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Taikang Life’s “Tai Xin An” medical insurance is launched to protect the “Heart of China”

Taikang Life’s “Tai Xin An” medical insurance is launched to protect the “Heart of China”

  Recently, Taikang Tai felt at easeAMedical insurance (referred to as “Taixinan”) was launched on the market.Taking advantage of the ecological advantages of Taikang’s comprehensive health industry, the products bring “millions of insurance coverage” to customers.+Equipment guarantee+Comprehensive protection of “high-quality medical care” effectively solves the problem of treatment resources and costs for patients with severe heart failure.

  Have peace of mind, direct access“Chinese Heart”

  As aA one-year (non-guaranteed renewal) medical insurance product with the concept of “artificial heart” as the core, “Taixinan” provides customers with artificial heart medical insurance, heart transplant medical insurance, postoperative rehabilitation insurance, and surgical death insurance. Five major guarantees, including gold, sudden cardiac death insurance, and reimbursement0Deductibles and cost pressureSmall. Specifically, the characteristics are as follows:

  Artificial heart, guaranteed supply and direct payment.Based on Taikang Great Health Ecological Investment EnterpriseWith the innovative strength of “Yongrenxin”, if a customer is diagnosed by an expert and is determined to need artificial heart surgery and obtains a hospitalization certificate from a hospital designated for this service, Taikang will coordinate the experts to provide the customer with artificial heart surgery and assist the customer in deploying designated artificial heart devices. Customers do not need to wait in pain, and patients with severe heart failure can also receive immediate treatment and regain their “heart” life.

  Inpatient surgeries are paid directly.Artificial heart treatment is currently very expensive.According to industry average data, the cost of related equipment is approximately70Ten thousand yuan,ICUHospitalization costs approx.2010,000 yuan, surgery fee approx.5Ten thousand yuan, etc., and the equipment cost is not covered by medical insurance, and most medical insurance worth millions cannot protect it. Taikang leverages its own ecological advantages to fill the market gap. If the customer meets the standards for artificial heart surgery and is successfully admitted to the hospital ward designated by this service, Taikang will provide direct payment services for the customer’s expenses that are in compliance with the terms of the insurance contract. “Taixinan” benefit limit150Ten thousand yuan, including artificial heart device fees, surgical fees, and hospitalization expenses, are eligible for compensation.100%Direct payment.

  Medical resources, direct access throughout the process.“Taixinan” has direct access to qualified hospitals and high-quality experts, making medical treatment more convenient and worry-free. Before diagnosis, the patient’s condition is evaluated, and experts are recommended to promptly evaluate whether the patient is suitable for artificial heart treatment, and qualified experts are identified; during diagnosis, qualified expert outpatient clinics are promptly arranged, and after the treatment plan is confirmed, wards and surgeries are prioritized; after diagnosis, professional in-hospital postoperative rehabilitation guidance is provided. Long-term follow-up after hospital to improve recovery effects.

  Human care, special care.Heart transplant surgery and artificial heart sharing15010,000 insured amount,0Deductible.Regardless of artificial heart surgery or heart transplant surgery, you will enjoy the benefits after completing the surgery3Special rehabilitation allowance of RMB 10,000; at the same time, if the insured dies due to no accidental injury during the hospitalization period when undergoing specific cardiac surgery, it will provide10Death insurance benefit of RMB 10,000 for specific cardiac surgery; if sudden cardiac death due to disease after the waiting period, it will be provided10Sudden cardiac death insurance benefit of 10,000 yuan.

  Due to the limited production capacity of artificial hearts, we practice our customers’“Fully guaranteed” promise, “Taixinan” is currently exclusive to “Happy Appointment” customers.

  Taikang invests in ecological enterprises to protect the hearts of the people

  Currently, cardiovascular disease has become the number one killer of national health. Every yearabouthaveovertake450Thousands of people died from cardiovascular disease.Heart failure is the final stage of the development of heart disease and an important cause of death from cardiovascular disease.“The Final Battle”.The problem of heart failure is getting worse day by day. According to the “China Heart Failure Industry White Paper”, recently15The prevalence of heart failure in China increases44%and the number of young people suffering from heart failure is increasing.

  For a long time, heart transplant surgery has been almost the only treatment for patients with end-stage heart failure.Post-heart transplant patients5The annual survival rate can reach80%-90%. However, due to the severe scarcity of heart donors, most patients with end-stage heart failure cannot wait for a donor.At present, only one heart transplant donor is available each year in my country.600patients with end-stage heart failure, and more than100million, the gap between supply and demand is huge.

  “Artificial heart” is currently an important treatment method to solve the problem of scarcity of heart donors. It can effectively improve the symptoms of heart failure and help patients restore their ability to live and work. The full name of “artificial heart” is “implantable left ventricular assist device”, which is known as “the crown jewel of medical devices”. Compared with heart transplant surgery, “artificial heart” has lower risks and better results: first, after artificial heart implantation, the patient’s life expectancy is longer than with drug treatment, and the long-term survival rate is the same as heart transplant; second, artificial heart does not cause organ rejection risks, and there are secondary upgrade opportunities.

  However, the cost of artificial hearts is high, the threshold for surgery is also high, and there are few qualified hospitals.This technology is cutting-edge technology and has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time. China’s first clinical trial began2018Year. At present, the country strictly regulates artificial heart surgery, the number of hospitals that can perform the surgery is limited, and cardiac surgery experts with clinical experience in artificial heart surgery are very scarce.

  Launched by Chongqing Yongrenxin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.EVAHEARTIt is one of the first artificial hearts in China approved for dual indications of short-term treatment and long-term treatment. China’s heart donors are far from meeting the needs of patients with end-stage heart failure. There is no need to wait for artificial hearts and there is no rejection. The clinical needs and advantages are internationally recognized.EVAHEARTThe artificial heart fills the gap in the domestic industry. It is the first bionic artificial heart with bionic pulsating blood flow in the industry, allowing Chinese patients with severe heart failure to regain a beating “Chinese heart.” Chongqing Yongrenxin is a Taikang health ecological enterprise and an important layout of Taikang Investment Fund Vivo (Suzhou) Health Industry Investment Fund in the field of innovative medical devices. Through the “Taixinan” high-end medical service plan, Taikang customers will enjoy full-process protection of artificial heart treatment that is synchronized with overseas advanced medical care.

  In the era of longevity, Taikang has been deeply involved in the field of medical care and health, and is becoming a leading health company that serves people throughout their life cycle. In addition to building its own Taikang Home, five major medical centers, and controlling Baibo Dental, it also invests in companies in the health field such as specialized medical care, innovative medicine, medical equipment, and Internet drug purchasing platforms. The comprehensive health ecosystem built by Taikang not only includes physical medical industries such as medical care, elderly care, and rehabilitation, but also emerging industrial fields such as genetic testing and Internet medical care, which has effectively promoted the integration of insurance and medical care and health.

  It is precisely based on the strong strength of the comprehensive health ecological layout that Taikang has the confidence to officially launch it to customers.“Taixinan” and makes a strong promise: with the comprehensive protection of “Taixinan”, severe heart failure will no longer be the last straw in life, and love and warmth will accompany customers.

  Risk reminder: Specific insurance liability and liability exemption and other matters are referred to in “Taikang Tai Xin An”The terms of Section A Medical Insurance shall prevail.

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