Super burning arena!China Life Guards the CBA All-Star Weekend

Super burning arena!China Life Guards the CBA All-Star Weekend

From March 25th to 26th, the 2023 CBA All-Star Weekend was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian. Star players Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Abdul Saramu, Zhao Rui, Zhou Peng and others all appeared on the stage, presenting a hearty basketball carnival for the fans with their strength.In the end, the North Star team passed overtime to win the117:113The star player Abdul Saramu played 30 minutes and made 9 of 12 shots (2 of 4 three-pointers). He scored 20 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. He won the All-Star MVP of this year.

Su Hengxuan, vice president of China Life Insurance Group, attended the All-Star Competition and presented awards to the champion of the slam dunk contest. Zhao Guodong, assistant president of the life insurance company under the group, served as the judge for the final of the slam dunk contest.

During the CBA All-Star Weekend, China Life, the official main sponsor of the CBA League, participated in the whole process, and organized a series of integrated marketing activities organized by China Guangfa Bank, a member unit of the group and an official partner of the CBA League.In the arenaChina Shou Niu and basketball babies formed a “cheering group” to cheer for the players;off the field,hold”China Life Dream,Empowering a new future“The series of product and service conferences conveyed to customers, fans and the general public that China Life has always escorted dreamers with professionalism and integrity in addition to the exciting sports events. The idea that the watcher is also the watcher.

  all star

  Realize the basketball dream

It is worth mentioning that as the prelude to the All-Star Weekend, Yang Hao, the champion of China Life’s “All-Star” Slam Dunk Contest, also participated in this CBA All-Star Weekend. As the winner of the CUBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest in 2021 and 2023, Yang Hao performed well in this China Life “One Leap All-Star” Slam Dunk Contest.Three deductions, three advances and three full marks“The results of the game are enshrined, and he has become a new generation of “grassroots dunkers” who passed the China Life Trials and went straight to the CBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest.

  all star dunk contest

  The high-energy explosion exploded the audience

In the CBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, China Life wild card player Yang Hao still performed well. From the first dunk, the trapeze turned around in the air, to the second dunk, the nine-day moon, both ornamental and difficult, once again surpassed himself on the field, stunning the audience with absolute strength! Zhang Zhenlin, the champion of the 2021 slam dunk contest, also completed the difficult action of leaping over his teammates to dunk the dunk with both hands, which aroused cheers from the scene.

Final first deduction

Final second deduction

In the end, Yang Hao defeated the professional players with a perfect score of 100 points with two deductions, and won the championship with an absolute advantage. It once again proved that “grassroots” also have a counterattack day. As long as you have love in your heart, life is everywhere. An ordinary person has the power to surpass himself!

  Straight to the All-Star Weekend Main Event

  All-around wonderful performance

In addition to recommending wild card players to “conquer” the slam dunk contest, China Life and China Guangfa Bank prepared a number of performances for the fans on the scene, which also added a lot of highlights to the CBA All-Star Weekend. In the stage of the slam dunk contest, China Life Niu and Xiaofa Yang took the lead in performing a creative slam dunk performance. Then Wang Zhen, the champion of the National Games, made a surprise appearance as a foreign aid. The audience can see that China Life’s logo is printed on the mat supporting Wang Zhen after the dunk, implying that China Life, which is worth entrusting, will always have a strong backing despite trying and exploring.

In the inter-festival part of the star competition, China Life Niu led the “China Life Cheerleading Team” to bring wonderful halftime performances to the audience, such as flower ball cheerleading, China Life Niu super-burning appearance to help out, and the free dance session… lively Interesting high-energy interactions ignited the audience and pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

  Guochao rap single released

  Blood Guardian Dream Chaser

The protection is not limited to the arena. China Life’s protection extends from the CBA arena to all aspects of social and economic development and people’s lives.This time, China Life is more of a fusion of national trend and competitive cross-border, and specially invited Ma Jun, a famous rap artist, to co-createExclusive China Life and CBA national tide rap single, to establish an emotional connection with the dream chasers of the new era with the rap form that young people like. During the All-Star Weekend main game, Ma Jun sang live in conjunction with the video, dancers in national trendy costumes and China Shou Niu all appeared on the stage. In addition to the people, it also means that China Life will continue to escort every pioneer and struggler on the road of life with the power of insurance, investment and banking comprehensive finance.

China Life Insurance

  Off-site carnival

  Guard the fans every day

Echoing the enthusiasm inside the CBA All-Star Weekend, China Life’s off-site activities were equally lively. At the audience entrance on the south side of the competition venue, China Life specially planned a ring corridor event, setting up a brand display area, a themed photo area, a multimedia display area, and a “China Life Energy Station“, for the fans and friends on the scene to create a “Carnival“: Here, you can learn about China Life, check in and take pictures, participate in interactions to win small gifts, and participate in this sports event more immersively.

In 2017, China Life made a key move and became the first official main sponsor in the history of the CBA. This year is the sixth year that the two parties have joined hands.six yearsChina Life continued to deepen the field of basketball, and took the sponsorship of the league as an opportunity to plan and carry out a series of themed public welfare activities, from deeply cultivating the fertile soil of the league, helping the growth of professional players, to supporting the development of youth basketball and the dissemination of basketball culture, to ensuring that the national team competes in the World Cup ,AchievedSupport the development of China’s basketball career from the base of the tower to the top of the tower. Today, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has sounded the clarion call of the times for a new journey. In the process of realizing Chinese-style modernization, China Life will continue to spread and promote basketball culture, and is committed to becoming the most important and firm support for the CBA and even the Chinese basketball cause We will comprehensively promote the construction of a healthy China and a sports power, and continue to meet the new expectations of the people and customers for a better life.

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