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Sun Zheng, Huang Xuanting and Hong Ling start “The Golden Road” and look up at the pyramids of life

Sun Zheng, Huang Xuanting and Hong Ling start “The Golden Road” and look up at the pyramids of life


The TV series “Golden Avenue” filmed and produced by Singapore MediaCorp was launched on mewatch on September 18 and has concluded a few days ago. The play stars Sun Zheng, Chen Jiang, Huang Xuanting, Hong Ling, Tian Mingyao, He Yingying and others. Once it was broadcast, it received an enthusiastic response and gained a huge reputation. The three leading actors, Sun Zheng, Huang Xuanting and Hong Ling, who also entered China in September this year and signed contracts with Huanyu Film and Television, also ushered in new “new challenges” in their career journeys after the series ended. “Golden Avenue”.

In addition to attending various live interviews and press conferences to share their feelings about the plot in depth, the three leading actors have also received invitations from numerous magazine shoots and new films. This “Golden Road” tells the story of trying to climb up the pyramid, but gradually loses oneself and goes off track, revealing the reality of human nature. It is not only the fruit of their powerful performance, but also an excellent work delivered to the audience at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. Full.

Sun Zheng, Huang Xuanting and Hong Ling, who signed a contract with Huanyu Film and Television in September, play important roles in “Golden Road”. The three of them have made breakthroughs in their roles and interpreted different lives.

  Sun Zheng plays a villain for the first time, performing both good and evil who are loyal to himself

He Jianzhi, played by Sun Zheng in “Golden Avenue”, was originally a small satay vendor. He was good brothers with Chen Jiang and Tian Mingyao. He was unable to go to school because of his gambling father when he was a child, and was also chased by loan sharks. When he grew up, he became The three of them have always dreamed of repaying their father’s debts and longing for the golden road, but in the process of pursuing fame, wealth and money, they forged personal grudges.Sun Zheng played a villain for the first time in “The Golden Road”. He is still young and feels very lucky. “I felt very stressed when I first started shooting. Fortunately, I have the help of the producer, director and co-stars. I hope to present it through “The Golden Road” A different side of myself

Since his debut, Sun Zheng has played mostly upright or noble-spirited characters. In “Golden Road”, Sun Zheng challenged himself to play a villain role for the first time, and received repeated praise from the audience and netizens. From his lines, expressions, and body language, Sun Zheng has a unique character. Great progress. He Jianzhi gave Sun Zheng as an actor more possibilities for future development. He revealed that fans would take screenshots and share with him comments from online viewers. Among them, the message that impressed him most was “He Jianzhi is a bad person who cannot be hated.” , Sun Zheng said, “I achieved the effect I wanted.” Sun Zheng did not interpret He Jianzhi as a villain. After understanding the role, he hoped to interpret a character who is both good and evil, rather than a single villain. He Jianzhi is a person who is loyal to himself and determined to pursue his original intention. “Golden Road” allowed Sun Zheng to grow and gain a lot in his role interpretation.

  Huang Xuanting interprets the life of the visually impaired and yearns for an ordinary and simple life

In “Golden Road”, Huang Xuanting plays Li Zhenyu, who suffers from eye disease. She is weak in appearance, strong in heart, independent in character, and is the eldest son in the family. Although I need to use a blind cane to travel by myself, I don’t want to cause trouble to others, nor do I want to rely on others for my life. 12-year-old Li Zhenyu’s visual nerve degenerated, and she could only see blurred light and shadow in the end. However, the eye disease did not defeat her. She also helped her mother run a small coffee shop. Making coffee and baking bread was not a problem for her at all. She was very like a big sister. style. In a world of dissipation and extravagance, Li Zhenyu yearned for an ordinary and simple life, a happy life with her lover, but the reality made her become stronger and stronger, becoming what her lover said was the calmest and calmest person she had ever encountered in her life. Cold woman. In the play, Huang Xuanting and Chen Jiang play a couple together for the fourth time. The two interact naturally and understand each other very well. In addition, Huang Xuanting also plays the role of a mother for the first time.

Before the filming started, Huang Xuanting went to the Singapore Association for the Visually Impaired to observe and chat with them to learn about their daily routines and behaviors. Producer Yuan Shuwei specially invited his friend TVB TVB star Li Yaoxiang to give lessons to the actors. Huang Xuanting said that the biggest gain was learning the rhythm during filming. “I never thought that every character would have a different rhythm when I was acting, and the rhythm is not only Speaking also includes actions and reactions. This also made me think that if I change the rhythm and the intonation of speaking, then every role I play can be very different. This time I will set a character for Li Zhenyu A slower and steady pace.”Created the gentle and strong Li Zhenyu

  Dreams fly on branches and become phoenixes. Hong Ling challenges the money-worshiping girl.

Hong Ling plays Li Zhenyu’s sister Li Zhenting in “The Golden Road”. She is young, beautiful, outgoing, cheerful, smart and realistic. Li Zhenting has a clear goal in life and dreams of using her beautiful appearance to fly up a branch and become a phoenix, changing her destiny. The job of a lawyer allows Li Zhenting to come into contact with many wealthy people. Unlike her sister who pursues the ordinary, Li Zhenting is very snobbish. At first, she looked down on He Jianzhi, who was still selling satay, and only had eyes for the rich second generation played by Zhang Zhetong. Wherever Li Zhenting appears, she will become the protagonist.

In “Golden Road”, Hong Ling challenged the gold digger and had many scenes opposite He Jianzhi, played by Sun Zheng. Although it was the first time for the two to work together, they already had a tacit understanding during the audition. While studying with TVB TVB star Li Yaoxiang, Hong Ling understood the character design: “Li Zhenting is actually a lively younger sister, so the rhythm when speaking needs to be faster and higher, but the sister’s personality is quieter, so the rhythm of speaking needs to be slower.” . Most of Hong Ling’s roles in the past were girl-next-door roles, and the span of roles this time is a transformation for her.

For the performance of the three actors in “Golden Avenue”, the audience gave very satisfactory scores. Everyone can see the growth and the role performance is solid. Sun Zheng’s villain makes people love and hate. Huang Xuanting’s performance is delicate. Hong Ling’s character transformation is in place, and the transition from willfulness to maturity is handled just right. The young actors become the highlight. After watching “Golden Avenue”, the audience feels like they have returned to the level of previous TV series. It is well-produced. Look up at the life of the pyramid and pursue the “Golden Road”. Currently, all episodes of mewatch are available online.

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