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Sustainable development creates new achievements!China Pacific Insurance won multiple social responsibility awards

Sustainable development creates new achievements!China Pacific Insurance won multiple social responsibility awards

  In the recently announced “2023 China Business News China Corporate Social Responsibility List”, China Pacific InsuranceWon the “Responsibility Model Award” for the 14th consecutive time.At the same time, China Pacific Insurance also won the People’s Daily OnlinePeople’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award2023 ECI Awards (Edge Awards)“ESG Marketing Communications Innovation Award” andSina FinanceESG “Golden Responsibility Award”and other awards, selected“State-owned Enterprise Social Responsibility Pioneer 100 Index (2023)”. These awards are full recognition and praise from all walks of life for CPIC’s original intention of being “responsible”.

Looking back on China Pacific Insurance’s sustainable development path, behind the continuous improvement and evolution in all aspects, the underlying support is the original intention of being “responsible” to society, the environment, customers and other relevant stakeholders.

  “Responsibility” is reflected in the important responsibility of serving the national strategy.As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has customized a package of “Asian Games Insurance” risk solutions with a total insured amount of more than 400 billion yuan to protect the Asian Games events; at the 6th China International Import Expo, China Pacific Insurance upgraded its sixth We provide a comprehensive insurance plan for the CIIE, tailor-made a package of risk solutions for “industry, life and health” with a total insured amount exceeding 1.25 trillion yuan, and provide first aid and emergency services at the CIIE, and support the “Zero Carbon CIIE”. On the other hand, we will continue to contribute to CPIC.

  “Responsibility” is reflected in every aspect of protecting a better life.Under the big health strategy launched by China Pacific Insurance, a full-scenario health care service system covering pre-illness, disease, rehabilitation, and elderly care has now been established, focusing on full-course management and customer groups of one elderly and one young, through offline medical care The service matrix composed of service network and pharmaceutical service system, self-built digital medical platform, and CPIC Homes in 11 cities and 13 parks, provides a three-dimensional “insurance + health + pension” comprehensive solution to the national health goal in the context of accelerated aging. plan.

  “Responsibility” is reflected in the charity activities of caring for Hope Primary School.In May 2023, China Pacific Insurance went to the No. 2 Boarding Primary School in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province to carry out the “Responsibility Illuminating the Future Volleyball Dream Asian Games” volunteer teaching activity and established a small volleyball base. Chinese women’s volleyball player Ding Xia taught volleyball lessons to the children. The China Taibao Education Volunteer Group brings art, music, safety, artificial intelligence and other courses to children, and meets to realize their dreams of the Asian Games. On October 7, the “Dream Watching Group” composed of five children from the second boarding primary school, organized by China Pacific Insurance, traveled more than 2,300 kilometers to the Hangzhou Asian Games to watch the women’s volleyball finals and experience the Asian Games live. , comprehend the spirit of women’s volleyball team.This event enabled China Pacific Insurance to win the People’s Daily Online “Building Dreams for the Future” Award and the 2023 ECI Awards “ESG Marketing Communication Innovation Award”.

  “Responsibility” is reflected in the implementation of green public welfare actions.Since 2020, China Pacific Insurance and its employees have donated a total of more than 33 million yuan, and have completed three phases of Sanjiangyuan public welfare forest construction, afforestation of more than 2,000 acres and nearly 120,000 trees planted, which has become an important business card of China Pacific Insurance towards the big ecology of the new era. Recently, China Pacific Insurance has launched the construction of a sports park at the location of the Sanjiangyuan Public Welfare Forest to make the green home more beautiful.

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