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Strive for the People to Witness the Power of Insurance

Strive for the People to Witness the Power of Insurance

July 8, 2023 is the 11th National Insurance Publicity Day. In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and practice the concepts of “finance for the people” and “struggle for the people”, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch The company has carried out a series of publicity activities for the general public, using practical actions to explain the power of insurance to serve the people.

Public welfare testing activities · healthy life every day

In order to better serve the people in Jincheng, and in combination with the theme of July 8 this year, on July 5, 2023, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch and Nankai District Qihuali Community Service Center launched a genetic testing public welfare activity. By distributing genetic testing kits and one-on-one interpretation of genetic testing reports, residents are helped to understand their own health status more comprehensively, how to carry out daily health protection, and achieve a healthy life every day. During the period, relevant cases such as prevention of illegal fund-raising and anti-insurance fraud were also explained to the residents, and the cases were used to explain risks and enhance residents’ awareness of financial risk prevention.

Sing a New Journey Green Run

During the 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch actively responded to the call of the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association, and General Manager Zhou Qing led a team to Tianjin Nancuiping Park to participate in the “Singing New Journey·Green” Environmental Run” activity. Guo Yumeng, a young employee from the bank insurance channel, expressed his boundless love for the Party and the motherland with a song “Fulfillment of Wishes”, and also demonstrated the spiritual outlook of the majority of insurers who “strive bravely to build new achievements and join hands in a new journey”. At the same time, through the way of jogging around the lake, the public is encouraged to participate in the actions of “picking up garbage” and “taking photos of good people and good deeds” to convey the concept of healthy, green, high-spirited and upward life.

Public welfare missions are in action, starting for the better

Focusing on the theme of “Five Entry” in insurance, various channels and services of ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch entered Xigu Park in Hongqiao District, Hualei Kindergarten in Huayuan Community in Baodi District, Yinghai Middle School in Jinghai District, and Community Service Center in Hebei District , Jizhou remote villages, etc. to carry out public welfare publicity and education services for groups such as “one old and one young”, government agencies, and villagers. Volunteers not only distributed financial and insurance science popularization materials to ordinary people for free, promoted the company’s newly upgraded VIP customer rights and interests system, but also demonstrated to them how to prevent “high interest and high yield” and “heavenly prizes” in their daily life with the help of real people and real stories. “And other financial traps, firmly guard your money bag.

“In the future, we will continue to adhere to customer-centricity, promote the development of the health and elderly care business, implement the government’s ‘ten actions’, and actively integrate into the strategic layout of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, serve the people of Jincheng well, and protect the A better life for better people,” said Zhou Qing, general manager of ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch.

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