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Taikang builds top HWP careers and serves as an incubator for “health and wealth entrepreneurs”

Taikang builds top HWP careers and serves as an incubator for “health and wealth entrepreneurs”

The latest data from Taikang Life shows that after 6 years of development, the new team of high-performing Health Wealth Planners (HWP) has exceeded 15,000 people. The total number of HWP entrepreneurs and partners has exceeded 500. HWP standard premiums and happiness contract contributions have increased year by year. The organization The pilot project will be implemented nationwide.

Six years ago, HWP followed the trend of the times and emerged within Taikang. This is an innovative profession that highly unifies economic value, social value and life value. Judging from the trends of the times, the aging of the population is deepening, the longevity economy has become a blue ocean, and the contradiction between the increasingly abundant insurance needs of middle and high-net-worth individuals and the supply of insurance services has become prominent. From a personal perspective, the increase in external uncertainty has further exacerbated workplace anxiety and involution, making it difficult for many people to gain professional value.

Taikang followed the trend and incubated a new professional HWP with the “Taikang Plan for the Longevity Era” and trained them as insurance consultants + health stewards + financial management experts to provide customers, their families and families with one-stop services in pension, health and wealth. At the same time, realizing the self-evolution of agents will give birth to a new professional group—health and wealth entrepreneurs in the longevity era.

The times call, and a high-quality insurance service team emerges at the historic moment

The age of longevity is coming. According to data from the National Development and Reform Commission, there will be 280 million elderly people over 60 years old in my country in 2022, accounting for 19.8% of the total population. This year, it will exceed 20%, which means that it has entered the moderate aging stage and will accelerate in the future. By the middle of this century, it may There are 500 million elderly people.

Providing support for the elderly, medical care, and activities for the elderly have become the focus of everyone’s attention, and huge market opportunities are brewing. Industry data shows that by 2035, China’s silver economy will reach 19.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 27.8% of total consumption and 9.6% of GDP; in 2050, the silver economy will reach 49.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 35.1% of total consumption. , accounting for 12.5% ​​of GDP.

Taikang has long been paying attention to population trends. While focusing on its main business of life insurance, it also actively deploys medical, health and wellness entities to create three closed loops of longevity, health and wealth, forming “vital senior care, high-end medical care, excellent financial management, and life care” covering the entire life cycle of customers. A four-in-one comprehensive health industry ecosystem, and proposed the theory of “Taikang Plan in the Longevity Era”.

In 2009, Taikang introduced the American CCRC model and took the lead in investing in the construction of retirement communities. In 2012, it launched the first insurance product “Happiness Appointment” to connect with retirement communities. This innovative business model combines virtual insurance with physical medical care, breaking through the development bottleneck of the life insurance industry, and also opening up the insurance industry’s operation of middle- and high-net-worth customer groups.

The needs of the longevity era and the innovation of business models have promoted the innovation of sales models. The needs of middle- and high-net-worth individuals for health and wealth management are becoming increasingly personalized and diversified, calling for high-quality professional service talents. The “Taikang Plan in the Longevity Era” puts forward higher requirements for the specialization, professionalization and performance optimization of the sales team.

In 2018, Taikang created HWP, a new sales team that meets the new needs of the times and new changes in the economy. HWP aims to provide one-stop elderly care, health and wealth management services for middle and high net worth people, serving customers throughout their life cycle and wealth cycle. Its knowledge, thinking and other comprehensive qualities can resonate with the needs of middle and high net worth customers, and its career prospects are relatively good. Traditional agents have been greatly expanded and are expected to become the top benchmark profession in the financial industry in the future. Chen Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, said that Taikang’s long-term layout of asset-heavy, high-quality longevity communities and medical care and health systems is the most important guarantee for high-quality agents to lead to the future and success.

Concentrating resources, Taikang builds HWP exclusive growth system

Taikang regards HWP as the No. 1 project and devotes all the resources of the group to build it. It has built a set of exclusive four systems of “recruitment, training, motivation, and growth”, ten empowerment platforms, and four-in-one product support for HWP to fully release HWP development momentum.

At the training level, based on innovative big health ecological resources and external resources, a HWP professional training system covering insurance consultant training, general practitioner academy, elite wealth academy, experiential training, and honorary qualification certification training has been gradually formed. On the insurance consultant side, we have developed professional sales consulting + super body training and other trainings to make HWP’s three growth paths clear and perfect for outstanding newcomers, excellent marketing, and excellent management; on the general practitioner side, we have established the GPA General Practitioner Academy to make HWP on the health side Achieve breakthroughs and improvements; on the financial expert side, launch ETA Elite Wealth Academy to enhance HWP’s financial analysis and asset allocation capabilities. The HWP Entrepreneur Academy has recently been launched, focusing on cultivating the team’s ability to operate independently, allowing HWP to move from personal excellence to organizational excellence.

Taikang also makes full use of the ecological advantages of the big health industry, allowing HWP to enter medical and nursing entities, complete immersive community experience training, and fully understand the Taikang big health ecology and its development. We also communicate with Tsinghua University, Peking University and overseas colleges to create a complete HWP training chain from school to on-the-job, from basic talent reserve to professional talent promotion. Recently, the “HWP Global Study with Appointment in Hong Kong” training trip was launched.

In terms of growth, the first HWP Basic Law will be launched in 2022 to establish rules and regulations for the team, distinguishing it from traditional agents and forming its own unique professional program. On the one hand, it is encouraged to strengthen personal performance, and open up the career HWP promotion channel by creating exclusive identities of reserve HWPs and emerging HWPs; on the other hand, it is encouraged to expand the team, create HWP partners, and finally become HWP entrepreneurs to achieve long-term and even family-owned careers. Sustainable development. At the same time, it is promised that HWP can enjoy year-end dividends and share operating results with the company.

At the product level, relying on the Happy Appointment brand, Taikang has built four major product systems: Longevity Appointment, Health Appointment, Good Life Appointment, and Wealth Appointment to provide customers with products and services throughout the life cycle, and empower HWP with four-in-one products. At the same time, we will expand the income boundaries of HWP based on diversified product forms such as auto insurance and property insurance.

At the sales level, Taikang relies on the comprehensive health ecosystem to form super experiential sales. HWP service targets have expanded from individuals and families to entire families, greatly expanding the boundaries of sales. In addition, the team has greatly improved sales efficiency and consolidated retention due to the multiplier effect of the “three supers”. Chaosi has become a powerful starting point for Taikang to build maximum performance, injecting strong momentum into the transformation of agents.

At the same time, Taikang “builds a nest to attract phoenixes”, selects high-standard office buildings in prime locations, matches high-standard decoration, and creates a top-notch office environment for HWP in the industry, including an education and training center, an exclusive workplace, and a health and wealth experience center. And to enhance the HWP profession in spirit and honor, create a “HWP Club” to allow members to enjoy the three major privileges of training, branding and management.

On the platform, be an insurance entrepreneur in the longevity era

With the end of the era of huge crowds, the current consensus in the entire life insurance industry is to build a professional, professional and performance-optimized team. To solve the dilemma of team transformation, we should not just focus on insurance itself, but also seek breakthroughs through business model innovation. Taikang builds a comprehensive health ecological industry system and provides a partnership mechanism and entrepreneurial mechanism. On this platform, every agent has the opportunity to become an insurance partner and insurance entrepreneur. HWP is a new profession hatched by Taikang under the innovative business model of “insurance + medical care”.

Today, Taikang’s “insurance + medical care” business model has become fully mature. Taikang’s three business cards, Taikang Home, Happy Appointment, and HWP, are shining brighter. A new era of life insurance with a clearer strategic level has arrived. The new era of life insurance has three levels: first, the three-end collaboration of the payment end, service end, and investment end of the “Longevity Era Taikang Plan”. The service end has a multiplier effect on the payment end, and the payment end has a value effect on the service end; the second is ” The three closed loops and four-in-one of “payment + service” create a comprehensive health ecosystem throughout the entire life cycle. At present, the closed loop of longevity has become a system, the closed loop of health is being developed, and the closed loop of wealth is under construction; the third is to achieve maximum performance. Cheng Kangping, executive vice president of Taikang Insurance Group and president of Taikang Life, believes that in the new era of life insurance, Taikang Life’s mission is to be the largest high-performance company and become the leader in the new era of life insurance.

Those who achieve great things are always the first to feel the pulse of the times. Taikang’s innovative business model of four-in-one and three closed loops guides Taikang through cycles and opens up a new era of life insurance. Under the call of the times, Taikang and HWP are working together towards the same goal, aiming to promote a “senior care revolution”. “Insist on doing the right thing, and time will give you the best answer.” More and more people are choosing to join it, becoming staunch practitioners of the “Taikang Plan in the Longevity Era” and becoming healthy and wealth entrepreneurs in the new era of life insurance.

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