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Sunshine Insurance officially launches the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Sunshine Insurance officially launches the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

The 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event jointly organized by the State Administration of Financial Supervision, the People’s Bank of China, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Cyberspace Administration of China officially kicked off.

Sunshine Insurance actively responded to the event’s call, with the theme of “Gathering financial power to create a better life”, combining online and offline, and carried out a series of financial and insurance knowledge popularization activities throughout the system to popularize basic financial knowledge and financial tips to the majority of financial consumers. Risks, advocate the concepts of rational consumption and value investment, demonstrate Sunshine’s new responsibility and new atmosphere in protecting consumer rights, and allow the people to better share the results of financial reform and development.

During the event, Sunshine Insurance will focus on the people’s urgent need for financial knowledge, popularize basic financial knowledge to the majority of financial consumers, warn financial risks, and advocate the concepts of rational consumption and value investment.

  Online + offline rich publicity carriers

Let financial knowledge enter thousands of households

During the event, Sunshine Insurance used the company’s online platform as its main platform, publishing “consumer education and risk warnings” and “case-based insurance” through online service platforms such as the company’s official website, WeChat Weibo, video accounts, and various APPs. Original works to popularize basic financial knowledge and guide financial consumers to choose appropriate insurance products and services. At the same time, each branch takes advantage of its business outlets to actively carry out publicity by using various means such as LED screens, display boards, folding pages, and setting up consumer protection knowledge areas to enhance the insurance service experience of the whole society.

  Listen to consumers

“Five Entries” to do practical things for the people

During the event, all units in the system adopted the method of “go out, invite in” and used the unified activity logo through the “five entry” education and publicity of entering the countryside, entering the community, entering the campus, entering the enterprise, and entering the business district. , carry out financial knowledge promotion by setting up information desks, hanging banners, posting promotional posters and distributing promotional leaflets, fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations of active education and promotion, and improving consumers’ financial literacy. At the same time, we will strengthen the radiation and coverage of financial education for special groups in key areas, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of regions and ethnic groups, comprehensively consider the education level, age, occupation and other factors of the population, and flexibly adopt a combination of online and offline methods. Carry out targeted, differentiated, and creative special activities to form a joint force in education and publicity.

  Focus on services for “new, old and young”

Make financial knowledge more warm

During the event, Sunshine Insurance will focus on providing warm financial services to groups such as “elderly people”, “teenagers” and “new citizens”. For the elderly, we will improve the level of age-appropriate services, implement the “Six Care Measures for the Elderly”, focus on publicity and reminders of illegal financial activities such as “guaranteed capital and high returns”, and improve the elderly’s awareness and ability to prevent fraud. Targeting young people, taking the opportunity of entering university campuses to focus on the phenomenon of contemporary college students’ excessive consumption, overdraft consumption and the use of campus loans, carry out financial knowledge popularization and consumer rights protection knowledge, and encourage everyone to stay away from campus loans and resolve them through legal and compliant channels. consumption gap to help college students improve their awareness of self-rights protection. For new citizen groups, we will popularize the basic knowledge of finance and insurance to new citizens, provide insurance consultation, children’s education consultation and consultation on rights protection methods to help improve the financial literacy of new citizens.

  Organize and carry out special activities

Spread the positive energy of finance widely

During the event, Sunshine Insurance carried out the “Sunshine Fire Fighter” educational and publicity campaign, using canvas bags as an educational and publicity tool and relying on the power of salesmen to conduct extensive publicity to key groups, expand consumer coverage and radiation radius, and allow consumers to “transmit knowledge” Bag” to go home. We will continue to carry out the “Sunshine Day” special activities, focusing on hot issues of concern to special groups such as the elderly and the disabled, and actively guide special groups to correctly understand and prevent consumption risks, and enhance their sense of happiness and security. Leveraging its own advantages in education and publicity, the company launched a “Financial Knowledge Expert” prize-winning Q&A event on the company’s official WeChat account and My Home Sunshine APP. Through participation in the event, consumers can fully understand their legal rights and obligations. At the same time, it actively participated in the “Financial Knowledge Popularization Month Video Contest” launched by the “Consumer Comments” public welfare platform. Through competition selection, online broadcasts and other forms, it popularized financial knowledge to the public and demonstrated Sunshine Insurance’s work in protecting consumer rights and interests. Deliver positive financial energy.

At the same time, Sunshine Insurance institutions at all levels will cover online and offline channels, continue to carry out various publicity, and introduce a series of practical measures for the people to convey the positive energy of finance for the people.

In the future, Sunshine Insurance will continue to be close to the people, listen to their needs, take a series of measures to benefit people’s livelihood, assume the responsibility of sunshine, show the new atmosphere of financial institutions, and let people have more sunshine.

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