Sunshine Life Insurance completed the first medical gift insurance compensation payment to Ganhe Village, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province


Recently, Sunshine Life completed the first medical gift insurance claim payment to Ganhe Village, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The professional and heart-warming service has been unanimously recognized by the villagers and the local village committee.

It is understood that on January 25, Uncle Gao, who lives in Ganhe Village, was hospitalized in Yanshan County People’s Hospital for treatment of malignant liver tumors. After the staged treatment was completed and he was discharged from the hospital, his family reported Uncle Gao’s illness and treatment to the local village committee, remembering that Sunshine Life had provided them with medical insurance. On February 2, local village cadres called Sunshine Life Insurance to report the incident. After receiving the report, Sunshine Life immediately arranged claims adjusters to assist the village cadres in collecting claims information, and in accordance with the contract, compensated the insured person for all hospitalization medical expenses excluding medical insurance. Later, the staff of Sunshine Life also visited Uncle Gao’s home together with the village cadres, sending warmth and care to the sick elderly man and his family members, and encouraging the patient and his family members to continue treatment. “My father didn’t spend a penny for this hospitalization. Thank you Sunshine Life and the government. You came to see us. Thank you so much!” Uncle Gao’s son thanked him repeatedly.

Sunshine Life attaches great importance to this compensation work and has formed a professional working group to provide professional and considerate services to Mr. Gao. Sunshine Life’s active claim settlement not only alleviated the medical pressure on needy families to a certain extent, but also made local villagers and village cadres truly feel the warmth and care. Next, Sunshine Life will also pay close attention to the patient’s subsequent treatment and make subsequent compensation payments in a timely manner.

It is reported that at the beginning of this year, Sunshine Life donated hospitalization supplementary medical insurance with a total insured amount of 41.6 million yuan to Ganhe Village, benefiting 416 people in 107 households in the village. This complimentary insurance is valid for one year. When hospitalization expenses are incurred, after the insured has obtained medical expense compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents, Sunshine Life will cover the insured amount (maximum compensation amount of 100,000 yuan per person). The remainder after medical insurance reimbursement will be 100% reimbursed.

This caring medical insurance, which carries Sunshine Life’s “love and responsibility”, will help effectively resolve the risk of “poverty due to illness or return to poverty due to illness” for villagers in this village, help villagers reduce the burden of medical treatment, and build a social security and health defense line. A guarantee can effectively enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the villagers in Ganhe Village, making the road to rural revitalization more warm and practical.


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