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Sun Zheng’s first domestic program “Talk to the World” goes online to talk about climate and environment and dialogue with the world

Sun Zheng’s first domestic program “Talk to the World” goes online to talk about climate and environment and dialogue with the world


As a representative of high-quality artists delivered by New Media Group through the cooperation with Huanyu Film and Television, the new generation actor Sun Zheng was recently invited to be a guest in the third season of the world’s first “Speechless” youth speech program “Talk to the World”. This is also Sun Zheng’s performance. Zheng went to Beijing for the first time to participate in the recording of domestic programs. This program produced by the Chinese Communist Youth League focuses on global hot topics and invites young people from various countries and walks of life to share. As a young guest from Singapore, Sun Zheng calmly and fluently talked to the world, effectively conveying the actions and concepts of island countries in response to climate change and environmental protection.

  Known as the Garden City, Sun Zheng talks about Singapore’s environmental protection measures

Focusing on global development and contributing youth solutions, the latest issue of the third season of “Talk to the World” was launched on the 9th. Young people from all over the world gathered together to solve ecological problems. Singapore, which has always been known as the “Garden City”, also showed the world the power of environmental protection through Sun Zheng’s sharing.

Although he is a new generation actor, Sun Zheng’s performance on the show is calm and elegant, with clear logic. When the host asked how Singapore, which is famous for its beautiful environment, is coping with climate change, Sun Zheng did not rush to get to the point. Instead, he praised the content shared by the other youth representatives, saying that unlike other countries with vast land, Singapore There is little land, so this sharing is used as an interesting learning case to raise the issue of how to achieve climate and environmental protection on a small island.

Talking about the government’s measures that attach great importance to environmental protection, Sun Zheng proposed that the first is to green the country, and the second is to reset energy. With a clever beginning and detailed science popularization, Sun Zheng perfectly integrated into this world youth exchange meeting, representing Singapore as a “promising youth”. In this sharing, Singapore’s environmental awareness from the government level to the social level to the individual level has been vividly displayed on the paper.

  Passionate about Chinese cultural programs and gourmet food outside of work.

In addition to his familiarity and love for Singapore, Sun Zheng is also extremely passionate about Chinese culture. Sun Zheng, who once served as a member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra, is good at playing the traditional Chinese stringed instrument with a long cultural heritage-erhu. Sun Zheng’s ability to calm down and learn Erhu and achieve success must be inseparable from his preference for the culture behind it. In addition, Sun Zheng has also shared and promoted Chinese music culture as a host and performer many times. Sun Zheng’s deep connection with China from a very early age has also enabled Sun Zheng to integrate into China smoothly. He collaborated with Chinese director Wu Kejia in the film “Seven Days” and exchanged and learned with young people from all over the world in “Talk to the World”.

In addition to program recording, when coming to Beijing, Sun Zheng naturally cannot miss the local specialties that he has longed for, the most famous of which are the old Beijing roast duck and the famous Douzhier. Regarding the unique taste of soybean juice, Sun Zheng said: “The taste is indescribable, it is sour and has a unique flavor.”

We must not only base ourselves on the present, but also look to the future. In addition to participating in the recording of “Talk to the World”, Sun Zheng also met with the team of Huanyu Film and Television to discuss the next work plan. I believe that with Sun Zheng’s aura and hard work, he will definitely establish his own world in China with the help of Huanyu Film and Television in the future.

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