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Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launched the “Five Entry” activities during the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”

Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch launched the “Five Entry” activities during the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”

In order to effectively improve the financial literacy of the public, effectively prevent and resolve financial risks, and create a harmonious and healthy financial environment, Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch carried out “entering rural areas, entering communities, We carry out activities on campus and in business districts to promote on-site financial security knowledge to consumers on preventing telecommunications and network fraud, anti-money laundering, preventing financial fraud, and staying away from illegal fund-raising. Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch responded positively and quickly established an activity group to carry out the “Five Entry” activities on September 26.

Led by Yang Xiaoliang, a member of the General Manager Office of Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, the group walked into Dagu Village, Dazhongzhuang Town, Baodi District, and explained to the villagers the basic rights enjoyed by financial consumers in accordance with the law and the prevention of pension fraud, focusing on Typical cases of pension fraud, telecommunications network fraud, investment fraud, etc. were introduced to the elderly to increase awareness of fraud prevention, effectively help the elderly identify pension fraud, and improve prevention awareness and capabilities.

In addition, the co-organizers of Sunshine Life Tianjin Branch are Agricultural Bank of China Tianjin Branch, co-organizers Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch, Bank of Shanghai Tianjin Branch, Weihai Bank Tianjin Branch, Beichen Rural Bank, China Life Tianjin Branch, CCB Life Tianjin Branch, PICC The Tianjin Property and Casualty Insurance Company visited the Tianjin Industrial Vocational College to carry out the “Financial Knowledge Enters the Campus and Works Together to Escort and Promote Growth” activity. While distributing promotional leaflets on site, it explained to the students the protection of personal information, how to prevent telecommunications network fraud, and how to Prevent illegal fund-raising, money laundering and other related financial knowledge.

Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch entered the commercial district and carried out financial knowledge promotion activities in Xiaobailou Langxiang Street Commercial District to strengthen the public’s awareness of financial risk prevention. By distributing promotional leaflets and setting up exhibition booths, on-site education was provided to people entering the mall. Publicize financial knowledge on popular issues such as loan accounts, telecommunications fraud, and high-value financial management. Use cases around you to explain the dangers, and guide the public to protect personal information and beware of online fraud. Don’t be tempted by high interest rates and do not transfer money if you don’t listen or believe.

On September 26, each marketing service department of Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch carried out one-to-one financial knowledge promotion at merchants on the same day, disseminating financial knowledge to shop owners and clerks to prevent telecommunications fraud, be wary of high-interest fund-raising and other financial knowledge. At the same time, display racks are placed in residential areas and leaflets are distributed, and easy-to-understand language is used to help nearby residents popularize financial knowledge and enhance financial security awareness, focusing on the elderly’s prevention of telecommunications fraud, illegal fund-raising, family marketing, etc., and urges Elderly people walking in the community should always be vigilant in their daily lives, not be gullible, blind, or transfer money, improve their ability to prevent fraud, and firmly guard their “money bags.”

Sunshine Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will continue to popularize, promote and strengthen public education and publicity activities, continuously improve the public’s financial knowledge and literacy, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and contribute to building a harmonious and safe financial environment.

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