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Sunshine Life won the title of “Enterprise with Outstanding Service Quality” in the 2023 China Insurance Summit List

Sunshine Life won the title of “Enterprise with Outstanding Service Quality” in the 2023 China Insurance Summit List

Recently, the “2023 China Insurance Summit 50 Forum and the 2023 China Insurance Summit 108 General Ceremony” jointly created by the professional insurance media A Smart Insurance and the New Era Insurance Research Institute was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the results of the “China Insurance Peak List” were officially announced, and Sunshine Life won the award for “Enterprise with Outstanding Service Quality”.

It is reported that the “China Insurance Peak List” aims to summarize and commend the insurance industry’s institutions that have made outstanding contributions to promoting the healthy development of the industry, exploring model innovation, building a high-quality ecosystem and other fields in the past year, cultivating the root and soul of insurance, and lighting up the industry. The spirit of the industry. Sunshine Life was awarded the title of “Enterprise with Outstanding Service Quality”, marking the industry and market’s recognition of its service capabilities.

Over the years, Sunshine Life has been deeply engaged in optimizing service quality, using innovative technology to help iterative upgrades of services, and providing customers with high-quality insurance service experience.

Promote online basic “innovation level”

In 2023, Sunshine Life will use technology to empower operational services and realize full-cycle policy services online. One of the highlights is that the dual-recording system not only fully protects the rights and interests of customers, but also simplifies the work process through technologies such as voice broadcast, semantic recognition, and frame detection, providing customers with a better insurance experience, and greatly shortening the time it takes for customers to purchase insurance.

At the same time, as a powerful complement to offline outlets and online platforms, Sunshine Life continues to explore and expand video service application scenarios, using manual video services to achieve “remote face-to-face” with customers, effectively solving the difficulties of some customers in online business processing. . Currently, the application scenarios of artificial video technology cover service links such as preservation, return visits, complaints, and investigations, and technologies such as face recognition and video voice processing are embedded in the process, which greatly improves customer service timeliness and satisfaction.

Activate the “expansion level” of intelligent services

Sunshine Life is led by innovation, actively explores the intelligent transformation of service models, and applies the latest scientific and technological achievements to pursue the ultimate customer experience.

In many key service links such as customer consultation, underwriting, and claims settlement, Sunshine Life applies advanced intelligent technology and combines self-developed functions such as “100 Questions and 100 Answers”, “Self-service Underwriting Questionnaire” and “Smart Underwriting Manual” to comprehensively improve services. Efficiency and quality.

At the same time, Sunshine Life Insurance is the first in the industry to create real-time service scenarios for customers to operate online. Service robots analyze customers’ online business operations in real time, intelligently push other service information that customers may need, proactively solve customer problems, and transform online services from passive to proactive.

Opening up the “breakthrough barrier” for digital empowerment

In order to understand customer experience more vividly and optimize customer experience in a more targeted manner, Sunshine Life has built a customer experience digital monitoring system for the entire insurance business process and all touch points, relying on the “Lingxi Experience Plan”. Based on this system, Sunshine Life can conduct data analysis through customers’ online operating behaviors, timely discover pain points between business processes, systems, and departments, and promote the optimization of multiple service processes. At the same time, digital technology allows customers to solve multiple problems in one contact, making customers less troublesome, less errands, and more comfortable, realizing the “transformation” of data-driven insurance service optimization and passive management into active intervention.

In the future, Sunshine Life will always adhere to customer-centeredness, continuously improve service capabilities, innovate service methods, and fully meet the increasingly diversified insurance needs of the people with high-quality and professional operating services.

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