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Sturgeon Technology Kaluga joins hands with Tianjin Er’er Eye Club to present a caviar feast

Sturgeon Technology Kaluga joins hands with Tianjin Er’er Eye Club to present a caviar feast

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KALUGA QUEEN is a high-end caviar brand owned by Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Sturgeon Technology Co., Ltd. (Sturgeon Technology). Sturgeon Technology was founded in 2003. After nearly 20 years of exploration and development, the company has formed a full industry chain layout for caviar and sturgeon. Sturgeon Technology Kaluga caviar is mainly sold to Europe, the United States and other countries and regions around the world. It is the selected ingredient in 23 Michelin three-star restaurants in France and 5 in New York. It is also on the tip of the tongue of Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines. To enjoy, product quality is widely recognized and praised by customers. At present, the company has grown into a leading enterprise in the global caviar industry. The EUMOFA research report shows that Sturgeon Technology produces 1/3 of the world’s caviar and is the world’s largest caviar producer.

  Meet KalugaIt is a new series of Kaluga’s collaboration with restaurants.?A journey in search of quality restaurants,?This time I reunited with the soul of an excellent chef,?About the beauty of caviar?Spread of taste buds.

Restaurant – “Good food”

Kaluga is based on looking for new dining tables to discover high-quality restaurants in the city that are worth eating.

Chef – “Chattable”

Kaluga is based on discovering outstanding chefs. With its forward-looking cooking techniques and creativity in reshaping taste bud aesthetics, Kaluga brings unlimited inspiration to the dishes and expands the chef’s influence of the times.

Dishes – “Provocative”

Find the wonderful relationship between caviar and various ingredients from every angle, create new dishes, continue the classic taste, and deeply integrate with caviar to achieve a clever balance.

Ear Eye Club is a “first-class halal banquet” built by Tianjin Baoxuan Catering Group with huge investment. Specializing in high-end and exquisite banquets. High-end ingredients from all over the world are carefully selected to create high-end cuisine that combines both ornamental value and health, and are paired with blue and white porcelain-themed tableware, allowing customers to appreciate the charm of traditional culture while tasting delicious food.

Zhang Caijin is the executive chef of Tianjin’s century-old restaurant[Er’sEye1892Club]. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. With his rich catering management experience, superb cooking skills and rich life experience, he manages many chain restaurants. Mr. Zhang Caijin has his own unique cooking skills. He is good at cooking Halal cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, high-quality bird’s nest, abalone fins, etc. He adheres to the catering philosophy of coexisting tradition and innovation, being a man first and learning skills later, and always maintains the “original taste of ingredients” The cooking concept brings different surprise experiences to diners.

  December 15,The twenty-seventh stop of the Meet Kaluga series,Sturgeon TechnologyKaluga joins handsTianjin·Ears and Eyes Club, Maxwell Winery,Together they presented a remarkable and timeless caviar feast. Friends from all walks of life came as scheduled to participate in this carefully customized taste bud enjoyment journey.

The guests mingled with each other and chatted happily. In the carefully customized space, accompanied by the melodious music and the fragrant fragrance of flowers, they enjoyed the wonderful joy of food and wine on the tip of their tongues, and the beautiful moments were captured brightly.

  The tasting menu for this dinner is provided byEars and Eyes ClubThe team of executive chef Zhang Caijin created it with great dedication and ingenuity to interpret the wonderful combination of halal Tianjin cuisine and caviar. Based on the inheritance of Chinese time-honored brands and innovation, they created a first-class halal banquet.

The dinner started elegantly with a dish of pure caviar. The three-in-one caviar from 8/9/10 years was selected to freeze a period of pure time. The small space resonates with the beautiful and pleasant experience.

Kaluga Caviar Pure Time (3-in-1 Caviar from 8/9/10)

Kaluga 7 Year Old Sturgeon Caviar & Figs

Kaluga 9-year-old sturgeon caviar & sea cucumber

Old cucumber stewed with snail soup

Black vinegar crab meat maw & Kaluga 9-year-old sturgeon caviar

Kaluga 10-year-old sturgeon caviar & honeycomb abalone

Kaluga 8-year-old sturgeon caviar & original sunflower chicken

Kaluga 15-year-old catfish caviar & yellow croaker rice

Spring water boiled isatis root

Kaluga 15-year-old catfish caviar & ear-eye fried cake

The dessert at the end is a perfect ending to the dinner. Indulge in multiple wonderful tastes, and the gentle touch soothes the tongue, lingering in the sweetness.

Kaluga 10-year-old sturgeon caviar & bird’s nest double skin milk

  Maxwell Winery is located in the Chilis Valley in the northeastern part of Napa Valley in the United States. The winery owns Maxwell Lake, which covers an area of ​​80 acres. Maxwell Winery is named after Maxwell Lake. Napa Valley is hot and dry in summer. The lake provides valuable water for the vineyards during the dry growing season in summer and fosters a unique microclimate that contributes to the legendary wines of Napa Valley. Different wines, paired with caviar delicacies of different vintages,Each entrance has its own charm, and the beauty lingers in the heart, making every moment of tasting burst out with a unique rhythm, opening up a unique taste bud fantasy for guests, and rushing towards the highest expectations in their hearts.

  Friends gather together,Indulge in inspired dishes. This caviar feast is a perfect fusion of halal dishes and caviar, creating new sparks and appropriately presenting the wonderful flavor on the tip of the tongue to every taster.

  Sturgeon TechnologyKaluga andEars and Eyes ClubWe have always been a friendly partner. The attitude of pursuing the ultimate quality and professional and persistent ingenuity are also the common concepts that both parties have always adhered to. The dinner is not just a dinner, but an artistic creative journey. We look forward to another wonderful performance from both parties in the future.

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