out financial digitization and anti-fraud education for villagers in Wengjiashan Village, helping villagers establish awareness of consumer protection. In Yili, Hami and other places in Xinjiang, the staff of Taiping Life went deep into the community, distributed leaflets to ethnic minority residents, and popularized the knowledge of consumer rights protection. In Korla, Taiping Life also launched a caring service of free blood pressure measurement.

Picture: Taiping Life entered into Beijing Jiade Elderly Apartment

For the elderly group, Taiping Life Insurance has also carried out special promotional activities. In Beijing Jiade Elderly Apartment, Hainan Zhanzhou Elderly Activity Center, Zhejiang Ningbo Yunlong Nursing Home and other places, the staff of Taiping Life Insurance came forward to explain the cases of Internet fraud to the elderly with personal experience and remind the elderly to beware of financial fraud.

Picture: Taiping Life entered Hainan Sanya Overseas Chinese School

For young people, Taiping Life Insurance Jiangxi Branch, Hainan Branch, and Hunan Branch have entered primary and secondary schools or colleges and universities, such as Jiangxi Science and Technology Information College, Hainan Sanya Overseas Chinese School, and staff popularize account security, insurance protection, Basic financial knowledge such as investment and financial management. In Xining City, Qinghai Province, Taiping Life entered the decoration site of the commercial center, and actively held knowledge lectures with young migrant workers to improve the investment and financial management knowledge of new citizens and their ability to protect their own rights and interests.

Picture: General Manager Reception Day of Taiping Life Insurance Branch (Sichuan)

In addition, each branch of Taiping Life Insurance carried out general manager reception day activities. For example, the person in charge of the Sichuan branch came to the smart business hall of Maoye Center to provide professional and meticulous consulting services for visiting customers. The person in charge of the Tianjin Branch cordially received Taiping’s old customers on the general manager’s reception day, answered customers’ questions, and actively promoted the “3.15” Education and Publicity Week activities to customers.

  Innovate and carry out multi-form publicity and education activities

In order to create a relaxed and lively atmosphere for activities, and continue to build a financial and honest consumption environment, Taiping Life actively learns and uses modern Internet high-tech, as well as popular activity forms, and actively implements activities such as online knowledge quizzes, city landmark check-in flash mobs, etc. .

Taiping Life uses text, video, posters and other financial media tools to help financial science popularization, actively carries out knowledge publicity such as preventing financial fraud and anti-money laundering, improves consumers’ awareness of self-rights protection, and creates a good financial consumption environment.

At the same time, Taiping Life Insurance developed online games, carried out the interactive activity of “please answer financial knowledge”, and disseminated popular science content on consumer rights protection through relaxed and lively question and answer forms.

It is worth mentioning that, with the help of new popular concepts such as “flash mob” and “check-in”, Taiping Life launched the “I am in xxx to participate in 3.15” landmark check-in activity. Shanghai Disneyland, Jilin Guose Tianlian Elderly Community, Hainan Haikou Guomao Community, Ningxia Guangming Square, Jiangxi Red Revolution Site, etc., the staff showed up in the city landmarks or core areas, flashed cards among the crowd, and at the same time through the online WeChat Platforms such as blogs and WeChat expand dissemination, and enhance the interest and affinity of the “3.15” educational and publicity activities.

Photo: Employees of Taiping Life check in at Chengdu Taiping Experimental Primary School

Picture: Employees of Taiping Life check in at Shanghai Disneyland

Photo: Employees of Taiping Life Insurance check in at the former site of the Helong Headquarters in Nanchang City

Picture: Employees of Taiping Life Insurance check in offline in Bole City, Xinjiang

Taiping Life has launched a variety of innovative measures to make serious and professional financial consumer education and publicity activities more lively and interesting, solidly shape a new look of honest management in the financial consumer market, and enhance consumers’ consumption confidence in financial management, insurance protection and other products.


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