Sunshine Insurance launched the “3.15” Consumer Rights Protection Education Publicity Week

Sunshine Insurance launched the “3.15” Consumer Rights Protection Education Publicity Week

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and further promote the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, Sunshine Insurance has fully launched the 2023 “March 15” Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week. Through the financial knowledge publicity and education work, it helps to build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment and boost financial consumption confidence.

  Focus on key areas and special groups Improve financial service satisfaction

Sunshine Insurance vigorously promotes the education and publicity of the digital transformation of financial services, focusing on key groups such as “one old, one young and one new”, taking various institutions across the country as a front to organize education on financial service measures, and using digital technology to enhance the breadth and quality of financial education and publicity. depth.

Relying on the Sunshine and Warm Sun Day activities, taking this “3.15” as an opportunity, we will focus on strengthening the radiation and coverage of financial education in key areas such as rural areas, remote areas, and ethnic minority areas, and pay attention to the elderly, disabled people, teenagers, and college students. It provides more convenient and diversified financial knowledge and service options, and guides everyone to correctly understand and prevent financial consumption risks.

Popularize financial and insurance knowledge to the elderly and raise their awareness of anti-fraud

Carry out consumer protection publicity for young people

Explain insurance knowledge to college students

Carry out consumer protection promotional activities

  Diversified missionary forms reach more people

During the event, Sunshine Life launched the “3.15” theme activity column through the company’s official website, official micro, “My Sunshine” APP and other platforms, and actively carried out financial knowledge publicity and education activities centered on consumers. Through prize-winning quizzes, case-based insurance, risk reminders, etc., do a good job in consumer protection and financial service policy education and publicity, and help consumers understand financial common sense. At the same time, call on institutions at all levels to “go out”, combine the characteristics of different regions and different audience groups, innovate the form of publicity and education, organize targeted and distinctive educational publicity activities, and reach both online and offline More people, so that consumers fully understand their own legal rights and responsibilities, and promote the positive energy of the industry.

Focusing on industry development and consumer demand, Sunshine Property & Casualty Insurance uses the company’s official website, official WeChat account, Sunshine Car Life APP and other online services to promote its main positions, and carries out online and offline education and publicity activities in combination with regional realities, business characteristics, and consumer needs. Focus on financial consumer protection and financial service policy education and publicity, promote and popularize the eight major rights and interests of consumers, so that consumers can fully understand their own legal rights and responsibilities.

  Solidly promote the construction of integrity culture Promote fair and orderly financial markets

During the “3.15” period, Sunshine Property Insurance actively organized “Consumer Protection Culture on the Wall” to distribute publicity materials such as financial knowledge, consumer rights protection, and prevention of telecommunications and network fraud to citizens, and set up an independent financial publicity area at a fixed address to carry out Knowledge promotion of basic financial products and services. At the same time, organize integrity education for customer contact personnel to ensure that the coverage rate of job integrity training reaches 100%.

Sunshine Life launched the “face-to-face executives” activity. Managers of institutions at all levels walked into the team, the grassroots, and consumers, listened to the voices of consumers, and publicized financial knowledge, forming an activity atmosphere of “leading the leadership of executives and participating by all employees” ; For all employees of the company, carry out the “Safety Consumption with You and Me” original case-based insurance prize collection activity, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in the “3.15” Education and Publicity Week activities, enhance the subjective initiative of publicity and education, and create a ” Consumer protection work is everyone’s responsibility” working atmosphere.

Sunshine Insurance will focus on consumers, solidly promote the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, continue to improve the breadth and depth of education and publicity, and integrate the concept of integrity culture and consumer rights protection into the company’s entire operation process to help boost financial consumer confidence and provide Contribute to maintaining financial security and stability and creating a fair financial environment.

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