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Sunshine Life’s “Sunshine? Zhenzhuan” family office won the “Annual Insurance Family Office Brand”

Sunshine Life’s “Sunshine? Zhenzhuan” family office won the “Annual Insurance Family Office Brand”

Recently, the “2023 Today’s Insurance·China Insurance White Elephant List” sponsored by the insurance industry information platform “Today’s Insurance” was released. The “Sunshine·Zhenchuan” family office under Sunshine Life Insurance won the “Insurance Family Office Brand of the Year” for its professional and excellent customer service capabilities.

It is reported that the “Insurance Today·China Insurance White Elephant List” is an authoritative list with both professionalism and influence in the insurance industry. It aims to commend insurance companies and insurance companies that have made outstanding contributions in creating a good ecology, promoting industry development, and exploring industry innovation. related business. The selection of the list adheres to the principles of professionalism, fairness and transparency, and has established an authoritative expert review team. It focuses on the development trends of the industry and the requirements of the times, focuses on the important innovations and outstanding contributions of entities in various fields, and promotes the high quality of the insurance industry. The development of the company creates a positive and good public opinion environment and is committed to spreading the positive energy of the industry.

Sunshine Life’s “Sunshine Zhenzhuan” family office is committed to being the family steward of high-net-worth individuals, providing high-net-worth customers with a full set of solutions covering wealth management and quality life services, and meeting the core needs of all family members. Since its establishment in 2021, the “Sunshine·Zhenchuan” family office has worked together from both clients and teams, insisting on building a family office system with Sunshine characteristics, and providing customers with solutions covering human capital, intellectual capital, financial capital, and organizational capital. Four major capital service solutions. At the same time, we have established an industry-leading home office team growth system to continuously empower home office partners and enhance the professional service capabilities of team members.

Standing at the forefront of the high-quality development and transformation of the insurance industry, Sunshine Life will focus on the main insurance business, continue to deepen the construction of family office platforms, open up a broader development space with value creation, meet the diverse needs of customers with quality services, and promote the advancement of the industry with strong strength. Journey to the longer term.

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