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“Summer and Our Summer 2” starts broadcasting today Zeng Shun and Zhu Zhengting went on a trip to the mysterious western Sichuan

“Summer and Our Summer 2” starts broadcasting today Zeng Shun and Zhu Zhengting went on a trip to the mysterious western Sichuan


In the hot summer, do you want to take a quick trip? Produced by Sohu Video and co-produced by Sichuan Observation, “West Sichuan Hiking Activities-Summer and Our Summer 2” was officially launched on Sohu Video from June 27 to 30. Zeng Shun, Zhu Zhengting, Chen Yuqi, Zhou Jieqiong, Xiao Shunyao, Zhang Jiayuan The six guests set off on time with their bags on their backs. During the 4-day journey, they led the audience in front of the screen to “walk” in western Sichuan, explore the secrets, enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste delicious food, and experience a different outdoor life.

Last summer, the first season of “Summer and Our Summer” came to the beautiful south of Caiyun. A 6-day cycling live broadcast event triggered a wave of check-in of the same travel destination on the whole network. This year, “Summer and Our Summer 2” strikes again, providing us with a travel plan that is more suitable for the physique of Chinese babies for our summer travel – since the work is stressful and you can’t lie down, why not come and go Gapweek, take a vacation for your body and mind? Following in the footsteps of the six guests, challenge new ways of traveling together. In this semi-acquainted brigade, the big gathering among old and new friends is quite interesting. It is understood that Zeng Shun? and Chen Yuqi once starred together in “Xin Yi Tian Tu Long Ji”, and Xiao Shunyao and Zeng Shun? are also friends for many years, and Zhu Zhengting and Zhou Jieqiong are “teacher-student relationship”. This time old friends and new friends reunite, they will meet again What new sparks collided during the journey? It is full of expectations.

“Summer and Our Summer 2” boldly adopts the “no post-production and no editing” live broadcast method, showing the summer journey of the six guests from the most authentic perspective, and restoring the most original humanistic atmosphere of the secret place in western Sichuan. As a paradise in Southwest China, there are beautiful snow-capped mountains, thousands of years of glaciers, centuries-old villages, leisurely ancient towns, authentic Tibetan and Sichuan cuisine, and unique customs of ethnic minorities. At that time, it will be the first time to explore western Sichuan. Can the six guests who form the hiking “new partner” reach their destination smoothly? What interesting ups and downs will there be in the next itinerary?

What are you waiting for? From June 27th to 30th, “Summer and Our Summer 2” will be broadcast live simultaneously on Sohu Video and Sichuan Observation. Let’s start a summer trip to explore the secrets of western Sichuan!

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