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“Summer and Our Summer 2” live broadcast ends Zeng Shun? Zhu Zhengting “goes” to western Sichuan for summer vacation

“Summer and Our Summer 2” live broadcast ends Zeng Shun? Zhu Zhengting “goes” to western Sichuan for summer vacation


  6moon30On the 1st, “West Sichuan Walking Activities” produced by Sohu Video and jointly produced by Sichuan Observation——Summer and Our Summer 2″ live broadcast officially ended. During the four-day journey, six guests including Zeng Shunyu, Zhu Zhengting, Chen Yuqi, Zhou Jieqiong, Xiao Shunyao, and Zhang Jiayuan packed their bags and led the audience through eight live broadcasts to explore the secrets of western Sichuan and taste Tibetan and Sichuan flavors. A summer outdoor experience tour with gourmet food and local customs.

  June 27On the 1st, six guests set foot on the secret land of western Sichuan, immersing themselves in the beauty of the snow-capped mountains of Siguniang Mountain, hiking in the bamboo forest wonderland of the natural oxygen bar, and riding horses along the banks of the clear lake.…Through the live broadcast, following in the footsteps of the guests, the audience outside the screen also felt the uncanny craftsmanship of nature, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of western Sichuan, and enjoyed a spiritual SPA.

  During the live broadcast, the guests experienced many items with western Sichuan characteristics, such as wild camping, bonfire dancing, grazing yaks, picking duck eggs by the stream, Qiang mouth strings, plant extension and dyeing, etc.Showing a cute and down-to-earth side,“Zhu Zhengting’s potato chips were fried in the car”, “Zhang Jiayuan didn’t agree with each other and let go”, “Zeng Shun? Was blown out of his hair by the wind in western Sichuan”, Zhou Jieqiong seemed to have set up an enchantment when cutting vegetables”, “Xiao Shunyao feels sorry for the duck mother I have worked so hard to get an egg” and so on caused heated discussions on the Internet.

  During the trip, the guests also discussed some hot social topics. For example, when talking about her impressions of summer vacation, Zhou Jieqiong said that when she was a child, she either practiced piano at home or overseas, but when she grew up, she would thank her mother for her supervision. Because of the learning ability cultivated at an early age, it will also benefit a lot when you grow up and enter the society.Zhu Zhengting talked about10The pressure of growing up in the future calls for children to be given more time to play and not to use“Chicken Baby” comes to increase anxiety for children and adults. Statements on these issues also resonated strongly in real-time comments online.

  “Summer and Our Summer”2″ features no editing and original ecological live broadcast, allowing the audience to experience a pleasant outdoor “cloud” journey without leaving home. They not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also feel the culture, food, and customs of western Sichuan. Celebrity guests also benefited a lot from this trip. At the end of the live broadcast, when talking about the original intention of participating in this trip to the west of Sichuan, several guests said that it was just a job, but after experiencing it all the way, they got unexpected surprises and felt very relaxed and happy. Zeng Shun even said bluntly: “This trip is meaningful to people.” Although the “walk” in western Sichuan has ended, the video will record this unforgettable journey, so stay tuned for the feature film to be launched.

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