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Struggle to paint a picture of rural revitalization

Struggle to paint a picture of rural revitalization

“Brother Chen, how are the sweet persimmon seedlings in the field?”

“very good!”

“Brother Chen” in the dialogue is a big planter in the village. At this time in previous years, he would have to worry about controlling pests and diseases. This year is different. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Wushan County Branch of Chongqing City contacted the county agricultural committee, and with the help of the county agricultural committee, sent a new variety of sweet persimmon seedlings, which have high yield and are resistant to diseases and insect pests. .

Wang Kaikui, the first secretary and head of the work team dispatched by China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch to Hujia Village, Wushan County, led the work team and 344 households in the village to sow more than 300 acres and plant 23,000 sweet persimmon seedlings. And Wang Kaikui, who is busy in the countryside, is also the epitome of China Life Insurance Company’s resident support staff working hard in the front line of rural revitalization.

In the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch deeply practiced the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, and continued to send 16 village-based first secretaries and team members to the front line to work hard with the masses to consolidate Expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and jointly use labor to paint a picture of struggle.

  Industrial revitalization

  Farmers have jobs and earn money

In spring, Gutian Village in Xiushan County is full of vitality. Xie Xiurong, a member of the rural revitalization team of Gutian Village, Xiushan County, sent by China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch, came to the morel planting greenhouse and shouted at the villagers who were cutting the fungus: “We will broadcast live broadcasts the day after tomorrow to let everyone know that we are in Gutian Village. The morels are delicious!”

“Okay, Xiurong! This year’s morel mushrooms are growing gratifyingly, plump and of guaranteed quality!” All the villagers were overjoyed, and they worked harder on the farm.

From the first secretary of Gutian Village’s poverty alleviation to the current main force of the rural revitalization team, Xie Xiurong has devoted herself to promoting the industrial development of Gutian Village.

Through the “government + company + village-level cooperatives + farmers” model, experts conducted on-site surveys and demonstrated that the geographical environment of Gutian Village is suitable for planting morels. After determining the planting project, the working team invited agricultural experts and enterprise technicians to teach on-site to optimize the morel planting technology. With a lot of hard work, more than 20,000 catties of morel mushrooms were harvested in March this year. At present, it is being sold through retail, online live streaming and other methods. The per capita net income of more than 20 villagers who participated in the planting increased by more than 3,000 yuan. Seeing the smiling faces of the villagers, Xie Xiurong was full of energy.

Photo: Xie Xiurong and the villagers explore the cultivation of morel mushrooms and broaden the way to increase income

The goal of industrial revitalization is to enable farmers to increase their income and become rich, so that farmers can work and earn money. In Zhule Village, Chengkou County, Chongqing, Teng Xingjia, the first secretary of China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch in the village, is picking tea leaves with the villagers and preparing to sell them to tea factories to increase income.

“The price of Mingqian tea this year is about 80 yuan a catty, and some farmers have increased their income by more than 3,000 yuan in March.” Teng Xingjia said that there are three old tea gardens in Zhule Village, which can be picked in spring, summer and autumn. Among them, spring tea The quality is the best. Through the guidance of the city’s agricultural department, the old tea garden has paved a “rejuvenation road” to increase income at the doorstep through the sales of tea factories and the participation of farmers.

Today’s Zhule Village has formed a diversified and steady development route of raising chickens in the open space, planting medicines under the forest, beekeeping in the field, feeding pigs in the pen, and growing tea in the tea garden. The increase in industrial income has inspired the enthusiasm of the villagers’ officers, and the villagers’ mental outlook has undergone gratifying changes.

Photo: Villagers in Zhule Village, Chengkou County are rushing to pick Mingqian tea

  fine governance

  The countryside is more civilized and livable

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward: “Building a livable, suitable and beautiful village”. To make the countryside more civilized and people more comfortable, it is inseparable from refined management and governance.

In Gutian Village, Xiushan, with the strong support of the town government, Xie Xiurong’s work team, together with the two committees of the village branch, embarked on the village’s new era civilized practice point management system, formed a volunteer service team, and guided the masses from “I want to rectify” to “I want to fix” transformation.

Villagers who participate in rural governance can register points through two methods: “self-declaration” and “quarterly inspection”. The registrants quantify the points according to the five aspects of “beauty”, “harmony”, “faith”, “ritual” and “goodness”. According to the scores of the villagers, not only will they be awarded the title of “Star Civilized Household”, but they can also exchange their points for free daily necessities through the Points Supermarket of the Convenience Service Center.

“The point system has not only stimulated the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the construction of the village, but the environmental sanitation of the village roads and farmhouses in Gutian has undergone great changes.” Xie Xiurong said that Gutian Village has deployed 9 cleaners to clean the roads every day. Clean up and deploy an inspection supervisor. “We want to build Gutian Village into a beautiful village suitable for living and business.”

People are diligent and spring comes early, and it is time to forge ahead. On the road of rural revitalization, which is full of hope, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch will continue to increase its efforts in supporting villages, give play to the role of the inclusive finance and insurance synergy mechanism, optimize financial insurance services and new measures for rural revitalization, and build China Life A “Chongqing sample” that boosts rural revitalization.

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