“Surging Tibet” launched UP masters gathered on the road to start a journey of courage and wish

“Surging Tibet” launched UP masters gathered on the road to start a journey of courage and wish

This is a journey of soul dwelling that absorbs the power of life during the journey; this is a journey of healing and chasing light, full of good wishes from UP owners and fans, bravely embarking, and leaving no regrets. Station B’s first travel knowledge reality show “Surging Tibet” will be broadcast on May 6. The program will gather 6 veterans from Station B, including Guan Zeyuan, Wang Hanzhe, Wang Xiao Albert, Natural Juan Wang Juanjuan, Han Xiaomu and Xin Xiaomeng UP masters, with their fan wishes, embark on a humanistic exploration journey to Tibet together, pursue the true meaning of ideal life together, absorb the power to restart life during the journey, have a good heart after happiness, return to reality, and rush forward unknown life.


  Surprise partner, triple happiness, travel with heart and experience Tibetan style

During the journey, traveling companions are the most indispensable “equipment” for an unforgettable trip. “Surging Tibet” frequently “reorganizes” during the team formation stage, stimulating the chemical reaction among teammates, and completely releasing the surging “group soul”.

The “brother group” of Guan Zeyuan and Wang Hanzhe is not only responsible for the atmosphere in the team, but also the “leading brother” of every difficult project. As a reliable big brother, Guan Zeyuan is the “Dinghai Shenzhen” in the team. Whenever there is a problem, everyone’s eyes must first turn to “Guan Ge”. The sunny and handsome Wang Hanzhe is almost omnipotent except for his fear of heights. He is full of “curious baby” attributes during the journey and can always discover different scenery for everyone. They are also the “great gods” in the game area of ​​station B, and they are also good buddies who talk about everything and appreciate each other.

It is no longer sitting in a suit and leather shoes. This time, Wang Xiao, who “accompany you to see the world”, and his wife Juanjuan’s “husband and wife file” embarked on a magical trip to the plateau, providing netizens with sufficient spiritual food and sweet dog food. “Spiritual Xiao Guy” is the encyclopedia of the team, and Juan Juan, who loves life, coexists rationality and sensibility, and she shed tears several times during the show. On the way, Wang Xiao temporarily fell behind because of altitude sickness and fever, and Juanjuan stayed by his side all the time. They can not only support each other spiritually and in life, but also give each other gentle companionship. They are the ideal partners envied by many netizens.

The “sister group” of Xin Xiaomeng and Han Xiaomu is undoubtedly the most eye-catching combination in the whole team, and the “wronged sisters” who love and kill each other also contributed the most jokes to the show. As the two “facades” of the dance area at station B, Han Xiaomu, who is cute on the surface, is a master of tricks, a king of tricks, and an artist; “The Surging School” bards, their partners also brought many little surprises to the whole journey.

A group of people set off from Nyingchi, walked south of the mountain, crossed Yanghu Lake, and arrived in Lhasa. With such a “Zhuguang Wish Group” that does not need to be charged and can make people “one-key three-connection” at any time, there will naturally be no shortage of surprises during the journey. Stationed on a snow-covered plateau, look up at the Milky Way, and go on a “starry sky date”; decipher the mysterious satellite flickering, and “encounter” the world’s first and only actively flickering satellite on a plateau above 3,000 meters above sea level: Insect No. 1; challenge the highest altitude paraglider in the world in Yamdrok Yongcuo; walk in Barkhor Street and Potala Palace, feel the rich Tibetan style… an immersive and surging journey is about to start.

  Record all kinds of “people” and “things” during the journey, and deeply experience the “different” Tibetan culture

Tibet is regarded by many people as “a place that must be visited in a lifetime”. Its significance is not only to experience the unique and infinite scenery, but also to walk in the pure world, obtain healing, grow, and gain courage.

The writer Sanmao said that the real happiness of traveling lies not in the destination, but in the process, meeting different people, encountering novel and unknown things, and overcoming all kinds of difficulties. “Surging Tibet” also confirms this language. Under the long night star river in Tibet, everyone sat around excitedly discussing the topics of “Morse code” and “cosmic flickering”; UP masters faced the sacred mountain and holy lake, and shouted out the fans’ various wishes; Wang Xiao held a Tibetan ceremony At the wedding, re-examine the meaning of “love” in the love letters to each other; on the road, you will meet fans constantly, and everyone will meet at the bilibili station to perform “Century Rush”.

At the end of the journey, the “Surging Party” at the bilibili station pushed the atmosphere to a climax: “Gorilla I love you”, “Welcome to Guanshen”, “Brother Xiao, cheer up”, “Cheers to Xiaomeng and Xiaomu”… The wonderful fate made Fans from all walks of life gathered together to share their insights on their travels and share their wishes in life…

The “Light Chasing Wish Group” of “On the Road” focuses on surprises and peace of mind. In the face of the mysterious and pure Tibetan culture, the in-depth experience of the group members on a whim is also one of the highlights of the program: when they saw a Tibetan opera performance in Shannan, everyone enthusiastically participated in it; Turned into a busy Tibetan weaver man; in the process of preparing a Tibetan wedding for Wang Xiaojuan, everyone also immersed themselves in the charm of Tibetan wedding customs; on Barkhor Street, the sister group put on traditional Tibetan costumes and happily clocked in for photos; People start the “buy, buy, buy” mode, and fully appreciate the Tibetan style… In addition to the scenery and laughter, there are also rich and diverse cultural experiences during the journey-this may be the difference between “Surging Tibet”. Just like the surging official Tmall who silently accompanied the UP owners all the time during the journey, it has always been committed to helping different groups realize the ideal life of “everything is beautiful” and establishing a long-term and in-depth connection between the brand and consumers. When you are inspired, pick up your mobile phone and place an order at any time, so that the “ideal life” can be concretized and personalized, and warm companionship can be found everywhere.

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