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Sunshine travel. Guangming Daily joins forces[Mythology Jiangsu and Zhejiang.Flowers bloom in Wuyuan]Enter the fairyland in spring next March | Business News

Sunshine travel. Guangming Daily joins forces[Mythology Jiangsu and Zhejiang.Flowers bloom in Wuyuan]Enter the fairyland in spring next March | Business News

(News from this newspaper) Sunshine Tourism and Guangming Daily have joined forces again this year to launch a carefully planned reader group in 2024[MythologyJiangsuandZhejiang”FlowersBloominginWuyuan”isboundtoleadreadersandtouristsinthespringofnextMarchtoenterthefairylandofJiangxiandZhejiangwherethereisheavenaboveandSuzhouandHangzhoubelow

[Myth of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Flowers Blooming in Wuyuan]was recently launched at a grand promotion ceremony by Hong Zichao (Allen), Managing Director of Sunshine Tourism Co., Ltd., and Major Xie Jinhua, General Manager of this newspaper.

In March at the Huangling Scenic Area, Guangming readers will be able to see the most beautiful rapeseed.

Attendees included Patsee Chen, co-founder of Sunshine Travel, Guo Jingxuan, tourism manager, Qiu Liying, sales manager of China Southern Airlines, Xu Jingshi, Chen Shunjie of our newspaper, senior manager Ke Zhongchen, advertising director-to-be Datuk Captain Chen Diquan, etc.

Early bird registrants can enter China visa-free, with a discount of Rm800 per pair, and the group fee is only Rm6588 (the original price of the group is Rm6988).

The houses built vertically in Wangxian Valley hang on the cliff like bird’s nests, just like a fairyland on earth.

Departure date: March 7, 2024 (reported by the press team), March 8, March 9, March 10, March 11, five groups will depart for five consecutive days, allowing you to enjoy the flower season in Jiangsu and Zhejiang , allowing you to feel the romantic reaction of flowers and brocades.

Major Xie Jinhua, general manager of this newspaper, said that after many years of launch, the Guangming Readers Tour Group has become a brand tour group. With the sincere service and careful planning of the cooperative travel companies, each special tour group has received Popular among readers and travelers.

Wunuzhou Resort.

He said that the reader group carefully planned by Sunshine Tourism[Mythology Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Flowers Blooming in Wuyuan]is not to be missed, “missing it is also a mistake.”

He said that the “Wonderful Shanxi” jointly organized by this newspaper and Yang Travel in September this year also achieved unprecedented success. Nearly 200 readers and tourists from all tour groups have returned happily, leaving behind full travel memories.

Let us all go and see the true face of this Lushan Mountain.

Allen Hong, Managing Director of Sunshine Travel Co., Ltd., said that the cooperation with Guangming Daily has been continuous. Under the nature of excellence in service, the team has put great effort into carefully designing the most perfect Guangming Readers Group. This time[mythJiangzhe”FlowersBloominginWuyuan”isalsoanexquisitetourplannedaftermanyfieldvisits

Group registration hotline: 604-383 1338 / 017-678 1338

SUNSHINE VACATIONS: Founders: Travel elites Alan & Patsee

Add: 68, Jalan Kurau, Taman Chai Leng,13700 Prai, Penang

Jianglang Mountain, Quzhou, Zhejiang.

Longyou Grottoes.


(Wangxian Valley)

Wonderland on earth, think about it~ It’s so incredible. Have you ever seen an empty town in the county? Here are houses hanging on the cliff like bird’s nests, built almost vertically.


The most beautiful ancient village in China, Huangling Ancient Village in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, is a fairy place left in the world and has been selected as China’s “most beautiful symbol”.

In March, you can see the most beautiful rapeseed flowers in the Huangling Scenic Area. This is one of the ten most beautiful terraces in the world. Sunshine Tourism also specially arranges for everyone to walk on the high-altitude glass plank road in the scenic area, so that you can overlook the entire scenery from different angles. The rapeseed terraces are full of flowers and are very shocking.

Wuyuan large-scale real-life show.

(Gexian Village)

You must visit Gexian Village once in your life, a fairyland hidden in the depths of Jiangxi. Here you can experience how a fairy lives for a day. In Gexian Village, we will take you on a high-altitude cable car to reach the heaven. Sendai, enjoy the beautiful scenery like a land of gods. At night, thousands of lights are on, and Gexian Village will transform into a dreamy city that never sleeps. Here you can see an immersive water screen movie dream light show.


Flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way has fallen into the sky. More than 1,500 poets have written more than 4,000 poems in Lushan Mountain. This time, let us all go to see the true face of Lushan Mountain.

(Jianglang Mountain)

Jianglang Mountain in Quzhou, Zhejiang is known as the first peak of Danxia in China and is famous for its majestic and unique three-pan stone.

The “Longyou Grottoes”, one of the eight wonders of the world, is still an unsolved mystery in the world, just like the pyramids of Egypt.

You must visit Gexian Village once in your life.

Exclusive arrangement: The beautiful Han and Tang Garden Art Internet celebrity check-in hotel, antique and super romantic.

Special arrangements are made to stay at an elegant boutique hotel in the Gexian Village Scenic Area. As soon as you wake up, you will wake up in a picturesque place in the morning.

In terms of meals, Jiangxi’s famous dishes and international buffets are specially arranged. In this special spring season of March, everyone has the opportunity to taste the unique authentic spring food.

Jiangzhe Hotel.

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