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Suspend the fast pace, occasionally slow life, follow the four seasons during the summer vacation, and roam the double-sided city of Tianjin

Suspend the fast pace, occasionally slow life, follow the four seasons during the summer vacation, and roam the double-sided city of Tianjin

John Lennon once said: “When we are struggling for life, life has already left us.” In this fast-paced and stressful era, learning to enjoy a slow life properly is a kind of wisdom that is beneficial to the body and mind. A city with both a metropolis and a slow life, Tianjin is in the north. The 600-year history of the combination of Chinese and Western and the compatibility of ancient and modern makes the oriental heritage and Western elegance meet unexpectedly in Tianjin. This summer vacation, why not roam around Tianjin with the Four Seasons Hotel, travel through a century, and explore the two sides of the city.

Muxia parent-child trip Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel launched the “Muxia parent-child” travel package for guests who pursue quality family vacations: stay in modern and luxurious rooms/suites, and enjoy children’s tents, building block toy tables, and basketball hoops (babies aged 0~2) Crawling fence and educational toys), children’s sleep aid essential oil bath before going to bed, exquisite picture books, treasure hunting mini-games, welcome pastries and fruits, and gift cards for children’s fun. In the early morning of the next day, swim in the net red swimming pool with natural lighting, and there are cute “unicorn” and “flamingo” swimming toys to accompany the children to enjoy the fun in the water; on weekends, children can also experience the genuine IP of “Peter Rabbit” Space, take pictures with “Peter Rabbit”, DIY painted cartoon face, painting and coloring, picture book reading and movie screening, etc.

Jinyun Chinese Restaurant “Fragrant Cuisine Collection” has fragrant plants and trees, and the world has a taste, and the realm is born when you meet. Jinyun Chinese Restaurant, which has won the Black Pearl for the sixth time in a row, selects seasonal quality ingredients from all over the country by Chinese Executive Chef Li Dongyue Alvin, with Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisine as the main tone, and combines with incense making, tea art, wine serving, flower art Discuss with guzheng craftsmen, take the combination of food and fragrance as the main line, supplemented by flowers and music to create an atmosphere, and creatively present the “Fragrant Cuisine Collection”, in a wonderful environment that integrates the five senses, it will tell the national style and culture, 2023 Limited-time tasting from July 24 to August 31.

Smell the sweet and sweet “clear orange” aroma, taste the fresh and spicy Shunde Lao Yusheng that activates the taste buds; when enjoying the pan-fried sea eel with crab roe juice, smell the fresh and elegant plum fragrance to balance the strong taste, at least 3 in advance day booking.

The theme buffet of “Eurasian Taste” in Yihui Western Restaurant is led by the hotel’s executive chef Martin Ouyang Qingcheng. Authentic delicacies from various countries; there are also classic delicacies such as Parma ham and melon delivery, seasonal seafood, Chinese and Western hot dishes, and signature desserts, accompanied by free-flowing drinks selected from the store.

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