Sunshine Insurance exclusively guarantees 30 payments on the day of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon

Sunshine Insurance exclusively guarantees 30 payments on the day of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon

On April 16, 2023, the Wuhan Marathon, which has not been seen for a long time, will be grandly opened, and the good “Han” will return. 26,000 runners from all over the world gathered in Jiangcheng and started running vigorously. Starting again after four years, the Wuhan Marathon demonstrated the passion and vitality of the city with a high-spirited attitude.

As the only official insurance provider of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon, Sunshine Insurance provides all-round insurance protection and volunteer services for all contestants and staff. It is understood that 31 athletes were sent to the hospital for treatment due to physical discomfort on the day of the competition. After the Sunshine Claims Commissioner verified the situation, he immediately started the “direct compensation” service and completed 30 payments on the same day. For those who need to stay in the hospital for observation, Sunshine Insurance will pay close attention to the follow-up treatment situation, and quickly handle claims after the treatment is completed.

At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth development of the event, 25 professional claims personnel from Sunshine Insurance were stationed at the designated hospital for the event to handle claims, answer questions and assist on-site rescue work.

In addition to providing comprehensive and considerate protection services, Sunshine Insurance is also using practical actions to convey the concept of healthy life and active exercise. On the day of the competition, the Sunshine Running Group specially organized about 200 representatives to participate in the competition. With their enthusiasm and persistence, they conveyed the health concept of “running in the sun”, forming a beautiful landscape on the field.

From April 13th to 15th, Sunshine Insurance also entered the three-day Wuhan Marathon Expo before the race, and carried out the theme activity of “Running in the Sun” in the exclusive exhibition area. The exhibition area interacted with runners through game sessions such as “spinning bike”, “vigorous doll” and “fun turntable”.

Since 2014, Sunshine Insurance has continued to carry out the “Running in the Sun” series of activities, providing comprehensive insurance protection and on-site volunteering for more than 2.5 million runners in more than 200 races such as Guangzhou Marathon, Wuhan Marathon, and Xiamen Marathon Service, conveying the concept of healthy, happy and green life, and actively fulfilling the social responsibility of insurance companies, has been well received by the organizing committee of the race, the majority of runners and the media.

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