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Taikang Home? The construction site of Jinyuan is super open, and you are invited to witness the quality pension project

Taikang Home? The construction site of Jinyuan is super open, and you are invited to witness the quality pension project

In order to let Taikang customers and reservation residents keep abreast of the construction progress of the Taikang Home Jinyuan project, Taikang Home Jinyuan specially created the first construction site experience project in Jincheng. On July 9, the Jinyuan construction site superstructure was officially opened, allowing customers to view the construction progress of the project in real time.

The super-body scene of the construction site is composed of Jinyuan exhibition area, construction site viewing platform, and meeting and event space, where customers can learn about the overall situation of Taikang Home·Jinyuan. One side of the exhibition area is decorated with a delicate and transparent glass curtain wall, facing the construction site directly, and through the new perspective of the drone, it can bring visitors an unprecedented experience.

A visitor at the site told the reporter, “Sometimes I would drive around here, just wanting to see with my own eyes that our old couple’s future retirement house is being built bit by bit. I feel more at ease when I can walk into the construction site today. …” Construction site super body is another innovative project of Taikang in Tianjin under the instruction of Chairman Chen Dongsheng’s strategic spirit of “Super body controls everything”. Taikang Life Insurance Tianjin Branch’s active promotion of this “super-body” model is also a protection mechanism for customers. No matter how well the salesperson introduces it, it is better to let customers have the real feeling of “visible and tangible” and experience it personally. How about the strength of the company and the products of the elderly care community? Insurance allows customers to buy with more peace of mind.

Taikang Home Jinyuan is located in the core area of ​​Shuixi Park in Houtai District, Xiqing District, Tianjin, separated from Nankai District along the road. A sanctuary that integrates leisure, health care and other elements. Jinyuan has a construction area of ​​about 145,000 square meters, can provide about 1,500 elderly care units, is equipped with a secondary rehabilitation hospital and about 200 medical beds, and is currently the only continuous care retirement community within the Tianjin Outer Ring Road. The first phase of Jinyuan, which is under construction, includes three living buildings in the vitality area, a main vitality center, and a comprehensive building. Like Taikang Home’s elderly care communities across the country, Taikang Home Jinyuan will create “a warm home, an open university, an elegant vitality center, a high-quality health care center, and a spiritual and spiritual home for the elders” for residents. An all-in-one lifestyle meets the seven core needs of the elders “social interaction, sports, food, culture, health, financial management, and spiritual belonging” and provides one-stop retirement living solutions such as independent living, assisted living, professional nursing, and memory care plan. Taikang Home·Jinyuan will step up its steady construction and is expected to be put into use in 2025. It is hoped that the elders in Jinmen can enjoy a high-quality old and new life as soon as possible.

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