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Taikang Life’s HWP talents project launches nationwide

Taikang Life’s HWP talents project launches nationwide

  Recently, Taikang Life InsuranceHWPThe Youcai project has officially set sail across the country. The first batch has been officially opened in Dazhou, Yichang, Jining, Zhanjiang, and Wuhu, and the second batch has been launched in11It will be launched in several cities and will be rolled out across the country.TaikangweiHWPThe exclusive basic law created by Youcai will also be fully launched soon.

  HWPThe talent training program is an important strategic move for Taikang Life and even at the group level. Cheng Kangping, executive vice president of Taikang Insurance Group and president of Taikang Life, said that it will be a strategic starting point for central branches to achieve excellent growth. For prefecture-level institutions, it will be a historical opportunity, a market opportunity and a development opportunity.

  HWPBasic Law on Talented Talents Establishes Rules and Regulations for New Teams

  2023Year3moon,HWPThe Talent Project was officially launched and is committed to building a high-performance team of the Central Branch Headquarters, accelerating the transformation of high-performance Central Branch Headquarters, and cultivating new forces in the industry.

  From a strategic perspective,HWPThe talent training program has become an important strategic move for Taikang Life and even at the group level.To this end, Taikang Life has invested a lot of resources, gathered core strength, and built a newHWPThe excellent management system is the core, helping the central branch to rise and set a new benchmark for excellence in the industry.

  To promoteHWPTalent team development, Taikang launchesHWPBasic Law for Talented Talents and will be2024Year1moon1Officially launched today,forTalentedThe team establishes rules and regulations,Bring new development opportunities.

  HWPThe Basic Law for Talented Talents is based on the existingHWPBased on the Basic Law, the assessment standards are adjusted according to local conditions according to the production capacity of the central branch area, which is more in line withHWPDevelopment needs of talented teams. System features such as “dual identities”, “dual channels”, “new allowances”, “high benefits” and “inheritance” break through tradition, improve the career development system, encourage higher performance, provide higher income, and are committed to creating A development platform for top performance.

  HWPTalent training program, a good opportunity for talent growth in local and municipal institutions

  Building a professional and professional high-performance team has become an industry consensus. Adding high-quality employees is an important way to effectively grasp the pulse of the times and the market and seize the opportunity for talent dividends.

  In the context of the longevity era, Taikang’s three major closed loops and business models have built a financial service moat, creating a new platform for Taikang’s elite to take off in the future.HWPThe launch of the talent training program comes at the right time.

  Taikang realized this earlier and more profoundly.Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance GroupCEOChen Dongsheng mentioned before that Taikang is famous for its“Payment+The innovative business model of “Service” has made important explorations for China’s life insurance industry to enter a new era of integrated medical and nursing care and super experiential sales. A new era of life insurance that is truly customer-centered and serves the whole life cycle has since arrived. High-performance teams are the new era of life insurance. Practitioners and beneficiaries of the times are the cornerstone of Taikang’s innovative business model. We must move from excellence to excellence, from high-performing individuals to high-performing organizations, and firmly become health and wealth entrepreneurs in the longevity era.

  “With the end of the era of huge crowds, the direction of agent transformation is to build a professional, professional, and performance-optimized team. But to solve the dilemma of the marketing team, we cannot just focus on the insurance itself, but must leverage it through the innovation of business models. The transformation of the team.” Cheng Kangping said.

  already2017In 2018, with its four-in-one business model of “vital elderly care, high-end medical care, excellent financial management, and ultimate care”, Taikang launched the financial industryTOPProfessionHWP.6over the years,HWPIt has been listed as Taikang’s three business cards along with Taikang Home and Happiness Appointment, demonstrating the future development path of the insurance industry and becoming a staunch practitioner of the “Taikang Plan in the Longevity Era” and a top benchmark in the financial industry.

  by improvingThe four major systems of “recruitment, training, motivation, and growth” are what Taikang Life provides.HWPThe team provides a new career platform and entrepreneurial platform, and provides a complete development path for high-quality talents. Looking at the past six years,HWPGradually, a set of high-standard systematic construction was formed.currentHWPin the team,45Proportion of people under the age of90%per capita standard insurance per year20Ten thousand,2023Year finalistMDRTThere are nearly a thousand people. The attributes of youth, high education, high income and high performance are highlighted.

  HWP The Talent Project was born in response to the situation and will become an important focus in promoting the reform of Taikang’s personal insurance team.2021In 2018, Taikang Life officially launched the “Double Performance and Double Return” strategy. The pilot institutions seized the period of strategic opportunities and used “super experiential marketing” as the starting point to focus on increasing quality, hiring, and organizing to increase volume.newly launchedHWPThe talent training program has become an important measure to create a new wave of rise of prefecture-level institutions and will start the second curve of Taikang’s team transformation.

  In addition, Taikang pioneered insurance marketing innovation with Chaosi as its leader. As a virtual financial product, the risk compensation effect of insurance is often reflected after the risk occurs. Experiential marketing can trigger customers to recognize potential needs through scene presentation.Taikang Life relies on the group’s comprehensive health ecosystem to formThe new marketing model of “super experiential sales, super experiential recruitment, and super experiential training” solves many pain points for sales teams to develop their business.

  Relying on medical and nursing entities, Taikang extends the life insurance industry chain and innovatively combines virtual insurance with physical medical and nursing care to build longevity, health and prosperity.“Three major closed loops” realize the coordinated development of insurance, asset management, and medical care.HWP The Youcai project has brought about innovation in business models and sales models through the extension and iterative upgrade of previous strategies. The introduction and training of more high-quality talents will also help Taikang Life continue to lead the high-quality transformation of the life insurance industry.

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