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Taikang Life Insurance obtained the securities and futures business license, and its fund sales business set sail

Taikang Life Insurance obtained the securities and futures business license, and its fund sales business set sail

  Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd.2023Year9moon28Obtained the “Securities and Futures Business License” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.Previously, Taikang Life this year3moontwenty twoOn the same day, it obtained an administrative license issued by the Beijing Supervision Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, approving Taikang Life’s securities investment fund sales business qualifications.At this point, Taikang Life Wealthclosed loopAfter another step in layout and construction, securities investment fund sales set sail to create an integrated service platform for longevity, health, and wealth for the growing number of middle- and high-net-worth individuals and their families.

  Taikang Life actively embraces the new era of wealth management

  The growth in residents’ wealth brought about by China’s economic rise has created an increasingly rich demand for wealth management products and services; at the same time,The era of longevity brings about the era of health and wealth. In addition to insurance protection, people need moreCoverfull life cycleintegrated synthesissolution.

  The “Taikang Plan for the Longevity Era” is Taikang’s important theoretical and practical contribution to the longevity era as a core enterprise in the great people’s livelihood project. Taikang extends the life insurance industry chain, innovatively combines virtual insurance with physical medical care, and launches the first annuity insurance product that connects to retirement communities – “Happiness Appointment”. With this as the core, Taikang builds the three major pillars of longevity, health and wealth. closed loop. Among the three major closed loops, the longevity closed loop is to purchase life insurance and annuities and enjoy your old age in a retirement community; the health closed loop is to purchase health insurance and gain health in the medical system; the wealth closed loop is to use wealth management income to protect medical and pension needs.

  Taikang Life actively implements the wealth closed-loop strategy. On the one hand, we continue to innovate and improve the product system in the field of life insurance, and rely on the good support of Taikang’s investment strength to help customers transform from simple protection to financing for the longevity era. On the other hand, it actively expands the wealth management track, lays out the securities investment fund sales business, and provides more diversified, standardized, and instrumental investment and financial management products and services to meet the wealth management needs of customers.

  The years give new chapters, and we move forward together on a long road.

  As a market-leading insurance company, Taikang Life has the ability to continue to develop fund sales by virtue of its advantages in customer resources, sales capabilities, and professional capabilities.As an insurance fundSales organization,Taikang Life can integrate securities investment funds into sales and service scenarios that are coordinated with insurance, exert synergy with the main insurance business, and form competitive characteristics that are different from other fund sales institutions.

  Standing at the forefront of the wealth management era, TaikangLifeWillpositiveWorking hand in hand with industry partners, under the guidance of the “Opinions on Accelerating the High-Quality Development of the Public Fund Industry”,Comprehensively implement theMeasures for the Supervision and Administration of Publicly Offered Securities Investment Fund Sales Institutions》and supporting regulations and requirements, adhering to the belief of long-termism and focusing on professional and in-depth services.keep investingpeople long termInterests as the core,supplyComprehensive wealth solution of “fund + insurance”,Embrace the new era of life insurance, give back to customers and contribute to society with better products and professional services.

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