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Students go to the countryside?? CCB Tianjin Branch holds a series of practical activities for students going to the countryside in 2023 “Golden Wisdom Benefits the People-Rural Revitalization”

Students go to the countryside?? CCB Tianjin Branch holds a series of practical activities for students going to the countryside in 2023 “Golden Wisdom Benefits the People-Rural Revitalization”

Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank regards deepening the integration of industry and education as a specific practice to help rural revitalization, and adopts the combination of “cloud classroom + practice in the countryside”. With the theme of “Integrating Financial Youth into Thousands of Families”, the 2023 “Golden Wisdom Benefits the People-Rural Revitalization” theme practice activity for students going to the countryside was organized. 90 students from 55 colleges and universities in 19 provinces and cities across the country participated in this practical activity. Schools include Central University of Finance and Economics, Harbin Engineering University, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, Tianjin University, Nankai University and many other well-known domestic institutions.

Cloud Empowerment of Eight Courses

Going to the countryside to practice, knowledge comes first. In order to help students understand CCB’s rural revitalization strategy and various policies to help and benefit farmers, CCB Tianjin Branch relied on the “CCB Learning” online platform to hold “Learning Comrade Zhang Fuqing’s Advanced Deeds” and “Rural Revitalization Strategy and CCB Practice” The 8 cloud-based training courses including “Introduction to CCB Life and Digital RMB” and “Introduction to Financial Assistance to Farmers” helped students clarify their goals for going to the countryside and prepared sufficient knowledge reserves for subsequent practical activities.

  Writing rural stories in the field

01 Walk into the planting base to experience the characteristic agricultural industry chain

The students walked into the grape planting base of Huzhangzhuang, Huaming Street, Dongli District, Tianjin, and experienced the warm greenhouse environment in summer. They picked and tasted grapes with the villagers, listened to the growers explain the planting knowledge, and learned about the “one village” of Huzhangzhuang Village. The unique advantage of the brand of “Yipin” Rose Fragrance. Through this practical activity, the students have a solid understanding of the current situation of the development of rural characteristic agriculture, and feel the unique beauty and charm of characteristic agriculture.

02 Walk into the rural cooperatives to experience the characteristic heritage of “Jinnong Boutique”

The students walked into the Shuguang Shawo Radish Professional Cooperative in Xiaoshawo Village, Xiqing District, and experienced the product heritage of the “Jinnong Boutique” brand up close. Visit the assembly line of the Shawo radish factory and the Shawo radish culture exhibition hall to learn about the entrepreneurial history of several generations of “Shawo people”. The activities of going deep into the field not only enhanced the students’ awareness of agricultural products, but also deepened the students’ sense of identity and pride in the brand of “Jinmen Time-honored Brand”.

03 Visit Huaming Street and discuss with representatives of the National People’s Congress

On Huaming Street, Dongli District, Yang Baoling, a representative of the 19th National People’s Congress and secretary of the Huzhangzhuang Village branch, described how Huzhangzhuang Village has undergone tremendous changes from a little-known saline-alkali land in the 1990s to today’s rural revitalization demonstration village. Through earnest teaching, the students further realized the hardships of leading the villagers to become rich in agriculture, and realized the twists and turns of “letting the villagers live the life they expect and making agriculture a promising industry” into reality.

04 Visit Tiankai Park to feel the charm of science and technology innovation

“Technology is the primary productive force, talents are the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force.” During the visit to the Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park, the students felt the charm of the high-tech products of the Science and Technology Innovation Park at close range, and learned that Innovative product incubation policy, and perceive the beneficial connection between national strategy and scientific research life in school.

This series of practical activities is closely combined with characteristic practical projects such as rural revitalization and technology assistance to farmers, allowing young students to leave the campus and integrate into thousands of families, perceive the needs and pain points of rural development in practice, and receive education and develop talents in social classrooms. The students look forward to making better contributions to rural revitalization in the future.

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