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Sunshine Life’s “firefighter” allows consumers to take home “bags” of knowledge

Sunshine Life’s “firefighter” allows consumers to take home “bags” of knowledge

During the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”, Sunshine Life focused on the theme of “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life” and innovated the form of activities. By printing educational publicity leaflets, making risk warning canvas bags, and enriching publicity tools, As “Sunshine Fire Fighters”, all employees go to the front line and practice their own actions, fully mobilizing consumers’ initiative and enthusiasm to participate in activities, and popularizing financial knowledge through entertaining and entertaining methods.

Go into the community and pass on financial knowledge

Sunshine Life Insurance Inner Mongolia Branch went to Xuefu Garden Community to carry out financial education activities. A promotional booth was set up at the event site to distribute promotional leaflets and sunshine canvas bags to residents. It also promoted financial knowledge such as anti-fraud and preventing illegal fund-raising to visiting residents. The event attracted many community residents and achieved good publicity results.

Help young people grow healthily

Sunshine Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch and Weifang Central Branch went to campus to explain to students how to establish rational consumption concepts and how to establish rational consumption concepts in the form of case explanations and leaflets, focusing on the current financial risks faced by the student group, such as illegal “campus loans” and “routine loans”. Resist bad temptations, improve awareness of financial risk prevention, and let young people grow up healthily.

Escorting “new citizens” on their path to pursuing their dreams

Sunshine Life Sichuan Branch visited the SEG Plaza flash delivery riders group and used an easy-to-understand method to educate the flash delivery riders on the eight rights and interests of financial consumers, prevention of telecommunications fraud and other hot social issues. At the same time, financial education leaflets and sunshine canvas bags were distributed to riders so that they could carry the sunshine canvas bags with them when dispatching orders, thereby expanding publicity coverage. The publicity and promotion activities received enthusiastic response from riders.

Be a considerate person to corporate employees

Sunshine Life Inner Mongolia Branch went to Yili Health Valley to carry out publicity activities. The activity promoted eight financial consumer policies to corporate employees by setting up theme booths, distributing promotional leaflets and sunshine canvas bags, and looping the “Gathering of Financial Power” propaganda video. rights, prevention of illegal fund-raising, anti-money laundering and other consumer protection knowledge to guide consumers to establish a correct concept of financial security.

In the future, Sunshine Life will continue to fulfill its social responsibility of promoting financial knowledge, continuously improve its publicity capabilities and service levels, and contribute to building a harmonious financial market environment.

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