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Taikang Yanyuan Phase III debuts to boost high-quality development of the elderly care industry

Taikang Yanyuan Phase III debuts to boost high-quality development of the elderly care industry

On September 26, Taikang Home Yanyuan Phase III, the first large-scale, full-function, international standard flagship retirement community put into operation nationwide by Taikang Insurance Group, a Fortune 500 company, was officially unveiled.

Taikang Home Yanyuan Phase III opening scene

As the “super flagship” of the “new generation” senior care community built by Taikang Home, Yanyuan Phase 3 has undergone all-round upgrades in terms of hardware such as architectural landscape design and software such as smart senior care. Iterate and implement the high-quality development of my country’s elderly care industry with an attitude of “innovation and sustainability”.

  Taikang House Yanyuan Phase 3 becomes a super flagship

As Taikang Home’s first flagship community put into operation nationwide, Taikang Home Yanyuan opened on June 26, 2015, with an above-ground construction area of ​​approximately 305,000 square meters. The first and second phases have been put into operation, with more than 2,400 residents. , the occupancy rate reached 97%. The third phase of Yanyuan unveiled today is located in the south of Yanyuan Community. It includes 6 independent living and nursing buildings with a total construction area of ​​approximately 186,000 square meters. With the operation of the third phase, the total number of Yanyuan community senior care units will reach approximately 3,000, which can accommodate 4,500-5,000 residents, providing more high-quality new options for seniors in Beijing and even the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Taikang House Yanyuan Phase III

With cutting-edge design concepts, Yanyuan Phase III Vitality Center won the 2021 World Iconic Architectural Design Award “Conceptual Category – Visual Architectural Innovation Award” during the preparation period. As the most dazzling pearl of the third phase of Yanyuan, the more than 12,000-square-meter vitality center is like a drop of water, causing ripples in the site, spreading and rising from the center, forming a white, soft cloud, and finally transforming Big roof for freedom. The soft natural form of the clouds fits in with the surrounding natural environment. The connecting bridge pointing to the Baifuquan Park on the west side creates a closer connection between the building and nature. Together with the previous Yanyuan Phase I and Phase II, Yanyuan will now provide residents with a vitality center of over 27,000 square meters, including a four-season flower hall, a wellness center, a catering center, a cultural entertainment center and other functional areas, which can satisfy the leisure and entertainment needs of the elders. , health care and other various needs.

Taikang House Yanyuan Phase III “Ecological Green Lung”

In terms of creating an ecological environment, Taikang House Yanyuan Phase III has taken innovation to the extreme. The community has specially created an 800-square-meter ecological “green lung” space, planting 99 kinds of plants, so that the elders can live in a place full of greenery and sunshine. And the free-curved interior space allows for comfortable communication. Opposite the “Green Lung” is a very large aquarium that is 9 meters high and 8 meters wide. Dozens of rare marine fish swim here, creating an underwater world full of vitality and art. In addition, in order to actively respond to the national “double carbon” strategy, Yanyuan Phase III will also make extensive use of solar photovoltaics and other environmentally friendly facilities, striving to build a green and low-carbon senior care community.

It is worth mentioning that at the event, Taikang Home launched a newly upgraded “smart community” product system, focusing on the two core products of “smart housekeeper” and “smart operation”. This product system is the first of its kind in the industry. This time, it will be piloted in the third phase of Yanyuan first. After mature operation, it will be gradually promoted and applied to other senior care communities in Taikang Home. Its content covers the three major areas of smart life, smart health, and smart operations. It provides a full range of smart technology empowerment from elder experience to community operations, achieving both improvement in service quality and operational efficiency.

Taikang House “Smart Community” launch ceremony

As a smart product that directly faces the elders, “Smart Housekeeper” closely focuses on the actual elderly needs of the elders in the community. With Xiaotai smart speakers as the core product, it provides the elders with a comprehensive, 7*24 hours of online and offline services. Services cover eight core scenarios of safety, health, catering, residence, entertainment, social interaction, sports and public welfare, and more than 30 services. Elders can trigger the community emergency rescue process with one call when they feel unwell or fall down. When elders have health problems, they can call online family doctors for video consultation at any time. When elders need help in life, online butlers can provide daily assistance at any time. Not only that, the convenient operation and considerate aging-friendly design comprehensively improve the technology to enjoy the old and new experience.

As an important technological means for Taikang House to improve operational efficiency, the “smart operation” system can monitor the community’s equipment operations in real time and conduct integrated, automated and digital management. In addition, it also actively responds to the national “double carbon” strategy and provides services to various communities. Conduct overall monitoring of energy consumption such as carbon emissions, and provide targeted energy-saving and emission-reduction measures to help build a low-carbon community. More importantly, the “Smart Operation” system can also form direct interoperability and linkage with the “Smart Housekeeper” system. When residents encounter emergencies such as emergency assistance, they can provide feedback to the “Smart Operation” system through online customer service to form a rapid response mechanism.

Just this month, IPRdaily Chinese website, a global intellectual property comprehensive information service provider, officially released the “Patent Ranking of China’s Smart Elderly Care Operation Enterprises (TOP30)”. Among them, Taikang Insurance Group ranks first with its absolute numerical advantage of 352 patent applications. While continuing to top the list, it also continues to lead the high-quality innovative development of my country’s smart medical care industry.

Chen Dongsheng, founder, chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group

Chen Dongsheng, founder, chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, said in his keynote speech that Taikang Home Yanyuan Phase III is China’s first-class in terms of scale, quality and cultural connotation. The residents of Yanyuan are a living history of the Republic. They have used their youth, talents and sweat to forge the edifice of the Republic. Taikang feels extremely honored to be able to serve these builders of the Republic. Over the past 27 years, Taikang has persisted in staying true to its original aspirations, innovating sustainably, and doing good business, which means using market economy methods to realize the great ideal of serving the people.

  “Tai Xiang Time” volunteer service system launched

In order to further adapt to and meet the growing demand for charity from Taikang residents, Taikang Home launched the “Taikang Time” volunteer service system at the opening site of the third phase of Yanyuan to provide caring people from all walks of life, including Taikang residents. A more standardized, professional and systematic public welfare service platform has been created. Through this public welfare platform, Taikang residents can participate in volunteer service projects released by the community, accumulate service hours, win star honorary titles ranging from one to seven stars, and enjoy corresponding rights rewards.

Launch ceremony of Taikang House’s “Taikang Time” volunteer service system

In fact, before the official release of “Taikang Time”, volunteer service has become a new trend for Taikang residents to enjoy their time. According to statistics, as of the end of August this year, Taikang residents had a total of 868 volunteers, with a total of nearly 40,000 hours of volunteer service, and an average of 60 hours of volunteer service per capita. Among them, 4 Taikang residents volunteered for more than 1,000 hours and were awarded the highest “Seven-Star Volunteer” title. 80-year-old Yanyuan resident Aunt Yang Yu ranked first with 1,412 hours of volunteer service.

  Taikang plan, eight years of practice, enjoying old and new life has been successfully tested in the national market

It is understood that from the launch of the first flagship community Taikang House Yanyuan in 2015, to the current chain layout of 36 projects in 32 cities across the country, and now the surprising “Yan” debut of the third phase of the new generation product Yanyuan, in Over the course of more than eight years of development, Taikang Home’s products and services have continued to innovate and upgrade, and have formed a relatively complete standardized service system, gradually building it into a high-quality senior living center, a value re-creation center for the longevity economy, and an integrated medical and nursing care center. The innovative demonstration center model has been successfully tested in markets across the country, and more and more elders choose to come here to start a new chapter in their elderly life.

With the original intention of “changing the Chinese elderly’s attitude towards life and retirement lifestyle”, Taikang Home innovates new senior living concepts such as “vital senior care” and “cultural senior care” to create a value re-creation center for the longevity economy for residents. In Taikang House, the elders do not need to worry about trivial matters in life. They are completely freed from their hands. They can fully develop their interests and hobbies in the elegant environment and rich cultural and recreational activities of the community, and co-build, co-create and share with the community. The elders are very interested in My identity as a Taikang resident has a stronger sense of belonging and identity. I am both a resident and a host, gradually forming a unique community cultural ecology full of vitality.

Enjoying old and new life is inseparable from secure and convenient health and medical protection. Faced with the current situation of elders coexisting with multiple diseases in the age of longevity, Taikang Home has established an innovative medical and nursing care integration model of “one community, one hospital” since Yanyuan. As of June 2023, Yanyuan Rehabilitation Hospital has received more than 150,000 patients, 85% of whom are elders of the Yanyuan community. It has carried out more than 1,500 critical first aids. Residents can enjoy convenient medical care services without leaving the community. . Nowadays, whether it is the “senior care community + rehabilitation hospital” practiced on a large scale across the country by Taikang Home, or the upgraded version of the “senior care community + tertiary hospital” medical care complex, Taikang Home’s full life cycle services have been favored by elders all over the country. highly recognized and has become the most shining golden sign of Taikang House.

National layout map of Taikang House

The age of longevity is upon us, and Taikang’s retirement dream planted 16 years ago has now become a reality. Up to now, Taikang Home has deployed 36 projects in 32 cities across the country, of which 18 communities in 17 cities have been put into operation, and the number of residents will soon exceed 10,000.

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