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“Sweet You”: Cute pets gather together to start a journey of warmth and healing

“Sweet You”: Cute pets gather together to start a journey of warmth and healing

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The holiday has just ended. An urban healing light comedy with cute pets can add a touch of sweetness to your boring work. It is “Sweet You” starring Huang Zitao and Wang Herun. The play is produced by Zhejiang Xile Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Xile Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., Bodi (Ningbo) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Qingdao Main Melody Cultural Investment Center, and Jiangsu Province Grand Canal Film and Television Industry Co-produced by the Fund, Zhang Huali, Gong Zhengwen, and Mi Da serve as chief producers, Cai Huaijun and Hai Ziqing serve as producers, Zhu Lin and Li Jieying serve as co-producers, and Zhou Jiawen, Sha Yuanyuan, and Kong Lida direct. “Sweet You” will be broadcast exclusively on Hunan Satellite TV’s Golden Eagle Private Theater and Mango TV at 20:00 every night starting from October 3. Currently, 11 episodes have been online for members.

“Sweet You” is set in Tianlin Animal Hospital. It depicts a group of imperfect people with different personalities but with love in their hearts. They support each other, grow together and convey warmth.

As an urban cute pet healing light comedy, the first 11 episodes of cute pets healing and the story of happy enemies between the male and female protagonists are funny and heartwarming. Shen Mi (played by Huang Zitao), the president of Green River Group, the mature and stable “Flower of the High Mountains”, and Tian Tian (played by Wang Herun), the “god of soft-hearted stray animals”, meet each other. “. First, Tian Tian mistook Shen Mi in the hospital bed for his father, and then Shen Mi mistook Tian Tian, ​​who kindly rescued his dog, for a dog thief. The turn-based fight between the two was full of joy, and Shen Mi In the process of getting along with Tian Tian, ​​he gradually became “sweet”. While continuing to talk harshly and starting a daily complaint mode, he worked hard to help Tianlin Animal Hospital get out of its business difficulties. And the relationship between this pair of happy enemies is gradually heating up in a series of daily encounters that often occur, making people full of expectations for their subsequent development. The more they watch, the more excited they become!

“Sweet You” is presented in the form of a unit drama, with the heart-warming story of people’s pets running through it. In every episode of the show, the cute pets immediately attract attention as soon as they appear on the show, and Shen Mi’s dog Carlo is the well-deserved “hands-on” in the world of cute pets. Its daily interactions with Shen Mi are full of laughter. Shen Mi, the cold-faced CEO in front of others, instantly turned into a coquettish boy in front of Carlo. Daily posts with Carlo, patiently playing with Carlo, the scenes of Shen Mi and Carlo in the same frame always make people unconsciously raise their mouths, suitable for repeated viewing, super delicious! In addition to the happy plot, the plot of the lonely old man and the stray dog ​​Huzi accompanying each other, and the story of the delivery man adopting a stray cat is full of warmth and healing, and the emotional story between the teddy dog ​​Q and his little owner has also triggered heated discussions among netizens. Food for thought. In the unit plot that depicts the emotions of people and pets, there is laughter, warmth, and healing. It is suitable for drama fans of different ages!

“Sweet You”, whether it is the joyful turn-based battle between the male and female protagonists, the warmth and touch conveyed by the cute pets in the show, or the lovely people in Tianlin Animal Hospital, you can gain something in the hot autumn day. Love and healing. After finishing the first 11 episodes, we are already looking forward to the exciting plots that will follow. What kind of sparks will the male and female protagonists collide with in the following plots? What warm and healing stories will happen between pet owners and their lovely pets? Let’s focus on Hunan Satellite TV’s Golden Eagle Private Theater and Mango TV. You must catch up on the treasures and great dramas!

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