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Sunshine Life won the “Shanghai Securities Financial Management” “Annual Insurance Service Award”

Sunshine Life won the “Shanghai Securities Financial Management” “Annual Insurance Service Award”

  Recently, sponsored by Shanghai Securities NewsThe 2023 SSE Wealth Management Forum and the “SSE Financial Management” Award Ceremony were held in Shanghai. Sunshine Life was awarded the “Annual Insurance Service Award” by the organizer for its excellent innovative service content and model.

  Since its development, Sunshine Life has always adhered toWith the concept of “customer-centered”, we adhere to integrity, improve quality and efficiency, and focus on experience, and strive to meet the increasingly diversified insurance service needs of the broad masses of the people. After years of unremitting efforts, customer service has evolved from “extensive” to “refined”, from “only offline services” to “mainly online services.Offline and online integrationand then toThe gradual upgrading and transformation of “intelligence and digitalization”.

  In terms of online basic services, Sunshine Life has created an advanced and efficient online service platform for customers.Continuously explore and expand operational business scenariosThe online application realizes the online service of the entire policy life cycle and supports customers“7X24” online processing, you can self-service insurance, preservation, claims and other policy services with a mobile phone.

  In terms of intelligent transformation, we will take innovation as the guide, actively explore the transformation of service models, and actively apply advanced intelligent technologies in multiple key service links such as customer consultation, underwriting, and claims settlement. At the same time, we will further improve customer service efficiency by combining it with independent research and development. and quality, pursuing efficient customer experience.

  In terms of digital empowerment, the company has comprehensively laid out the customer experience strategy, driven by big data and supported by technology, and built a customer experience digital monitoring system for the entire insurance business process and all touch points. Through big data, it can timely detect processes and systems. , fault points and pain points between departments, and promote the optimization of multiple service processes.pass simultaneously“Digital” technology allows customers to solve multiple problems in one contact, making customers less troublesome, less errands and more comfortable. It has realized the effective innovation of insurance services from passive “waiting for door-to-door” to proactive services.

  It is reported that the selection results are based on data indicators and expert review scores, supplemented by online voting results. The selection process is authoritative and fair.Obtained this timeThe “Annual Insurance Service Award” is the public’s full recognition of Sunshine Life’s many practices and achievements in the field of customer service.

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