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Summoning order for dry skin, unlocking the moist skin in spring

Summoning order for dry skin, unlocking the moist skin in spring

The skin is dehydrated, dry and tight, early warning of dry skin in spring! During the season change, it is easy to cause dry skin troubles, poor moisturizing, makeup sticking, peeling… multiple troubles follow one after another. Don’t forget to “drink enough water” for your skin! Sofina has a variety of popular products to help you hydrate and moisturize your skin, creating a hydrated skin. In the spring when everything is revived, your skin also needs to be hydrated!

SOFINA Sofina Refreshing Cleansing Foam

Cleanse your face in the morning and start a new day full of energy. Use Sofina Rejuvenating Cleansing Bubbles, the elastic and dense foam can cling to the skin, and the rich and dense carbonic acid foam helps clean excess sebum and dirt. At the same time, the built-in moisturizing technology helps the skin to create a moist and translucent feeling, relieves the tightness after cleansing, brings a pleasant feeling of cleansing like a spa, and helps follow-up makeup docile.

SOFINA Sofina Tutai Beauty Essence

Worried about dry skin and difficulty in absorbing skin care products? Use Sofina Tutai Beauty Essence as the first step after cleansing to help start the journey of moisturizing skin care. The rich and delicate carbonic acid bubbles are gently absorbed when touching the skin, helping to relieve dry skin troubles, and at the same time helping to improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products, helping to awaken the skin’s sense of vitality, and the skin enjoys a happy skin care process.

SOFINA Sofina Moisturizing Beauty Gel

Sofina Beauty Gel has both the functions of lotion and lotion, and the texture is light, moist and easy to absorb. Moisturizes the stratum corneum of the skin and helps relieve dry skin troubles during the changing seasons. Three different types of gel (elastic, bright, and soft) provide customized skin care solutions for different skin types, helping to awaken the skin’s sense of vitality, soften the skin, and care for the radiant and beautiful skin in spring.

SOFINA Sofina Clear Beauty Protection Milk

Not only does it have a high SPF of SPF50+PA++++ to help resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, but it also adds double essence ingredients-peony root extract and rosemary leaf extract. The skin feels refreshing and not sticky, the texture of moisturizing lotion is easy to spread on the face, the film is formed quickly, and the makeup effect is light and natural. Sofina’s “Little Blue Umbrella” sunscreen supports your skin with a “protective umbrella” for sun protection, skin care while sun protection!

Sofina’s many popular star products help you relieve the dry skin troubles of changing seasons, start the moisturizing girl development plan, and help the skin “wake up” with all things in spring!

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