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Struggle for the People and Better Children’s Bank ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Tianjin Branch Public Welfare Tour Series Activities Documentary

Struggle for the People and Better Children’s Bank ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Tianjin Branch Public Welfare Tour Series Activities Documentary

  As a branch of the integrated subsidiary of ICBC, a large state-owned bank, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch has always insisted on serving the people with finance and practicing struggle for the people.Before and after the “7.19 ICBC-Axa Public Welfare Day”, a series of public welfare activities were organized to give back to the public with practical actions and fulfill social responsibilities.

  run for love endless

  July 19, 2023ICBC-AXA Charity DayTianjin Branch UnitedSocial groupsOrganized by the Kyle Ling Foundation“Never-ending running for love” public welfare night run to aid students, the number of participantsover a hundred people.Before departure, all participants shouted outThe slogan “Running for Love Never Ends” rushed out of the starting line with the sound of the command gun.According to statistics, all night runners have run202.5 kilometers, can donate a 6-year reading plan to children in impoverished mountainous areas designated by the foundation.

  happy summer vacation safe no holidays

  In order to continuously enhance the summer safety and self-prevention awareness of young people, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin BranchjointThe New Era Civilization Practice Station of Yongming Community, Xianyang North Road Sub-district, jointly launched“‘happy summer vacation safe no holidays‘Striving to be a civilized and good boy’ theme publicity campaign. During the event,ICBC-AXAVolunteers explained the summer safety knowledge to the children in detail in terms of traffic safety, car safety, fire safety, natural disaster prevention, and drowning prevention.

  “If you are going to be late for school, do you still have to wait for the red light to cross the road?” “Can a child who can swim go to the river to swim alone?” “What should I do if there is a fire at home?” Safety issues that are closely related to daily life have deepened children’s understanding of safety knowledge.After the lecture, the“ICBC-AXA IP Image Little Elephant” was used as the prototype, and the volunteers led the children to pick up paintbrushes to draw the image of the little security messenger in their minds.

  into the community serve the people

  In addition, ICBC-AXA Tianjin Branch also organized employee volunteers to conduct public welfare education at the Hebei District Community Service Center, the hydrophilic platform of Haihejinwan Square, Nancuiping Park in Nankai District, and Yongming Community, Xianyang North Road, Hongqiao District. The general public and personnel of enterprises and institutions have popularized financial knowledge such as anti-network fraud, prevention of illegal fund-raising, and anti-agent withdrawal of insurance, etc., which has improved the public’s awareness of financial risk prevention.At the same time, in order to better helpThe “one old and one young” key group has established a sense of vigilance. Volunteers from ICBC-AXA also demonstrated “Internet fraud” and “safety accident” cases to the elderly and children present at the interactive session. Deepen their understanding of relevant knowledge and self-defense.

  This series of public welfare activities not only demonstrated the spirit of ICBC-AXA people who are striving for excellence and serving the people, but also interpreted the original intention of ICBC-AXA to give back to the society and serve customers for several years, and also showed the public that ICBC-AXA Yinansheng serves and practices for the peopleWith the concept of “people’s finance” and responsibility, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch will continue to carry out various forms of public welfare activities in conjunction with social groups and government agencies to contribute to Tianjin’s social and economic development and people’s happiness.

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