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Sun Zheng, a new media actor who is passionate about Chinese culture, is talented and has unlimited potential

Sun Zheng, a new media actor who is passionate about Chinese culture, is talented and has unlimited potential


Not long ago, Singapore’s New Media Group officially announced a cooperation with the domestic Huanyu Film and Television to provide high-quality artists to each other and explore overseas markets. Sun Zheng, a new-generation actor who only signed a contract with Singapore Media Group in 2019 and whose growth cycle was only three years, has successfully become a candidate to expand his career due to his outstanding performance in the acting career, brimming talent and deep connection with Chinese culture. one of them. Sun Zheng, who has just been nominated for “Most Popular Potential Star” and “Best Actor” at the Red Star Awards this year, is about to embark on a new journey, and the future is promising.

  Passionate about promoting Chinese cultural musical instruments and talented host

Before officially becoming an actor, Sun Zheng was a member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra and was good at playing the erhu. Erhu, as a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, has an extremely long cultural heritage. Sun Zheng, who is very passionate about this, does not hesitate to love it and has shared and promoted Chinese music culture as a host and performer many times. It is also this kind of bond that makes Sun Zheng destined to have a deep bond with China. Later, the film “Seven Days”, co-written with Chinese director Wu Kejia, also appeared on the big screen this year. Sun Zheng’s performance in the film also won recognition from the audience and the media after its premiere at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival.

In addition to being an actor, Sun Zheng also successfully unlocked the role of host last year. Hosted the current affairs program “Abyss of Greed” for the first time in 22 years. Through the review of major cases, the program allows the audience to have a glimpse of the greed and madness behind corruption and the ending in which no one can escape legal sanctions. This year, he hosted the travel program “Extreme Journey 2” for the first time. In the program, Sun Zheng took the audience to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Faroe Islands to explore the local culture, customs and history, and understand the meaning of travel.

His ever-changing identities and skills are an excellent help, helping Sun Zheng to gain experience in his acting career. Such a talented young actor still has many works waiting for us to start.

  Works and awards support future acting career with unlimited potential

Awards are the crowning crown and the icing on the cake, while works are the foundation of an actor’s career. In 2019, Sun Zheng, who just made his debut, played the leading actor Zhang Yuheng in the TV movie “Love Ben” directed and written by veteran Singaporean actor Wang Lujiang for the first time. His outstanding performance dazzled the audience. The following year, Sun Zheng non-stop starred in the first longevity drama “The Way of Taste” and the first Channel 8 drama “Love…No Distance” as the male lead, and had a sibling relationship with Liu Zhixuan. It wasn’t until 2022 that Sun Zheng played “Gu Yuncong” in “Parasite”. He admitted that he spent a lot of thought and effort, and was finally nominated for the “Best Actor” in the Star Awards for this role. Sun Zheng’s career began to become more and more prosperous. Overflowing with color.

In addition to the movie “Seven Days” with a Chinese director, Sun Zheng also co-starred in the TV series “The End of the Flavor” with Taiwanese actors Cheng Renshuo and Mok Yun-wen, which is expected to be broadcast this year. In this year’s Red Star Awards, as a popular contestant, Sun Zheng also won two major online awards, the “BIOSKIN Charming Award” and the “Brother Zeng, My Tour Guide is the Red Star Award”, receiving a lot of spotlight and praise.

Actor Sun Zheng, who has works to be broadcast and is preparing for in-depth cooperation with China, undoubtedly has unlimited potential. The fresh and powerful new blood is ready to go. We look forward to Sun Zheng reaching one peak after another in his acting career in the future.

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